Essay on jealousy
Essay on jealousy

Essay on jealousy 3 Models

Essay on jealousy, it is an important topic because it is related to the behavior of children and adults alike. Jealousy is a person’s feeling that others don’t care about him. Jealousy is an expression of a person’s fear of losing the love of others, and there are often mixed reactions as a result of feeling jealous. Jealousy is a negative feeling that drives its owner to depression and sadness, and sometimes jealousy is a strong motive to show our abilities and improve our social relationship.

Essay on jealousy

Jealousy is a natural human feeling, but in some cases jealousy is considered a fatal disease, as it affects the person in an exaggerated way, so he may become depressed and prefer to stay away from people, or his behavior becomes aggressive, and other manifestations of jealousy that we will mention in Essay on jealousy .

Therefore, teachers are prepared educationally during their studies at the university. They study psychology, modern teaching methods, and others. All this in order for the teacher to be qualified to deal with students, and to understand their psychological problems, especially jealousy among students. Richard Dawkins said, “Let’s try to learn generosity and altruism because we are born selfish.”


Jealousy in children

Undoubtedly, jealousy in children indicates a child’s insecurity. The child needs great attention from his parents, and when the child feels that one of his parents is preoccupied with any other matter, and no longer gives the child sufficient attention, the child feels fear and interprets the lack of interest of one of his parents as a lack of love for him.

And feelings of jealousy begin when a parent cares about one of their children and not the others. Parents may care about one of their children because he is sick, young, or otherwise, but the rest of the children do not understand this matter and interpret their parents’ interest in this son as they love him more than them.

Therefore, parents must be keen on equality in treating their children. It is not right for us to care about one of them and neglect the others. Likewise, when giving gifts, we must buy each one of them a suitable gift for him.

Essay on jealousy, in which I will explain the role of parents in treating the problem of jealousy. Parents should not praise a child without praising his brothers, because that will make them feel jealous of their brother and hate him.

When children go to school, some problems also appear, such as jealousy. As some teachers praise some students without others, which makes them feel jealous and may hate going to school. C.S. Lewis said, “The task of the teacher is to sow the desert, not to uproot weeds from the fields.”


Jealousy in adolescents

Jealousy in adolescence is very dangerous, because most of the feelings of jealousy at this stage are related to emotional feelings. At this stage, both girls and boys try to show their best qualities.

And when a teenager feels that there is another person who attracts the attention of others, he feels jealous. Also, the teenager does not like to have someone distinct from him. I will talk about the danger of jealousy in Essay on jealousy as follows:

The danger of jealousy in adolescence is that a teenager may change his behavior completely. Some of them, when they feel a lack of attention from others, may resort to isolation and not integrate with others, while others may change their behavior to violence, such as beating, smoking, drugs, and so on.

Therefore, parents must monitor the behavior of their children, talk to them, know their problems and work to solve them. Raising children on good morals and self-confidence helps them overcome many health and psychological problems. Thomas Jefferson said, “The value of health is far greater than the value of education.

The school also plays an important role in increasing students’ awareness and self-esteem. Teachers should encourage their students to express their problems and help them solve them.


Jealousy in adults

Feelings of jealousy do not differentiate between young and old. In Essay on jealousy, I will show you how to turn feelings of jealousy into rivalry.

Jealousy in adults can be transformed into a strong motivation to develop our skills and improve our relationships with others. As we find there is jealousy among the employees at work, and each of them is trying to reach a better position than the other. We can call this jealousy competition, and in that case jealousy has positive effects.

There is also a kind of emotional jealousy, especially if there is interest from one of the parties to the relationship with another person, and this type of jealousy is destructive and has bad effects, as the person feels sad because the one he loves does not care about him.


The difference between jealousy and envy

There is a big difference between jealousy and envy, as envy is more difficult than jealousy, the envious person wishes that the good you have will go away, he never wishes you good.

While jealousy may push a person to show his best in order to attract the attention of others, he just needs some attention and praise.

In all cases, you must be confident of yourself, always try to develop your abilities, be generous and have good morals, and make sure that the respected person is loved and appreciated by people.



At the end of the Essay on jealousy, I talked about jealousy in children and how to treat it, jealousy in adolescents and their manifestations of jealousy, jealousy in adults and the possibility of transforming jealousy into competition, the difference between jealousy and envy, and how to treat feelings of jealousy.

I hope you have benefited from Essay on jealousy, and I would appreciate your comments.

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