Global warming essay
Global warming essay

Global warming essay

Global warming essay is one of the important articles describing reality and how the climate on planet earth changed.

Writing a topic about global warming is important to raise students’ awareness and urge them to preserve the environment.

Climate change as a result of global warming has become a threat to many countries. There have been dangerous climate changes, such as floods that occurred in Germany, China and India, or fires in forests in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, Greece and Russia.

Studies also predict that half of the European continent will be exposed to drought, which will affect agricultural production, and will affect food.

Global warming essay

Definition of global warming and its causes

Global warming is defined as an increase in the average temperature of the lower layer of the atmosphere ( the atmospheric air in contact with the Earth’s surface), which leads to an increase in the temperature of the Earth’s surface.

This rise in temperature is not uniformly distributed over the surface of the globe, and it is not necessary that this rise in temperature occurs for all regions of the world, but it may occur in regions without others. Thus, global warming only describes the increase in global temperatures.

Global warming indicates a general rise in the average global temperature, and studies have proven that global warming has a direct impact on climatic changes such as rainfall rates (the amount of rain), temperatures in terms of rise or fall, snowmelt and drought (desertification) and other climatic and environmental phenomena.



Effects of global warming

Global warming has become a preoccupation for all countries, because its effects are devastating, and many countries will suffer from these effects.

Its effects include a change in climate, a rise in temperature, the occurrence of floods and earthquakes, in addition to drought and lack of rain in other regions.

Therefore, the United Nations Climate Conference is held annually and discusses this phenomenon with great interest, and this conference is attended by many presidents, prime ministers, various civil organizations, climate experts and others.



United Nations Climate Conference

The Paris climate agreement stipulates that “the rich countries, which cause most global emissions, have a duty to support the countries that cause the least global warming while those that suffer the most from its effects.”

The industrialized countries have decided to allocate $100 billion annually to fund projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and to contribute to making developing countries adapt to climate change.

However, these sums are not directed to the main goal, which is to address the effects of global warming. Rather, various projects are being carried out that have nothing to do with global warming. In addition, some countries give this money in the form of interest-bearing loans and not aid.

We hope that there will be real solutions at the next United Nations climate conference.



How do we contribute to solving the problem of global warming?

Undoubtedly, the solution lies with the industrialized countries, which bear the bulk of the problem. They must search for clean fuel sources to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses that are emitted during fuel combustion.

We, as citizens, must also contribute in solving this problem by increasing the cultivated areas and paying attention to planting trees, because this reduces the proportion of carbon dioxide in the air, which is one of the gasses that cause the problem.



Causes of global warming essay

global warming phenomena

Global warming is defined as an increase in the average air temperature in the lower layer in contact with the Earth’s surface, which leads to an increase in the Earth’s surface temperature.

It is not necessary that this rise in temperature occurs in all regions of the world, but it may occur in regions without others. Thus, global warming indicates a general increase in the global average temperature.

Global warming only describes the increase in global temperatures.

There are many studies studying the impact of global warming on climatic changes such as rainfall rates, temperatures, snowmelt, drought (desertification) and other climatic and environmental phenomena around the world.

The causes of global warming

Although global warming is a natural phenomenon where the sun’s rays are trapped in the atmosphere surrounding the Earth until the temperature on the surface of the globe becomes suitable for the life of living organisms from humans, animals, plants, birds, insects and other microorganisms, it has been observed in the last century that The Earth’s surface temperature has increased by 1.2°C over previous centuries.

The scientists attributed this rise to the increase in the rate of greenhouse gasses (carbon dioxide – methane…) that result from the combustion of fuels, such as the combustion of coal or oil and its ancillaries.



Global warming essay in English

Given the devastating impact that scientists expect if the rate of global warming continues at the current rates, the United Nations Climate Conference was held in its twenty-sixth session, in the Scottish city of Glasgow. This was from October 31 to November 12, 2021.

The conference was attended by delegates of two hundred countries, including 100 heads of state and government, in addition to climate experts, businessmen, civic organizations and journalists. This indicates the importance of finding actual solutions to global warming.

Many considered this conference to be the last chance to avoid catastrophic consequences due to global warming. Even the establishment of this conference was objectionable by some due to the spread of the Corona epidemic.

Although there are strong words from the participants in the United Nations climate conference, no change will happen unless collective decisions are taken and implemented.



Essay on global warming in 250 words

There is no doubt that global warming has devastating effects on many countries as the climate changes and temperatures rise in some places.

Prolonged drought is also among the most tragic consequences of global warming, as people cannot farm because of the lack of rain and thus famines occur and humans and animals perish.

There are organizations calling for there to be international solidarity to mitigate the damages resulting from global warming.

These organizations have called for the industrial countries to bear the burden of providing aid to the most affected countries, because the industrialized countries are primarily responsible for emitting carbon dioxide.

Water has become a scarce commodity in some areas, and governments are trying to solve this problem by digging artificial lakes in which rainwater can collect, to be used for irrigation of fields, watering animals, and others.



Solution of global warming essay

Scientists have known the phenomenon of global warming and warned of the seriousness of its effects, and said that it is a rise in the temperature of the lower layer of atmospheric air, and this layer touches the surface of the globe, which leads to a rise in temperature of the surface of the earth in some areas.

It is not necessary that the rise in temperature of the surface of  Earth is equal in all parts, but it may be limited to regions without others.

The scientists also indicated that the most important cause of this phenomenon is the emission of carbon dioxide and some other gasses, which are called greenhouse gasses.

Of course, the accusation was directed at the industrialized countries, as they are primarily responsible for emitting carbon dioxide, as a result of their use of coal, oil and its derivatives in the production of energy needed for industry.



Effects of global warming essay

There are devastating effects of global warming, for example, if you live in a coastal city or live on an island, you are at risk of drowning or migration.

This is because global warming leads to a rise in the temperature of the surface of the globe, which in turn leads to the melting of ice in the North and South Pole, and when the ice melts, the water level in the oceans and seas will rise.

When the water level rises in the seas, this will lead to the sinking of many coastal cities and the sinking of the islands as well, and thus many people will die or have to migrate to other cities far from the coast, leaving their homes, fields and factories. This was just one of the devastating effects of global warming.

global warming short essay

Everyone has realized the negative effects of global warming, and therefore the climate conference is held annually and attended by a large number of presidents, prime ministers, experts and other civil society organizations.

The aim of this annual conference is to find solutions to reduce emissions that cause global warming, in addition to helping poor countries that are suffering greatly because of this phenomenon.

The destructive effects of global warming require concerted efforts and cooperation among all countries of the world, and that there should be binding laws to limit the emission of greenhouse gasses.




Global warming essay 100 words

Scientists expect the sea level to rise by a meter by the year 2100 AD, based on the speed of melting ice caps in the Arctic, and this will lead to the sinking of large parts of coastal cities and some islands as well.

In addition, the increase in sea level as a result of high temperature leads to a change in the environment of many living creatures, so that we find that many fish and birds that live in low temperatures migrate to the north to escape the high temperature, and to find the appropriate environment for them.

Also, some coastal cities have begun to take some precautions to avoid the devastating effects of global warming.




Essay on global warming in 300 words

Global warming in the 21st century poses a great danger to life on the planet. But due to the world’s infection with the famous Corona epidemic, the world stopped working and completely stopped factories and exhausts, which had a direct impact on the increase in global warming, which led to a significant and noticeable improvement in the climate and environment.

Although this cessation was not for the sake of preserving the environment, it led to a decrease in the diameter of the ozone hole, and a noticeable improvement in global warming.

Which led to drawing the attention of all international organizations, re-discussing this issue and how the situation will continue in the future, and discussing the issue of environmental pollution.

Global warming to me was not very understandable. In the past, I thought that it was caused by giant factories only, and exhaust from cars.

But recently, due to the spread of a lot of news about a major change in the world due to global warming, I started following up and reading on the subject and what caused many areas to be threatened with drowning due to the melting of snow.

And I discovered that the entire universe is involved in global warming, not just humans, as volcanoes cause the release of carbon dioxide, which results in a significant increase in global warming. And methane is also one of the influencing factors.

Then comes the role of humans in releasing exhaust from factories, excavations and vehicles, in addition to the effect of cutting trees and expanding the population, which will reduce the absorption of carbon dioxide.

We can work to solve all these factors and others by expanding the green areas and preserving the trees, in addition to the concerted change in the use of oil and the method of waste disposal and other causes.

A global change can preserve the life and safety of the earth for millions of years, as we can start modifying oil-powered vehicles for electric cars, or other safe cars, and this is for factories as well.



Write an essay on global warming

Did you know that the burning of forests, which occurs in abundance these days, is the result of global warming, due to the high temperature and the occurrence of drought in some areas, so forests are easily burned.

As a result of forest burning, carbon dioxide rises, and thus the greenhouse effect worsens, and as a result, the amount of rain also decreases, which leads to more droughts and more fires.

All this leads to environmental imbalance and leads to the death of large numbers of living creatures, and the extinction of many plants and animals.



Essay on global warming in 150 words

There is no doubt that all living things breathe oxygen and expel carbon dioxide, but this is not the percentage of carbon dioxide that led to the occurrence of global warming.

However, carbon dioxide resulting from human activity, such as burning fuels such as coal, oil and its derivatives, is what led to the global warming phenomenon. Where coal and oil are used in electricity generation, various means of transportation, and in various industries.

Clearing forests by burning them to benefit from large areas for agriculture or urban expansion also leads to the emission of large quantities of carbon dioxide, and thus forest burning contributes to the global warming phenomenon.

From this it turns out that human activities, especially those practiced by industrialized countries, are the main cause of global warming, as very large quantities of fossil fuels (coal – petroleum) are used to generate the energy needed to generate electricity.

Therefore, we find that the United Nations Climate Conference is trying to set laws to reduce the consumption of coal and petroleum as fuel, so that there are other types of clean energy that do not harm the environment, such as wind energy or solar energy.


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