My school building essay
My school building essay

My school building essay 2 Models

My school building essay will describe the school, many students ask how I can write an essay about my school, so we will write several short essay models for the description of the school such as my school building essay which is important for fifth and sixth grade students, first, second and third grade of middle school and high school.

We will also write a paragraph on the importance of the school. My school building essay is an easy one that every student can write, describing his school in easy sentences.

My school building essay

It is important to practice writing my school building essay, because this topic is asked from students  to train them to write an essay, paragraph or short essay on school and a description of the school.

Also, writing my school building essay makes the student more focused on the things around him, and writing an essay about school trains the student to use the description in easy words. We will provide several examples of how to write a topic about school.

My school building

My school is 2 km away from my house, so I go to school by bus, it’s a big school. It teaches primary school students, middle school students and secondary school students. Therefore, my school has several buildings.

One of these buildings is for primary school students, and another building is for middle school students and secondary school students.

Another building is dedicated to the school administration, and there is another building dedicated to laboratories and activities.

Each of the educational buildings consists of five floors, and there are ten classrooms on each floor. As for the administrative building, it contains the principal’s office room, staff rooms, and teachers’ rooms.

Description of my school

We can describe the school in the my school building essay as follows:

My schools have two playgrounds, one with a football field, and the other with a basketball court. My school also has a garden, with many types of trees and flowers. We take care of the school garden. My school is surrounded by tall trees.

The school buildings are modern, and there are five windows in each classroom so that the classroom is well ventilated, and in the classroom there is a blackboard, the number of students in the classroom is 20 students.

In my school there is a big library, it is located in the building opposite my classroom. We go to the library twice a week. The library has a lot of books, they are diverse. There are books in all fields such as historical books, religious books, science and technology, literature, poetry, stories and other fields of knowledge.

My school also has a science lab. We go to the lab to do chemical and physical experiments. I love doing chemical experiments. It’s very interesting, I want to be a chemist in the future.

There are also places in my school dedicated to activities, such as the music room, and there are multiple musical instruments, such as piano and guitar. I love playing the guitar.

The height of the buildings in my school is appropriate, and conforms to international standards for school construction, so that the school is a safe and healthy place, suitable for learning and carrying out other activities, such as sports, cultural, artistic and other activities.

This is how we can write my school building essay.

The importance of building schools

It is important that there are a number of schools commensurate with the number of students, so that there is no overcrowding in the classes, and it is important that the school is close to the population, so that the student does not move a long distance.

Building schools is very important to provide educational service to all members of society. There must be standard specifications for building schools, and they must be suitable for the age group of students, especially when designing seats, windows and others. The school is considered the second home for the student.

In my school building essay, we must show the importance of the school and its main role in spreading science and culture among the members of society.


At the end of my school building essay we learned how to write an essay describing school buildings and their exterior and interior appearance, all of which trains us to use new vocabulary, and to use sentences that express the things we describe accurately. I hope you have benefited from writing my school building essay.

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