Essay on library
Essay on library

Essay on library 3 Models

Essay on library, in which we discuss the importance of the school library, its holdings and objectives, and the role of the library in shaping the culture of society and spreading knowledge.

There is library etiquette that we must follow. The library encourages students to read, research and study. The library contains various types of books, it provides students with all kinds of knowledge. In the modern era, the electronic library has become very important, as libraries have been provided with a large number of computers connected to the Internet. In Essay on Library, I will explain the importance of the library.

Essay on library

The school library is a treasure that we must preserve, because it is a good educational and educational tool. It contains a variety of books. You can choose to read your favorite books easily. It is organized in a way that helps you get a large number of books in the field you want to read about. This gives you many options to get the correct information. In Essay on library, we will mention the importance of using modern technology in the library.

Victor Hugo said: “Learning to read is like learning to light a fire, for every word is like a spark.”

The importance of the school library

There is no doubt that the school library is an essential part of the educational process, as it is the place that encourages students to read, and motivates them to research and learn. The library provides books and references that help students understand different sciences.

The library contains scientific books, literary books, language books, religious books, medical books, philosophy, literature and poetry, history, geography and other diverse human knowledge.

One of the wise men said, “One should not rush into reading as if he is in a race, but rather re-read the parts that he thinks are the most important in order to understand their significance.” Haruki Murakami.

The library plays a major role in shaping the culture of society, as it provides the student with a good opportunity for self-learning, which makes him a creative person. It also helps him acquire new skills.

The library also has a fundamental role in preserving the human cultural heritage, which leads to the advancement of science and the development of human life for the better. Therefore, libraries are considered one of the most important indicators of the progress of countries.

The library is the haven that students and researchers turn to in search of knowledge and facts, as it includes all the references that scholars need in writing research papers. The library also has an effective role in spreading culture in society, especially through seminars, conferences, discussion sessions, artistic activities, and others. The libraries provide purposeful cultural and artistic activities.

Essay on library, in which we explain the library’s role in developing students’ reading skills. Christopher Paolini said, “Books are my friends, they make me cry or laugh, they push me to find the meaning of life.

The library develops students’ reading skills and makes them love reading for life. Reading from a young age accustoms the person to curiosity, follow-up of scientific research, and knowledge of recent discoveries.

The library’s role is not limited to preserving cultural heritage only, but it also presents all the discoveries and inventions of modern science.

The library provides calmness to the reader, as it is a good place for reading, understanding and conclusion. The role of the library is important in developing the mental abilities of readers, such as the skill of collecting information, analyzing and evaluating it, and using this information to create new knowledge.

The library also provides teachers with many references to help them collect information related to curricula, modern teaching methods, and assessment.

The importance of the public library

There is no doubt that public libraries are the locomotive of culture in society, and scholars and researchers, and lovers of reading in general, resort to them.

Public libraries provide valuable books in all fields, as they contain old books and manuscripts, as well as research and modern books, all of which provide the scientific material that the reader needs. In Essay on library, I will explain the role of public libraries.

Fyodorstoevsky said: “One should learn and read useful and valuable books, and let life take care of everything.”

Countries are interested in establishing public libraries that include all kinds of knowledge, where the reader can learn about the ancient cultural heritage, and benefit from the experiences of the predecessors, and he can also read the latest research and know the progress of science and modern inventions. Thus, the library links ancient culture with modern culture, and this helps in acquiring new experiences.

Electronic library and its importance

A few decades ago, the library contained only paper books, magazines, and paper research, and there was a manual organization of books. And there was an employee (the librarian) who was responsible for organizing the books and helping the reader get the book he wanted to read.

But the library was provided with a computer, when the computer was invented, and its use spread as well. Then, with the advancement of technology and the discovery of the Internet, the electronic library became the most widely used, as we can read any book using a mobile phone or computer.

Library etiquette

The library is a place dedicated to reading, and therefore it has some etiquette that you must adhere to, including not speaking loudly, or making noise. It is also not allowed to eat food inside the library, and the student can borrow some books to read at home, and he is obliged to return them on a specific date. It should also maintain the cleanliness of the library, and return books to their places after reading. You can also use the librarian to get the books you want to read.


At the end of the Essay on library, it contains many elements, based on some of the sayings of the wise, such as John Locke’s saying: “Reading is what nourishes the mind with cognitive materials, and thinking is what makes what we read meaningful.”

The importance of the school library, and that it is an essential part of the educational process, as the library helps provide students with various knowledge, and provides them with a quiet place that encourages reading and understanding.

Public libraries also play a major role in spreading knowledge and culture, and they also preserve cultural heritage. There is library etiquette that the reader must abide by, and the electronic library in the current era is the most widely used.

I hope you have benefited from the Essay on library, and I would love to receive feedback.

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