Essay on forests
Essay on forests

Essay on forests 11 Models

Essay on forests, Forests are vast areas located in different parts of the globe, with huge amounts of different trees and plants.

Because of the importance of forests, we will present to you below several examples of  that deal in detail with everything related to forests so that students of different educational levels can benefit from this interesting topic that has become a concern for the whole world.

Essay on forests

Forests contain all the necessities of life, including fresh water, which is the most important characteristic of the forest. Without fresh water, trees would not grow and living creatures would not find drinking water.

Therefore, when we visit different forests, we find inside them a source of fresh water, including lakes and waterfalls.

This water has accumulated and collected in a low place. The origin of this fresh water is the rain that falls heavily on these forests.

What is the importance of forests?

The forest is a refuge and home to a large number of organisms that feed on the leaves of plants or on other parts of the trees.

There are several parts in a tree, including the leaves, the stem, the fruits and the roots. Every living thing eats only the part that is suitable for its stomach and integumentary system.

Trees have another benefit, which is that they are a safe habitat for a large number of creatures, as they live inside the tree or on the branches.

Forests protect animals from direct sunlight due to the density of leaves that intertwine with each other and form what looks like an umbrella.

The trees also prevent air and storms from penetrating the forest, allowing a better climate for the creatures that live among the trees.

Of course, there are several dwellings among the trees, including bird nests and burrows in the middle of the tree stalks. Even under the trees, there are some burrows, such as those of rabbits and squirrels.

How to conserve forests

We must preserve forests from destruction, because of their great importance to the living creatures that live inside them. The forest is of great importance in maintaining the ecological balance for the whole planet.

Therefore, the governments responsible for these forests must issue some laws that prevent the cutting of trees. New trees must be planted continuously, in order to replace the cut trees. Encroachment on forests must be avoided in order to build new cities.

When humans lived in limited places due to their small numbers, life in the forests was at its best. The trees were thick and the animals were everywhere.

But with time, the numbers of people became many, which prompted them to go towards the forests and start destroying them in order to turn them into a barren land suitable for construction.

And many cities were built instead of forests, which led to the extinction of many types of plants and animals.

So humans must find an alternative place to reside in the new cities and leave the forests.


At the end of the essay on forests, we learned the importance of forests for living creatures, as the forest is the home and safe place for all kinds of creatures.

We have known that the forest is an important source of useful gases such as oxygen. One of the advantages of the forest is that it provides shade and fruits continuously.

When forests are close to residential cities, they protect them from storms that may destroy roads and infrastructure.

That is why we must protect forests in every possible way.



Essay on deforestation

Tree removal is one of the most dangerous things that threaten the planet. Many people do not know that the earth has an ecological balance that contributes to its non-destruction, but if the ecological balance is disturbed, the earth is heading towards destruction.

One of the most important forms of ecological balance is the presence of large amounts of green trees that allow the planet to enjoy large amounts of oxygen and shade.

Forests are of great importance in protecting wildlife of all kinds, thus keeping different animals from becoming extinct.

One of the benefits of trees is that they provide humans and animals with the food they need. There are millions of living organisms that live and feed within the different forests.

And man cut down trees so that he could make several tools, as he discovered that trees are durable and easy to shape. He made furniture from wood extracted from trees. He made huts and equipment from wood. However, this excessive logging has caused several environmental problems.



Deforestation essay in english

Man used to live in caves and wander over hills and highlands, not knowing what the meaning of home or tools is.

But when people found out, he started cutting down trees to light them and cooking the animals he had hunted.

Then he began to bring some wood and make tools, half of wood and half of pointed rocks, in order to hunt the animal that would eat it.

But did the person stop this far? He didn’t stop but kept bringing trees. With the progress in time, man has become dependent on wood for everything in his life, even making small boats after discovering that wood floats on water.

With time, the boat evolved into a larger type of boat until people made city-sized  ships out of wood.

Unfortunately, the cutting of trees led to a lack of oxygen and an increase in carbon dioxide, which caused global warming.

One of the risks of cutting down trees is the extinction of large numbers of organisms because there are no trees to feed on them or live inside them.



Forest essay in english

There are several types of forests, including tropical forests, which are characterized by a diversity of wildlife. What gives tropical forests this diversity is that they are several types, including evergreen rainforests, and semi-evergreen rainforests.

There are two other types of tropical forests: they are seasonal rainforests and monsoon rainforests. Among the most famous tropical forests with a large number of living organisms, the Congo and Amazon forests.

The other type of forest is the boreal forest, which has a cold climate. Among the trees that grow in this type of forest are coniferous trees. Where the temperatures in this type of forest may reach 5 degrees.

The third type of forest is the so-called temperate forest.  It was called by this name because it is located in temperate climates such as North America and North Asia, which provides a good life for a large number of animals and birds.



Essay on forest and wildlife

If we look at the globe from space, we find that most of its area is water, and about 30% of its area is green forests.

The rest of the globe is desert and mountains.

As for living organisms, we find that most of them live in forests and in green spaces. The importance of green spaces for living organisms is due to the fact that they provide them with everything they need in order to live an ideal life. In forests, food, water and comfortable housing are available.

Wildlife are creatures that live very freely in the woods and in nature, where they are not captured or trained as domestic animals.

These wild animals eat from the forest and feed mostly on plants if they are herbivores. As for animals that feed on meat, they hunt other animals that are smaller than them and feed on them.

As for the water, the forests are full of rivers and freshwater streams in which water collects continuously after the rains.



Short essay on deforestation

In the past, people cut down trees so they could use them to make livable wooden huts that were better than caves.

After he made the hut, he began making furniture such as chairs and a dining table.

He was not satisfied with the table, but it was necessary to make a bed suitable for sleeping and keep him away from the floor.

With the passage of time, humans had a reasonable number of clothes, so it was necessary to make a closet to put clothes in. Since the hut was ready for habitation, doors and windows had to be made.

And so humans visited the forests day after day with the aim of fetching trees, until the day the forests disappeared and were replaced by giant cities, where buildings were replaced by metal and solid materials.

All these cuts led to climate developments, including global warming and melting ice, which causes devastating floods.

aThis is what made those concerned with the environment rise up and launch awareness campaigns about the danger of deforestation.



Essay on forest for class 1

Last year I went on a camping trip with my dad and older brother. We reached the forest where we were going to camp and it was far from home. We went in Dad’s car.

It was my first time going on a camping trip. I was terrified by what I heard about camping trips into the woods.

My friend told me he was attacked by a giant bear while on a camping trip.

When we arrived, my father and brother set up the tent so we could sleep inside. It was beautiful on the outside and fun on the inside.

In the evening we sat around the fire to listen to my father’s stories about the forest and about the animals in the forest that people who come camping see.

One of the terrifying stories was my father’s story about wild dogs that approached a camping husband and wife and kidnapped the infant from them. He also told us about the bear that attacks day and night.

There are also swarms of wild bees in the forest that attack when they feel that you are going to steal honey from them.

We enjoyed Dad’s stories but luckily we didn’t meet any terrifying animals during our trip.



Short essay on forest

At the beginning of talking about the forest, we must know that the area with forests on the surface of the earth is estimated at about 30% of the area of ​​the globe. And that there are several types of forests, which vary according to their temperature and the amount of rain that falls during one year.

Each forest is suitable for its nature of animals and plants. Each animal has a specific type of tree that loves to live above or below it, and has a certain type of plant that loves to feed on.

As for the animals, they are diverse and numerous due to the number of trees that provide housing and food, which makes the animals multiply.

But when trees are cut down from forests, especially when certain types of trees are targeted, the animals that depend on this type, whether as food or as a home, begin to gradually become extinct.

With time, we began to see a number of birds and animals that have begun to decrease significantly and are on the way to extinction, and this is due to the elimination of their natural environment.



Protect trees essay

Trees are of great importance to the planet and all living things. When green plants, including trees, make the photosynthesis process, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

When carbon dioxide decreases and oxygen increases, we notice a moderation in temperature. Including, we find that living organisms breathe freely under the shade of trees, which protects them from the heat of the sun.

But when trees are decimated for any reason, carbon dioxide from factories and cars builds up and causes a significant rise in temperatures.

In order to preserve the Earth’s climate from global warming and from rising temperatures, we must preserve and protect trees. This is what several major countries started with.

The initiative, which aims to protect trees, has the main purpose of planting new trees to replace what was destroyed.

For this reason, several associations have been established with large numbers of young volunteers and school students.

Volunteers must plant a large number of trees in a specified period of time. These associations go to schools and universities to educate students about the importance of trees to the planet.



Student forest essay

Forests are of great importance as humans take timber from them on an ongoing basis. These trees are used in large industries that help the economy grow, as raw timber is exported abroad or products made from wood are exported.

There are several types of forests, allowing multiple types of wood and each type of use is different from the other.

Because of the presence of all these diverse trees, they contain many living organisms.

But a large area of ​​​​the forest was destroyed, and the reason for its destruction was some fires that ignited due to the intense heat.

Another reason for the destruction of forests is that people go to fetch wood from them so that it can be used for various purposes.

There are some areas that have been converted from forests to farms dedicated to the cultivation of one type of plants or trees have been removed to be built for residents.

And when these forests turned into residential cities, they began to suffer from heat and the accumulation of harmful gasses, so we started planting trees around them again.



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