Essay on nature
Essay on nature

Essay on nature 11 Models

Essay on nature, Writing an essay about nature is fun because it makes you think about all the natural phenomena around you.

You can write about mountains and plains, or write a topic about the charming nature in the spring. You can also describe the wrath of nature and write about volcanoes and earthquakes.

Nature has a supernatural power that man cannot challenge, sometimes it fascinates us with its beauty, and sometimes it frightens us with its strength.

Therefore, we must enjoy the beauty of nature and we must also be wary of the power of nature. Nature has two faces, a nice and beautiful face, and a terrifying face sometimes. Therefore, man always seeks to benefit from nature and to be safe from its danger.

Essay on nature

When we mention the word nature, we think of all the charming landscapes such as green spaces, fruit trees, towering mountains, charming waterfalls, forests with high trees, and vast seas and oceans that we do not see the end of.

There is no doubt that our planet has wonderful natural places such as waterfalls, as watching any waterfalls is a wonderful thing, but there are more special places such as Angel Falls in Venezuela, which is one of the highest waterfalls in the world, with a height of 3212 feet.

We also feel happy when we slide over an artificial ice rink, what will it be like when we go to Antarctica  and see blue glaciers, active volcanoes, it’s a beautiful landscape.

As for watching the forests and camping in them, it is an amazing thing to spend some time in the lap of nature.

But there are still places we can’t imagine like the bamboo forest in Arashiyama, Japan, where the bamboo trees are so high that you can’t see the end of the bamboo trees, but you can hear the sounds of the trees shaking or falling leaves. This sound has been rated as one of the 100 best sound experiences in Japan.

One of the most beautiful natural places that we can see is the islands, surrounded by water on all sides. In spite of that, we find many types of rare plants, flowers and fruits.

Among the islands that enjoy the enchanting beauty is the Azores in Portugal, where the steep cliffs on the ocean side, green valleys and waterfalls, it is a charming landscape.

The beauty of nature did not stop at the green spaces in the valleys and mountains, but the desert and mountainous places also have a picturesque nature.

When we see the vast desert and its desert animals or plants that have been able to adapt to the desert environment, we will find beauty in its colors and shapes, in addition to the sandy formations, which seem to us as planned by a skilled engineer.

But sometimes there is another face of nature, a terrifying face, and it is certain that each of us witnessed some of the natural phenomena that made him feel weak. The slightest thing we might have been exposed to, for example, while swimming in the sea, and the waves are low, then the waves rise suddenly, and you find yourself unable to swim towards the shore, but you find yourself drawn inward under the influence of a natural phenomenon, which is the phenomenon of tides.

We also witnessed the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 on the western coast of North Sumatra in Indonesia, which was preceded by an undersea earthquake with a magnitude of 9.1 -9.3 on the Richter scale. The height of the tsunami wave reached 30 meters, which destroyed urban communities (cities – villages). along the coast.

The impact of this tsunami extended to several countries, and the death toll from this tsunami reached 227,898 people in 14 countries.

In addition to the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011. The earthquake’s strength was 8.9 on the Richter scale.

As a result of this earthquake, the oil and nuclear plants were destroyed, causing them to cease to function, and a complete destruction of the infrastructure, buildings and facilities. The number of dead and missing reached more than 1,000 people, in addition to a large number of wounded.

From the above it is clear that nature is the source of our happiness and we resort to it in order to enjoy the charming landscapes, and it also helps us to get rid of stress and provides us with energy and activity, but sometimes it is a source of death and great destruction.



Nature essay in english 200 words

Although nature differs from one place to another, each person cherishes his environment and enjoys its beauty.

In fact, nature is charming, no matter how different its features.

There are mountainous areas, and we may think that they are a barren environment that does not contain any beauty, but we are surprised that they are charming places, where the high peaks overlook the valleys below.

When spring comes and these mountains are covered in green and flowers bloom and fruits grow, these mountains become a beautiful landscape. And when winter comes and the temperature decreases and the tops of the mountains are covered with snow, the view is also wonderful.

As for the coastal areas, they are also wonderful places. When you sit on the beach and see the successive waves in the calmness of the sea, it is a charming view that makes you forget everything and feel that the universe is very large.

When you look at the sky in the evening and see the moon and the twinkling stars that light up the sky, you feel calm and reassured. The beautiful nature is around us, and we only need to enjoy its charming scenery.

We must realize that nature is affected by our activities in construction, industry, or others, so all population activities must be harmless to the environment.



Forest Essay

Undoubtedly, nature is a refuge for us to escape from life’s problems, in which we can live a simple life free of complications. One of the best places that young people prefer is the forest, because the forest combines beauty and excitement.

In the forest we can enjoy watching the perennial trees that are hundreds of years old, whose branches intertwine so much that they prevent sunlight from reaching the ground. There are also trees in some forests that may reach 30 meters in length.

But the experience of camping in the jungle includes a lot of excitement, as the jungle is a place for predators, poisonous reptiles, and others.

Therefore, we must be careful while we are making a trip into the forest, we must have appropriate means to defend ourselves in case we are attacked by any predator.

We must also have a guide with us who knows the ways in which we can walk in the forest, and who can get us out of the forest without losing our way.



Essay on preservation of wildlife 250 words

Preserving wildlife is important because wildlife is part of the components of the environment, which, if attacked, will lead to an imbalance in the rest of the environment.

It is important that there be awareness of the importance of maintaining ecological balance, because God created the environment in a balanced way, and every living creature in it or inanimate has a great role in preserving the characteristics of the environment.

An example of the importance of preserving wildlife is that in one country the kite was eliminated because it feeds on chicks , but the disaster was greater, as the number of snakes and mice increased significantly as a result of the elimination of the kite.

From the previous example, we can realize the great importance of preserving the components of the environment.

In this era, man has greatly encroached on nature, as he got rid of some forests and cut down their trees in order to use them in various industries.

This led to the extinction of a large number of animals and birds because they lost their environment and food.

This may cause an imbalance in the natural environment, which results in severe damage to the environment, and these damages are directly reflected on human life, as the climate changes, food decreases, or the number of other creatures increases in a frightening manner.

In many cases, the occurrence of any imbalance in the ecological balance is a cause for the spread of diseases and epidemics.



Nature Essay in English

Despite the great progress in which we live, we love to live in nature, and therefore each of us is keen to spend the holidays in parks or beaches, because nature provides us with calm and reassurance.

In addition, sitting in a garden, for example, benefits our physical and psychological health, as we can breathe fresh air that contains a high percentage of oxygen.

In addition, our presence in the lap of nature, where green plants, lush trees and flowers in their beautiful colors give us joy, relax our nerves and reduce our stress and anxiety.

I prefer to spend the weekend in the public park, where the wild green areas, tall trees and clear sky, because that makes me more energetic.



Important of forest essay

There is no doubt that there is a great importance for forests, as they are an important part of the environment and maintain ecological balance, as they are a place where many diverse living organisms live, such as animals, birds, insects, reptiles, etc., and all of these organisms are an essential part of the environment and the extinction of one of them leads to an imbalance in the environmental balance.

Forests are also of great economic importance, as we get wood from trees in the forest, and these woods are included in many industries, such as shipbuilding or furniture industry and many other industries that depend on the use of wood as a basic or supplementary material.

In addition, forests help solve the problem of global warming, as trees and plants consume carbon dioxide in the photosynthesis process, which reduces its percentage in the atmosphere, and thus helps solve the problem of global warming.



Mother nature essay

The natural places that man did not interfere in changing are among the most beautiful places, as people are always looking for their personal interests and do not care much about preserving the natural environment.

For example, we find that they cut down forest trees in order to obtain timber. This is done in a random manner without thinking about the damage that may occur as a result of this, and they did not care about the organisms that will lose their home.

They did not realize that what they were doing would affect the amount of rain that would fall, and that their lands would be subject to desertification as a result of the lack of rain.

Therefore, we must preserve the environment and benefit from its components without harming the environment and its living organisms, because this will benefit us.



Short essay on nature

There are many beautiful natural places, and it feels like a piece of paradise. The Maldives is one of these world-famous places, which receives many tourists every year to enjoy the scenic landscape. It consists of 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean, which rise less than one meter above sea level.

The Maldives is characterized by the diversity of its brightly colored coral reefs, which includes a very large number of diverse fish, numbering 1,100 species, and it also includes 21 species of whales and dolphins, in addition to 5 species of sea turtles.

This unique environment attracts tourists from all over the world to enjoy exploring the wonderful environment and beautiful beaches, because the Maldives is one of the most charming places in the world, with turquoise waters, white sands and luxurious restaurants and hotels.



An essay that examines the destructive nature of hurricanes

In many cases, some natural phenomena are destructive, such as the destructive nature of hurricanes. We have seen the power of hurricanes and how they destroy entire cities and make homes and cars fly in the air.

One of the examples of strong hurricanes that struck the world in the modern era is Hurricane “Matthew”, where the wind speed reached 220 km / h.

This hurricane was classified as a Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale, this scale consists of five levels of wind intensity, and therefore Hurricane Matthew is considered very dangerous.

As well as Hurricane Patricia, which struck Mexico in October 2015. It was classified as one of the most severe hurricanes, with accompanying winds of 325 km / h. Haiyan Typhoon is one of the most devastating typhoons, causing 12,000 deaths and making 11 million homeless.

The “Great Galveston” hurricane, which occurred in the United States in 1900 AD, is considered one of the most destructive hurricanes, as it killed about 12,000 people, and was classified as a category five hurricane.



Protection of environment essay

Protecting the environment is the duty of every citizen, because we are affected by and influence the environment.

If the environment has a lot of pollution, this will affect our health and make us vulnerable to disease, and vice versa, if the environment is clean, we will enjoy good health.

It is important that there be international laws to protect the environment, and we have seen in the modern era some phenomena which are harmful to the environment such as global warming.

This phenomenon threatens many countries as a result of the change in the climate because of it. Countries were subjected to severe drought and the lack of rainfall, which resulted in food shortages. While some other places are exposed to large amounts of rain and the occurrence of devastating torrents. In any case, this change in the climate has dire effects on humanity.




Nature the best teacher essay

Human intervention in the environment in the wrong way leads to disasters that we cannot confront, because God created nature in balance, and when man intervenes by removing an element from the environment or adding an element to the environment, then an environmental defect occurs that leads to disasters that we cannot treat.

An example of this is the global warming phenomenon, where the proportion of carbon dioxide and some other gasses in the atmosphere increased above their normal rate, which led to a rise in the temperature of the surface of the earth above the normal rate.

This leads to the melting of ice in the Arctic, which increases the level of seas and oceans, and this will result in great damage, such as the sinking of some coastal cities.

The ignition of fires in forests is one of the phenomena resulting from global warming and the increase in the  temperature of the surface of the earth.



Nature is the best teacher essay 400 words

God created nature and subjugated it to man: from nature we get our food and clothes, and in it we build our homes, from which we extract components from nature. When we think a little, we realize that everything we need in our lives is a component of nature.

For example, wood is obtained from trees and is a component of nature, cement is a component of soil components, and various minerals such as iron, copper and others are components found in the natural environment.

What we eat from plants, animals and birds is one of the components of the environment, and thus we find that everything we need in our lives is derived from the environment, whether we obtain it directly or we obtain raw materials from the environment and then make them to be products we use in our daily lives.

God has created for us a balanced natural environment in order to benefit from it in all areas of life, so that we can enjoy the beauty of nature and take from it recreational means such as ice skating, mountain climbing, swimming in the seas, fishing and other sports and recreational activities. Therefore, we must preserve the environment and enjoy its beauty.



Essay about mother earth

Since man was created enjoying the bounties of the earth, everything on this planet is harnessed to serve man, and there is a balance between the components of nature so that man can benefit from them without causing him harm.

Even when nature gets angry and erupts, volcanoes, hurricanes and other natural phenomena occur, there is also a great benefit for people, as new islands arise in which we can live.

All elements of the environment are considered suitable for human life, so we find that the planet is characterized by the presence of water, which is the secret of life, in addition to the presence of gases in the atmosphere in balanced proportions, so that they are suitable for the life of different organisms.

Therefore, we must preserve our planet and not destroy nature, because this will cause great harm to humans.


Nature essay in English 100 words

There is no doubt that nature has a great role in our lives, so we resort to it when we feel distressed or have a difficult problem.

Sitting in natural places gives us an opportunity for relaxation and psychological comfort. When we want to get rid of anxiety or stress, we go to a park or a beach.

As sitting next to a leafy tree and enjoying its shade rids us of negative energy and makes us forget all our problems, as well as when we sit on the beach and look at the successive waves, and the broad horizons, we feel that our problems are very small, and we can easily overcome them.

The charming nature is around us everywhere, and what we must do is to enjoy the beauty of nature and preserve it at the same time.



Essay about nature and environment

Each environment is characterized by a different nature from the other. There is a multiplicity of types of environment, which allows us to benefit from the characteristics of each environment.

For example, there is the coastal environment, which is characterized by beaches and a temperate climate, and thus there are population activities appropriate to the characteristics of this environment, such as tourism, fishing, trade and the cultivation of plants suitable for the climate of the coastal environment.

While we find that there is a mountainous environment, characterized by altitude from sea level, and plants suitable for this environment grow, and the animals that live in it have characteristics suitable for the mountain environment, such as deer, goats and others.

As well as the desert environment, which is characterized by high temperature and lack of rain, and in this environment plants grow suitable for the characteristics of the environment, and some desert animals such as camels and some types of snakes live there.

As for the plain environment, which is characterized by valleys and abundant water, it is a suitable environment for agriculture and animal husbandry, such as cows, buffaloes, sheep, and others, and the population is mostly concentrated in it.

Thus, we find that there is a great diversity in the nature of the environment, and this diversity leads to a great diversity in crops and products, and this diversity benefits people, as the products of each environment complement the products of the other environment, and thus we get all our needs.



Mother nature essay 100 words

Natural places that have not been polluted by human activities seem like a piece of paradise, and there are many such wonderful places scattered around the world.

These natural areas have become a source of income for some countries that have been able to attract tourists to them through good advertising, the establishment of luxury hotels and various restaurants, and the provision of easy means of transportation, in addition to the most important thing, which is preserving the beauty of nature and not destroying it.

In many cases, man is the reason for the destruction of nature, and sometimes man adds to the beauty of nature things that make us able to enjoy the charming nature without trouble.



In the garden essays on nature and growing

There is no doubt that nature is affected by human activity, and some changes may occur in it. Just as there have become bodies working to protect the environment and awareness of the importance of preserving the environment has increased as well, there have become nature reserves, whether freely or wildly.

The aim of these reserves is to preserve living organisms that are at risk of extinction. We find that there are laws that prevent the hunting of certain types of whales that are at risk of extinction, and reserves to protect marine organisms in some areas, whether they are coral reefs or fish.

There are also many wild reserves that aim to protect certain types of animals and birds from extinction, all of which helps in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.



Descriptive essay on nature

Nature is a friend of humans, and friendship and understanding always prevails between them. Have you noticed that we enjoy the beauty of nature in the spring, where the lush trees, blooming flowers, chirping birds, and ripe fruits.

Spring covers nature with a joyful garment that makes us feel happy, and when spring ends, summer comes and the temperature rises, we resort to nature and enjoy swimming in its seas or sitting in the shade of its trees.

Likewise, when the autumn season comes and the leaves fall, but we are more serious and active as the climate is mild, then the winter season comes and the temperature drops, so we find only nature in order to obtain the fuel needed for heating. And don’t forget to also enjoy ice skating.

Thus, we find that man can be a friend of the environment and adapt to its diverse nature.




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