Essay on health hygiene
Essay on health hygiene

Essay on Health Hygiene 11 Models

Essay on health hygiene, Health and hygiene are two sides of the same coin, we will present you an essay on  health hygiene. We should all know that without hygiene there is no good health.

Unfortunately, many people do not know the importance of health. We will provide you with the following all the details that make the student  know the importance of hygiene and  how he can clean himself and the place around him.

We will provide several templates so that students can learn how to write an essay on health  and its relationship to hygiene.

Essay on health hygiene

If we look around, we will find that all the heavenly religions call humans to take care of hygiene of all kinds.

There is cleanliness related to the body, as we must clean our bodies on a daily or weekly basis. As for daily hygiene, it is caring for the teeth, as it is necessary to wash them and extract food residues from them.

We must comb the hair more than once a day. As for the face, we will not forget to clean it on a daily basis so that it does not have pimples and skin diseases.

What is the relationship between hygiene and health?

Hygiene and health are two sides of the same coin as they complement each other. When the body is clean, it appears beautiful and healthier.

We start with the teeth that we must clean every day in order to be shiny and not have injuries due to the gathering of mites on them. When the teeth are full of food residues, the mouth smells bad, and the teeth become infected with decay. In order to avoid going to the dentist, we must maintain good oral hygiene.

When a person washes his face and combs his hair after cleaning it with preparations suitable for the type of hair, he protects himself from skin diseases and from insects that live in the hair.

If a person neglects facial hygiene, he will develop painful blisters, which take a long time to treat and leave marks below them on the surface of the skin.

For unclean hair, the insects that live in it feed on blood, causing side effects such as hair loss.

Types of hygiene

There are several types of hygiene, all of which must be taken care of, in order to ensure the preservation of health.

Neglecting any kind of hygiene destroys health.

This neglect of a type of hygiene causes a person to waste his efforts on the rest of the types that he used to maintain cleanliness:

First: body hygiene.

Second: hair hygiene.

Third: keep your hands clean.

Fourth: cleanliness of food and drink.

Fifth: The cleanliness of the surrounding area.

How to clean the body

As for the parts that we must pay attention to cleaning on a weekly basis, they are the rest of the body, where the person who maintains his health showers a number of times that suits the nature of his work and the type of his skin.

If a person goes out to work on a daily basis and is exposed to dust due to the nature of work, he must shower every day after returning home. If he works in a clean place and does not go to work on a daily basis, he can shower 3 or 4 times a week.

As for those who have oily hair or oily skin, it is known that their bodies produce large amounts of fat, which makes them in an uncomfortable state. That is why they should pay more attention to hygiene than others. One of the things they must do is to wash their hair every day.

Those who have an oily body should bathe on a daily basis, so that fat does not accumulate and cause the spread of pimples and unpleasant odor.

Steps to teach children how to maintain cleanliness

In order to be able to teach a young child how to clean himself, we must start with him at an early age. When the child eats, the mother takes him to the bathroom to wash his hands.

Hand washing is the first thing we all learn. One of the benefits of washing hands is that we protect ourselves from pollution and the transmission of germs to the mouth and then to the abdomen.

There are two types of hand washing, including what is done immediately before eating, and its purpose is to remove dust and germs accumulated due to playing and touching dirty things. Another type of hand washing is washing after food to remove food residues that may attract harmful germs and bacteria.

The second stage that parents do in order to teach their children about hygiene is to teach them to brush their teeth and bathe.

Brushing teeth is one of the daily habits that a child must learn at a young age so that he can continue to do so throughout his life.

The benefit that accrues to a person when he brushes his teeth is that his health is better because of the lack of fermentation and rotting of food between his teeth.

As for a person who does not brush his teeth, he will be exposed to diseases due to bacteria and germs that feed on food residues.


At the end of this vital topic, we must all know that health hygiene is one of the most important behaviors that all people should learn. And that the best age to learn health hygiene is young age.

We must know that cleanliness is the main and direct cause of health. When you have a clean body and clean teeth, your health will be in the best condition.

Hygiene is not limited to body hygiene only, but the utensils we use in our food must be cleaned. And we have to clean up where we live, too.



Health and hygiene essay

The human body is exposed to a large number of pollutants that affect it negatively. In order to avoid these pollutants, we must know  the main things that cause a person to get sick.

The main reason a person gets sick is poor hygiene. There are many types of uncleanliness, including not washing hands, where hands are used to hold food, causing it to become contaminated. Therefore, hands must be washed before every meal.

One of the types of lack of hygiene is also lack of attention to the teeth and the accumulation of tartar on them and food between them. This food rots over time, attracting bacteria that feed on the rotting remains.

When a person eats a new food, he mixes the new food with the rotting remains, and this mixture is swallowed.

When this food enters the stomach, it causes various diseases in the digestive system.




10 lines on health and hygiene

Everyone knows that hygiene leads to a healthy body. When a person lives in an unclean place, he is susceptible to diseases.

One of the diseases that afflict people due to the lack of cleanliness of the place is skin diseases. These skin diseases change the shape of the skin and cause annoying itching. Sometimes it  may take a long time in treatment.

There are also respiratory diseases caused by living in a place filled with dust. Places that are not cleaned accumulate a large amount of germs and bacteria. And when a person tries to breathe, these germs enter with the air into the lungs. Thus, the person begins to cough and may develop a fever and go to the doctor. And if a person is lucky, he gets rid of this disease after a short period.

One of the unhealthy things that cause a person to get sick is that a person refrains from cleaning his body. It is a form of lack of body hygiene that a person neglects to shower. Not taking a shower causes dirt to accumulate on the body.

This dirt leads to the infection of the person with boils and the emergence of a bad smell of sweat. As for the hair, not washing it causes lice infestation, then the hairs will weaken and fall out.



Paragraph on health and hygiene

Personal hygiene is one of the most important things that we must all maintain. And it starts  by washing hands with running water and soap.

When a person persists in this healthy habit, his health becomes in the best condition.

After washing hands, the person must keep washing the hair on a weekly basis, in order to get rid of the accumulated fat and dust stuck in the middle of the hair.

And we will not forget to shower intensely in the summer to get rid of the sweat that causes a bad smell and the occurrence of infections in the skin.

In order to maintain healthy skin, you must wear clean clothes and choose fabrics that match the surrounding climate.

There are cotton fabrics suitable for summer and extreme heat.

There are also fabrics suitable for winter and very cold climates. That is why we must maintain cleanliness because it is the main reason for good health.



Importance of health and hygiene essay

importance of health and hygiene essay

Health is of great importance because it is the basis of human life and without it, he lives in suffering due to diseases.

But what is the relationship between health and hygiene?

As we all know, the human body comes into contact with a large number of external influences surrounding it.

These influences include clothing and the surrounding environment.

That is why the place must be clean around the person, whether the clothes or the air. When a person can maintain cleanliness, he is in good health.

But if he does not regularly clean his body or neglects the cleanliness of his home, he will suffer from several diseases, including skin diseases and diseases of the digestive system.

The hygiene journey begins in the early morning, as the person washes his hands and face before leaving the house.

He repeats this on a daily basis.

When the hand is clean, the food reaches the body without being contaminated by the hand, which makes the person live in good health.



Short essay on health and hygiene

When I was a little kid in nursery school, my mom used to teach me how to wash my hands. I’ve been dodging her and not going to the bathroom easily. But she insisted that I go and wash my hands.

One day I evaded her and went to school without washing my hands. And when it came time to eat, I refused to wash my hands in the nursery.

After I ate my food I started to feel pain in my stomach. At first I thought I needed to go to the bathroom, but after a while the pain intensified. I started screaming until the teacher came to help me.

I felt like I was going to pass out, so I was taken to the hospital. The doctor gave me some medicine and called my mom. When she came, he told her that I had gastroenteritis because of eating unclean food.

And then I remembered that the problem was not the contaminated food, but the problem that I ate the food without washing my hands, which caused the contamination to the abdomen.



Article on health and hygiene in 150 words

Dental health starts with their cleanliness, and this is because they are used in chewing food, which makes them the most important organ in the human body. If the teeth are clean, the chewed food is healthy and not contaminated.

You can brush your teeth three times a day, especially in the evening.You can clean food residues using silk floss. All of these steps lead to the protection of teeth from decay, which greatly destroys the teeth.

And not only the teeth, but oral hygiene protects the stomach from unclean food due to lack of oral hygiene. That is why we find a person who takes care of his teeth, someone who is very healthy.

And also when a person cares about body hygiene by removing excess hair and showering sufficiently he protects himself from many diseases that occur due to lack of hygiene and the accumulation of dirt.

Among these diseases is what affects the skin, which is the most common and which takes a long time to treat. Including diseases that target the stomach, causing diarrhea and vomiting. Which is considered a serious disease because of its bad effect, which can lead to serious complications and may lead to death.



Essay on health and hygiene in 300 words

There is no sane person who does not know the direct relationship between hygiene and health. Cleanliness is the reason why a person is healthy or sick.

If a person pays attention to cleanliness in all aspects of his life, he will live in a healthy manner and do not know diseases.

But when a person neglects his cleanliness, whether in general or in some things that he may think are ineffective, this causes him to contract a large number of diseases.

There are several things about a person that must be kept clean. One of the most important of these things is to live in a clean environment that does not have polluted air, because polluted air destroys the lungs.

And he must be in a place with clean drinking water, because polluted water damages the kidneys and causes fatal intestinal diseases.

We will not forget the cleanliness of the house from dust and dirt, as the filthy house is filled with a large number of insects and reptiles that transmit diseases, the most dangerous of which are mice and cockroaches.

In addition to insects, there are organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye, such as germs and bacteria, which are dangerous organisms and cause fatal diseases to humans who live with them in the same place.

As for the human body, it must receive great care to ensure that it is not exposed to any disease resulting from lack of hygiene.

The human body is divided into several parts, and each part has a specific way to clean it and protect it from attack by disease-causing organisms. The first part is the skin, which needs a routine and a great effort to be taken care of in a healthy way.

The first step to cleaning the skin is to remove excess hair and take a shower regularly.



Health and hygiene paragraph for class 7

The human body is divided into several parts, which makes taking care of it difficult, but not impossible. The body is made up of skin, hair, nails and teeth. These are the parts that should be cleaned regularly. But each part of it has a specific method of cleaning, and a person must be accustomed to it since childhood.

The first place that we clean on a daily basis is the teeth, where the remaining food between them must be cleaned and washed 3 times per day.

As for the hair, it should be shaved at least once a month for men. Hair should be washed about twice a week to keep it clean. It must be combed more than once a day in order to maintain its beautiful appearance and stimulate blood circulation in the head.

As for the skin, a person must bathe a number of times, up to twice a day in the summer, and up to 3 times a week in the winter.

And we will not forget the nails, as they should be cut once a week to ensure that bacteria and fungi do not collect under them, because they cause diseases of the digestive system.




Essay on health and hygiene in 100 words

Medical research has proven that good health can only be achieved in a clean environment. And when the environment is polluted, we find in it several diseases that are difficult to treat without preventing the surrounding pollution. And this is what happens in densely populated cities, where carbon dioxide diffuses into the air, leading to fatal respiratory diseases.

When the waters of the seas and rivers are polluted, the population suffers from serious diseases due to the ingress of carcinogenic substances to the kidneys and stomach.

And in places where garbage accumulates intensively, we find a huge infestation of cockroaches and mice. Cockroaches and mice transmit dangerous diseases to the population, including the plague, which is transmitted from mice to humans.

In the past, the world witnessed the death of millions due to diseases transmitted from animals such as plague and malaria, which were transmitted to humans through mosquitoes.

That is why we must all realize how important hygiene is, in order to maintain it and teach those around us how to maintain it so that we can live in a healthy way without suffering from disease or taking medication.

It is right to start by teaching young children how important cleanliness is, until they grow up accustomed to cleanliness, which will improve their lives later on.



Paragraph on importance of health and hygiene

Of course, hygiene and health are very important, as they are closely related to each other. But how can we know the importance of hygiene and health?

We must look around to know the importance of hygiene and health. When we wake up from sleep we must go to the bathroom, and this is in order to rid the body of the toxic substances remaining after the process of digesting food.

After that, we start brushing the teeth and bathing until the skin is in the best condition, and we rid the teeth of the remnants of rotten food.

The importance of hygiene in general and washing the skin and teeth in particular is to have a clean body in order to ensure good health for ourselves. Thus, we are less prone to skin diseases than people who refuse to shower.

Bathing may be with water only or with soap and water. It is best to use soap and water to eliminate the microorganisms that are attached to the surface of the skin without seeing them.



Health and hygiene essay in english 200 words

In the beginning, you must know how to keep your body clean so that you do not get serious diseases. You must brush your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste 3 times a day. There is also a type of tool that is used to clean teeth, which is silk floss. This silk floss is passed between the teeth and some of them until it removes food residues, which prevents them from rotting.

And if you want to know which type of toothbrush is best, you must try several types until you find the one that suits you and comforts your teeth. There are some types of sensitive gums that need a specific brush to clean them from getting stuck in them.

After we are assured of cleaning the teeth, we must clean the whole body by washing it well with soap and water, especially between the fingers and in the folds of the body.

And when the body is washed, the hair must be washed with products suitable for its type so as not to cause it to be excessively dry.




Health and hygiene essay for class 1

If you are a first grader, you must learn how to take care of your body in a way that protects you from serious diseases.

But what are the diseases that a person gets because of the pollution of his body?

Among the most dangerous diseases are intestinal diseases that cause vomiting and diarrhea. There are bad side effects of gastroenteritis, including dehydration, due to the expulsion of fluids from the body. Including general weakness and inability to walk, which requires intensive care by a doctor or in the hospital.

And when the child is at school, he must keep his hands clean from pollution, and he must wash his hands before eating the food that his mother gave him to eat at school. Most elementary school students get sick because they don’t wash their hands before eating.



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