Essay on discipline
Essay on discipline

Essay on discipline 20 Models

Essay on discipline, Discipline is one of the main reasons for success, so we will present an essay on the importance of discipline in school, on the street, and in life.

As well as the need for discipline in our dealings with others, we will talk about the concept of discipline, what are the different forms of discipline, and what are the advantages that accrue to us when we are disciplined, and what we mean by psychological discipline.

In view of the importance of discipline in our lives in general, we will present various models of articles that teach us the importance of discipline and what advantages we can get if we are disciplined in our lives.

Essay on discipline

Undoubtedly, discipline is the best way to achieve goals, and it is important to have a specific plan that includes the priorities we want to do, and the time needed to work on those priorities, then comes the role of discipline in implementing this plan and not being lazy or backtracking. In this case, make sure that you will accomplish your goals on time and with ease.

Undoubtedly, discipline is a difficult thing, as a person tends to relax and lack commitment most of the time, but when you know that discipline is the only way to achieve success, you will resist any laziness or slackness, and you will be well disciplined.

Discipline concept

Discipline means self-control, controlling your actions and reactions in order to achieve your goals with less effort and less time. It also means adherence to plans and laws to achieve the best possible results.

The discipline is an acquired trait, as all people tend to relax and not commit, but with seriousness and  good education, a person can acquire the character of commitment, especially if he feels good results as a result of his commitment, such as excellence and achieving success easily, respect for others, and promotion in jobs quickly and other things  that will accrue to him as a result of discipline.

Types of discipline

self discipline:

A person can be self-disciplined as a result of his conviction in what he is doing. He does not need a watchdog over his actions, or laws that deter him, or someone who reprimands him, but all his actions are disciplined because he knows right and wrong, and he tries to be an ideal person.

This may be due to the upbringing he received from a young age or the environment in which he grew up, as the family has a great role in giving a person the character of discipline and commitment. A person becomes able to know what is right and wrong, and he can force himself to do what is right only and stay away from wrong things.

Also, self-discipline may be the result of cultural and scientific awareness, and a person’s ambition to succeed and excel.

Discipline due to external factors:

Discipline due to external factors does not stem from within the person, but rather the person does it out of fear of punishment by the law, or for fear of losing his job or otherwise.

Discipline due to external factors is the most common among people, as many people need strict laws to regulate their actions and behavior. If these laws are absent or not implemented, they will be undisciplined. And sometimes we see many people who act indiscriminately if no one sees them.

Forms of discipline

There are many forms of discipline and they differ depending on the environment in which you live, and the customs and traditions prevailing in society.

Accordingly, the concept of discipline differs from one environment to another, so what one society considers a good deed may be considered a bad deed by another.

Examples of discipline in our daily life include:

  • Discipline in waking up and sleeping times. Some may think that negligence in the discipline of sleeping and waking up schedules is a normal thing, but in fact this is the first step of discipline and following order.
  • Discipline and adherence to school dates, school uniform and school rules, and not to be absent without real reasons.
  • Adhere to traffic rules, and do not expose yourself to dangers.
  • Discipline in your dealings with others, you must be honest, keep your appointments with others, fulfill your promises with them.
  • It is also discipline to make sure to eat healthy food, to exercise regularly, and to stay away from everything that distracts you and keeps you away from achieving your goal.

The importance of discipline in our lives

  • There is no doubt that discipline is very important in the life of every person because it is the only way to achieve your goals. Whatever your goal is, you will not be able to achieve it successfully unless you develop a plan, and then commit to implementing it.
  • Discipline shortens the time and reduces the effort that you will make to achieve your goal, in addition, when you are disciplined, you will recognize the mistakes in your plan and can correct them quickly.
  • And you should know that discipline is the characteristic of developed countries. There is a commitment to working times and hours, and giving all the effort to work. Everyone works seriously and tries to develop his work. On the other hand, there is a weekend in which a person can enjoy his time and practice his hobbies and so on.

Discipline benefits both the individual and society

There are many advantages to discipline for both the individual and society and we can summarize them as follows:

  • One of the most important advantages of discipline is self-esteem, and this makes you more confident in yourself, and makes you feel satisfied regardless of the results, because  you worked hard and adhered to the rules that qualify you for success.
  • To gain the respect of others, because discipline is the deprivation of many things that others do, and these things may be fun or entertaining or otherwise, but you gave up doing them in order to achieve a higher goal, and thus distinguished you from others, and in the end you will gain the respect of everyone as well.
  • Reaching the goal with the least time and the least effort, because discipline is how to manage time to carry out specific tasks.
  • Discipline achieves success and progress in all fields, and the best example of a life of discipline is the military life, which gives the soldier qualities that were not present in him before military life, such as discipline in action and reactions, dealing with his leaders, dealing with his colleagues and so on.
  • Success in any field requires a lot of effort, and this effort must be organized, and proceed according to well-thought-out plans, and discipline comes in implementing these plans to achieve the goals successfully.

Therefore, discipline is the most important component of success, whether for the individual or the community.

The development of discipline in the members of society

Discipline is a good quality and it is best to teach it to our children from a young age. This is very easy if the family members are disciplined, because the child imitates the behavior of his parents and older brothers.

Then comes the role of the school, where the student learns to respect the rules and laws, such as wearing the school uniform, attending on time, standing in the morning queue in order, sitting in the classroom in the place designated for you, not eating during the lesson, not talking to your colleagues during  the lesson, dismissal at the end of the school day and other school rules.

This leads to preparing the person to apply the laws regulating society in the future, such as traffic laws, labor laws, civil and commercial laws and other laws that regulate the relationship between the individual and the state, as well as the relationship between individuals.

Thus, we find that the quality of discipline is a trait that a person acquires, and it also grows with the age stages, where transactions increase, and duties increase.

Discipline is an acquired trait or a hereditary trait

Many people wonder, is discipline an acquired trait or a hereditary trait?

In fact, discipline is an acquired trait, and at different stages of life we ​​can commit ourselves to things that fit our goals.

The child learns discipline from a young age by imitating those around him, and then begins to acquire the character of discipline because it achieves the appreciation and praise of others when he commits to implementing their requests.

And his ability to control himself develops in order to achieve certain goals, or to avoid being punished. Thus, we find that discipline is an acquired trait and we can acquire it at any stage of our lives.


At the end of a topic about discipline, we can say that discipline is a good trait that we must have, and that we help our children acquire it because discipline is the only way to achieve the success we aspire to, and without discipline, chaos will prevail and we will not achieve any success.

Self-discipline is the most powerful deterrent to a person, as he cannot commit any mistake, and that is motivated from within and not out of fear of punishment, the view of society or otherwise.

In most cases, self-discipline is linked to belief and proper upbringing from childhood.



Paragraph on discipline

If we realize that discipline is the way to success and achieving dreams, we will bear deprivation of some things in order to control our lives and be better, and thus we can easily achieve our goals.

In order to understand the meaning of discipline, we can say that it is a lifestyle that we must follow to achieve certain goals, and thus the form of discipline varies according to the type of goal to be achieved.

For example, the student’s goal is to succeed with distinction, so the lifestyle that he must follow and adhere to applying is school attendance, studying seriously, determining the number of hours of study, determining the number of hours of sleep, canceling some things that may distract his thinking and so on.

When he can control himself and commit to implementing the plan he set to achieve his goal, he will achieve success and excellence.



Discipline Essay in English

Discipline and its concept differ from one society to another, due to the different values, beliefs, customs and traditions from one society to another, and therefore we must judge the discipline of a person according to the beliefs of his society.

Discipline also varies according to the age group, so what we ask of children is not what we ask of young people and adults.

But in the end, discipline leads to the organization of life in such a way that we can achieve our goals and dreams for the future.

Given the importance of discipline in all of our behavior, we must earn this good quality for young children, and the family and school play a pivotal role in this.

In the early stages of life, the child imitates his parents and siblings, and acquires from them some behaviors such as discipline and respect for appointments such as eating dates, sleeping and waking times, and so on.

Then when the child joins school, it is easy for him to abide by the school rules, and from here we develop his discipline little by little.



Self discipline essay

Self-discipline is one of the most beautiful qualities that a person can have, because self-discipline is the ability to control oneself, and thus control the actions we do as well as our words and reactions, in proportion to the beliefs and traditions of our society.

There is no doubt that self-discipline is the result of a correct upbringing and a disciplined family, and we also do not deny the great role that the school plays in shaping the student’s personality and giving him good qualities such as discipline.

A disciplined person is a successful person who is responsible for his words and actions, and who can take responsibility.

Therefore, discipline is one of the qualities that a leader must have, as he is a role model for others, and he is responsible for making decisions, setting plans and supervising the implementation of these plans.



Discipline essay for class 10

A disciplined person always receives the respect of others, because discipline requires some effort, and may also need to deprive oneself of some of the things that others practice.

In order to be disciplined, you must organize your time so that you can work on your priorities without shortening, and this will make you cancel some things from your daily schedule. You may need to stop watching TV, or you may cancel going out with friends, watching a football match, or other things that you like.

But all the deprivation and fatigue will vanish when you reach your goal successfully, and when you are distinguished from others who did not organize their lives and did not have any discipline, they did not achieve any success despite the effort they made, because it is a random and undisciplined effort.

Therefore, every person, regardless of his goal or age, must determine his priorities, then develop a plan to achieve these goals, and then commit himself to discipline and accurately implement the plan. If he does, he will achieve the resounding success he desires.



Write a paragraph on discipline

Some people can be disciplined easily and do not need to be deterred. As for others, it may be difficult for him to discipline and carry out orders.

Therefore, rules and laws were established to make all members of society disciplined, and whoever does not abide by the general laws and rules of society exposes himself to punishment.

Countries are keen to implement laws strictly because discipline brings peace to members of society, and crimes are reduced or absent. In addition, discipline is the only way to advance the country and work to advance it.

Organized hard work is one form of discipline, as well as adherence to labor laws and respect for general rules are necessary to achieve the desired progress.

Discipline is not in one field without another or one age group without another, but it is a good quality that should be characterized by all citizens.



Discipline essay 200 words

Given the importance of discipline in the life of the individual and society, rules and laws have been developed that help a person to control himself, and these rules are applied to children from a young age through various educational institutions.

In primary school, the child learns that there are school rules that he must abide by, such as wearing the school uniform, so he cannot go to school in the dress he likes. Attending school on a specific date and he cannot be late for that time, standing in the morning queue according to the system set by the school administration. He cannot stand anywhere he likes, or play during the morning queue or talk with his colleagues.

There is also a specific system that must be followed in the classroom, and how to deal with the teacher as well as the way to deal with colleagues, and then adhere to calm and self-control and not to cause riots and chaos during the school day.

The child also begins to control himself and realizes that there is a time to study, a time to play, and a time to rest and eat. And all that discipline was not accustomed to him before, but he learned it in school and got used to it.

Thus, we find that discipline is a learned behavior, and a person can get used to it easily, especially if this discipline is applied to a large group of individuals, because each of them is an incentive for the other.




Write an essay on discipline

In fact, I had a bad experience that made me realize the importance of discipline. Last year I didn’t commit much to school, didn’t make a study plan, and my whole life was disorganized, so I failed the end-of-year exam. While my friend succeeded with superiority, although he is less intelligent than me.

And when I compared my life to his, I realized that he is a disciplined person and this is the reason for his success and superiority, and from that time I realized that discipline is the only way to achieve good results in my studies.

Therefore, I decided this year to be disciplined and to set a schedule that includes the subjects that I must study and the number of hours of study each day, and I will stick to this schedule completely, and I will commit to attending school as well. I will never be careless again.




Short essay on discipline

Discipline in our life is a required thing, but discipline in our studies is a very necessary thing, because our success in study determines our job in the future, and therefore it is important that we make more effort in studying our lessons.

Among the forms of school discipline is attendance, adherence to school rules, participation in cultural activities, and continuous schoolwork, all of which will help us achieve success and excellence.

Discipline will also make us respectable people from our teachers and colleagues, and in the end it will bring us the success we wish for, making us happy in this life, and our family will be proud of us. I expect to achieve great success this year.



Discipline essay 100 words

Because of the importance of discipline in our lives, my family took care of us getting used to discipline from a young age.

There was a precise system followed by all family members, such as waking up at six in the morning, breakfast at seven, eating lunch at three, eating dinner at nine, going to bed at ten, taking walks on the weekend only, watching TV For an hour only, studying for four hours a day.

These were the rules that we must follow daily. Indeed, my brothers and I excelled in our studies thanks to our discipline and adherence to these rules. We also used to organize our times in all the following educational stages.



Essay on discipline 150 words

The forms of discipline are many and we can notice them in many people, and the greatest forms of discipline are in military life, and this is because the goals to be achieved are great, so discipline among soldiers must be of the highest degree.

In military life, nothing is left to chance, but everything a soldier does is planned. The soldier learns to be disciplined and to carry out orders accurately, and failure to carry out orders will expose him to severe punishment. This is what makes the military institution able to defy any difficulties it faces.

In civil life, the discipline is much less, and we can abide by the rules and laws easily and without bearing any fatigue. From the foregoing it becomes clear to us that discipline must be commensurate with the goals we want to achieve.

For example, discipline at work differs in its strictness from discipline in school, and so on.



1000 Word essay on discipline

Countries seek to achieve big goals such as social peace, economic supremacy, building a strong army, and to be a sovereign state that is feared by other countries, and does not think about its war or obstructing its interests.

In order for the state to achieve these great goals, it resorts to setting laws in order to control the internal relations between citizens and the state, as well as to control the external relations with other states.

Societal discipline is a cause of economic progress, and this will lead to the strength of the state and its ability to form a strong army with the latest weapons.

On the contrary, if discipline is absent and chaos prevails, all effort will be directed to organizing internal affairs, fighting crime, and so on.



Short paragraph on discipline

If we realize that life is a set of goals that we must achieve, in order to live in peace, security and prosperity, we will search for the best ways to achieve these goals.

From the experiences of the past, we will realize that discipline is the surest way to achieve goals in the shortest time and with the least effort.

Your success in your studies or work depends on the extent of your discipline and how you control yourself. There are people who can implement the plans set for them with precision and do not find any difficulty in that.

While there are other people who cannot abide by the rules for a long time, and these people find it very difficult to be disciplined, they usually choose the types of education that are suitable for them, as well as choose to work in jobs that do not require a lot of discipline.



Discipline par essay

We can easily compare discipline and chaos, as we live a life of great discipline during the school year. Where there is a set time to wake up, eat breakfast, put on the school uniform, stand in the morning queue regularly, study hard and do homework.

All of these things are a kind of discipline, and at the end of the year we get the result of this discipline, which is success and excellence.

While at the vacation we don’t stick to bedtimes or wake up and our lives get messy, and we don’t achieve anything of value during the holiday, but we play a lot, sleep a lot and eat a lot.

If we compare our behavior during the school year and our behavior during the end of the year vacation, we will realize the importance of discipline in our lives in general, and that discipline is the most important reason for success.



Discipline paragraph for class 10

Undoubtedly, discipline requires effort and self-resistance. And not all people can do that. Because people in their nature tend to relax, have fun and not take responsibility. So, it was important for the state to set laws regulating life and transactions in society. These laws must be strictly enforced so as not to spread chaos in society. There are many people who do not abide by the general rules and laws except because they are afraid of punishment, and at the first opportunity they realize that they are not being watched, they will make mistakes. Hence the importance of monitoring and punishing the negligent. It is also helpful to reward a disciplined person who keeps applying rules and laws on his own.



Need of discipline in life essay

It is important to have discipline in our lives, in order to achieve our goals. Discipline must stem from the self and we do not need anyone watching us or giving us orders, because self-discipline is something that continues with us throughout life.

We must abide by the general rules and laws, which are determined by the state,  for order to prevail among the people.

We must also adhere to discipline in our private lives, we must abide by deadlines, keep the promise, and our behavior must be disciplined, meaning that all our actions are appropriate for the society in which we live, as well as words, because the word also indicates the behavior of a person and the extent of his civility.

A disciplined person is someone who shows that he is from a good family, who has been taught the right behavior.



Write a essay on discipline

I am a person who does not like discipline and tends to be lazy. Last year I was absent from school a lot because I preferred playing or sleeping, and I didn’t care about studying my lessons, so at the end of the year I failed the exam.

I was very sad, especially because my friends succeeded and will move to the next grade.

I decided to be more disciplined and make a plan to organize the work that I have to do every day, such as my sleep and wake times, the number of hours of study, going to school, determining the time to exercise, and setting a time for leisure and walks.

Time management gives us the opportunity to do a lot of work. I decided to be disciplined in all my actions and leave laziness and negligence.



Composition on discipline

I am a person who likes discipline, at six in the morning I wake up, and I don’t need anyone to wake me, and at 11 in the evening I go to sleep, I never change my sleep schedule, whether it’s during school days or vacation.

I go to school at seven and half, I’m never late. I also eat breakfast at ten o’clock, which is the break time in my school, and I exercise every day, no matter the circumstances.

I also keep my appointments perfectly, which is why my friends love me. I like order and discipline.



Speech on discipline in 200 words

Given the importance of discipline in the lives of both individuals and societies, we must be keen to teach it to children from a young age, and the responsibility lies with the family, as it is the first source of teaching the child good behavior and habits.

The child is greatly affected by the environment in which he lives, and therefore the family must be qualified to raise children, and spread cultural awareness among mothers, especially because they are responsible for raising the children of today, the youth of tomorrow and the men of the future.

If the family is reformed, the children will be righteous, and therefore there must be educational seminars, television programs and series that support disciplined behavior, and show that a person who is morally disciplined in all his words and actions is a person who should be respected by everyone.

Discipline is an attribute that indicates the extent to which a person is able to control himself, and thus control everything he says or does. In order for our lives to be orderly and easier, we must have self-discipline, as well as knowledge of the rules and laws that regulate public life so that we do not fall into mistakes that expose us to accountability.


Essay on discipline for class 7

Discipline is divided into two main types, which are internal (self) discipline and discipline due to external factors.

In fact, we need both parts of discipline in our lives. For example, when you decide to wake up at six in the morning and continue to do so all the time, this is self-discipline.

But when you adhere to the traffic signal for fear of a material violation, this is considered discipline due to external factors, which are the laws regulating traffic.

Thus, it becomes clear that in order for our lives to be orderly and easier, we must have self-discipline, as well as knowledge of the rules and laws that regulate public life so that we do not fall into mistakes that expose us to accountability.


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