Essay on pleasures of reading
Essay on pleasures of reading

Essay on pleasures of reading 2 Models

Essay on pleasures of reading, this interesting topic is important for all students of all educational levels. The reason why reading is so important is that it is the only way to develop the human mind. Reading provides a person’s mind with many and varied information. Over time, a person acquires several skills to know. Reading is food for the soul, it is food for the mind like the food we eat to strengthen the body. And if you want to know the importance of reading, you must read.

Essay on pleasures of reading

When a person is born, he is a small child who looks like a white paper. And then the parents and the school begin to write down information on a continuous daily basis on this white paper. In an essay on pleasure of reading, we will learn about the methods used by parents and teachers to teach a child to read. While teaching reading, the child finds great pleasure whenever he is able to read some letters. But when he reads some sentences, he feels proud and happy.

What is meant by reading

Reading is an activity that humans have been doing for many years. The ancient man was interested in hunting in order to provide his food. He was not interested in writing or reading. But with time, he began writing some pictures on the walls of the caves in which he lived.

Humans began to practice reading after they discovered writing. With time, people began to invent letters and make some simple words. With the passage of time, humans were able to write and read sentences.

The importance of reading for an individual

Reading is one of the most important things that move an individual from a low intellectual level to a high intellectual level. Where this person can acquire a large amount of information that comes to him without moving from his place.

The kings relied on teaching their children new sciences by bringing books from other cultures and translating them. And bring a teacher from another continent to convey to the child a new culture and science that the residents of the surrounding area did not know before. This pursuit of learning was pushing the individual and his society to progress.

The importance of reading to society

When the individual’s mind improves and develops because of the information he knows abundantly and continuously, he moves the society to which he belongs to a better place than it was before. The individual is the primary cause of moving society forward or staying behind with it.

And if we look around and examine the habits of developed and civilized societies, we will find that they are societies that sanctify education and preserve the reading of different cultures and sciences. Where these communities learn everything about the world through books.

How reading changes your life

Reading can change your life from complete darkness to light. In an essay on pleasure of reading, you will know that you have been living in ignorance and not knowing anything about yourself or the things that surround you. And when reading entered your life and played the role of a lamp, you were able to understand everything that was happening around you and correct your concepts about life.

Reading for a child

Reading is one of the most beautiful activities that a child must do during the stages of his life. When a child learns how to read, he must start reading beautiful colorful stories, and this even relates to reading. Reading helps children spend a unique and useful free time. Instead of spending time playing useless games, reading develops their minds and develops their skills.

One of the benefits of reading to children is that it makes their imagination fertile and takes them to the land of dreams and imagination.

Reading for knowledge

Most people bring certain books for the purpose of knowledge, as they keep reading book after book. With the end of each book of them, the person gets valuable information in a specific field. And after he finishes reading all the books in this field, he starts reading another field.

It has been proven by experience that the self-reading that a person does in order to learn and educate himself is a successful method. It has been done by a large number of people over the past years.

There are two types of reading for the purpose of self-learning. The first is to read additional information on what he knows. Or the second type, which is to start learning a specific field from scratch.

Reading for pleasure

There are several books that contain interesting content that are brought for the purpose of entertainment and enjoyment. Not all books are serious and cultural.

When a person makes a great effort during the hours of his day, he needs a relaxing time to read an interesting book and feel relaxed. Where each person chooses the books that suit his taste. There are those who enjoy adventure stories and science fiction. There are those who like to read romance and fantasy novels. As for those who read mysteries and horror stories, they are the largest segment of the current readers.

The role of the state in encouraging reading

All countries of the world must play their role in encouraging citizens to practice reading. In an essay on pleasure of reading, you will know what the state is doing to motivate citizens to read. Since the state knows the importance of reading for the individual and society, it launches awareness campaigns through the means of social media.

These campaigns consist of advertisements and documentaries showing the importance of reading for all ages. It is possible for the state to launch initiatives that encourage children to read, such as distributing colorful stories to children for free.

The role of the school to encourage students to read

The school has a great role in encouraging students to practice reading. One of the things that the school may do is to open its own library on a daily basis, while regulating students’ access to it. Competitions should be held to encourage students to read the largest number of books.

These competitions encourage and motivate the child to go to the library on a daily basis, and with time the child acquires the habit of reading. The library must allow the child to borrow books during the holidays, especially during the summer. This is so that the child does not usually forget to read during recess.

The role that parents play in teaching their children to read

Parents should be interested in teaching children to read properly. Where they are taught letters gradually. Then the child learns simple words and tries to write and read them. With time, the child learns to read and write long sentences. At this stage, parents buy him comics.

If the parents give the child beautiful, illustrated books that suit his age and encourage him to practice reading, he will become attached to reading. But if he is given electronic devices or sits in front of the television, he will refuse to read and demand the things he is used to.

Reading features

There is free time in the life of each of us on a daily basis, and if this free time is used for bad things, then the person will get used to wasting his time on things that do not benefit him. When a person gets used to reading from his childhood, he uses his free time for useful things.

Reading defects

Sometimes reading can be harmful, and that’s when it’s done badly. This damage occurs when a person spends his time reading harmful and useless content. Where there are books that contain pornographic content or incite violence and hatred. And the effect of reading these types of books is bad for youth and teens. It’s like watching porn or exaggerated violence. Reading is no different from watching. This is because reading makes a person imagine what he is reading as if he is seeing it.

Reading as a hobby

There are several hobbies that people may practice during their lives. One of the most beautiful of these hobbies is reading. Some people keep reading a book on a daily basis.

Reading as a daily habit

If we can train a child to read a small book on a daily basis, reading will become a habit for him and he will not abandon this habit throughout his life. As the child gets older, new books can be brought to him to suit his mind and age.

Types of books

There are several types of books, some of which are scientific and contain a variety of information. There are cultural and historical books, which contain old information. As for the books that are read for entertainment, they contain stories and talk about unrealistic adventures.



We have come to the end of our topic for today, an essay on pleasure of reading. Through the article, we have learned about the importance of reading for the individual and society. We learned about the types of reading and how to turn it into a beautiful daily hobby. We did not forget to talk about the role of the school and parents in developing the skills of their children by teaching them to read on a daily basis.

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