School slogans
School slogans

School slogans 2 Models

School slogans is an important topic for every school. Every school should have a School logo, slogan and descriptive ideas, and the logo should have meaning and purpose.

Students must participate in choosing their school’s logo. The school logo expresses a goal that students hope to achieve. Therefore, we must train students to turn their hopes into short but expressive phrases.

In this topic we will present many logos that are suitable for elementary school, middle school and high school.

Our goal in writing this topic is to motivate students to be creative and innovative, and to express their goals and hopes for the future.

School slogans

It is important for every school to choose its own slogan. The slogan must be purposeful and meaningful. Students must participate in choosing their school’s logo. Students may be asked to submit a school logo, and then the best school logo is chosen.

Thus, we trained students on seriousness, scientific thinking, creativity, imagination and other experiences that help students develop their intellectual abilities.

How do I write a slogan for my school

Before you write your school’s slogan, you should read the logos of other schools, because this will give you experience on how to write your school’s slogan.

You should not choose a slogan from other schools’ logos, but you should create a new logo that expresses an idea in your head.

You can try more than once, choosing a slogan is an important thing, because it expresses your ideas and goals.

It is important to know that the slogan may be a short sentence, word, image, symbol or other, but in the end the slogan must have a clear meaning that everyone understands.

Examples of school slogans for Primary school

  • Science is light.
  • Science is the gateway to the future.
  • We are the children of today and the men of tomorrow.
  • Together we can.
  • With science, nations advance.
  • My school is my second home.
  • Keep your school clean.
  • Be tolerant because you learned what others do not know.
  • Scientists are the force of society.
  • Learn and spread knowledge.
  • Success is our goal.
  • Our goal is excellence.
  • My school is a school of excellence.

Examples of middle school school slogans

  • By cooperation we can.
  • With knowledge, nothing is impossible.
  • The tree was a seed.
  • The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
  • School of Science and Ethics.
  • We learn for a better life.
  • With knowledge, nations rise.
  • Teach me and don’t give me money.
  • The difference between the scholar and the ignorant is like the difference between light and darkness.
  • Scientists are always humble.
  • It is not the science that matters, but how we use it.
  • Knowledge is a double-edged weapon.
  • You will only know your worth when you sit with an ignorant person.
  • Knowledge lifts you to a place that everyone desires.
  • We are the students of today, the leaders of the future.
  • With science we make life easier.
  • Learn and teach others.


Examples of high school slogans

  • Sitting with scientists is fun for the mind.
  • Reading is the root of knowledge.
  • New Generation School.
  • Knowledge is the path of successful people.
  • School of Excellence.
  • The School of Light and Hope.
  • With science, nations advance.
  • Ignorance is darkness and knowledge is light.
  • Knowledge elevates you to a high position.
  • School of Science and Technology.
  • Future school.
  • Don’t give me a fish but teach me how to fish.


At the end of the school slogans I hope you benefited, it’s an interesting topic, in which you can highlight your talents. Designing school slogans is a kind of high art, which you should learn. I have provided many templates for school slogans that you can use to find  the one that suits you.

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