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short paragraph

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short paragraph contains important and valuable information about the qualities in which women excel than men, we will learn about the most important psychological and biological differences between men and women, and this is what you will find in the first paragraph. All this here in a short paragraph in English.

short paragraph

You will find here under the title of a short paragraph the second paragraph that talks about the important question “is the man a traitor by nature ?”, and we will know the reasons why men love to get closer to women constantly. You’ll find it here in a short paragraph in English, where you’ll find two different paragraphs to choose from them what suits you.

The first paragraph about: qualities in which women excel more than men

Several studies have shown that there are many differences between men and women, including behavioral, biological and psychological differences. These differences include: Women have a musical ear higher than those of men, and the evidence is that the number of women singers are usually more than that of women singers. A woman’s sense of touch is stronger than a man’s sense of touch.  Women are more tolerant of disease and fatigue than men, the reason for this is the presence of a strong immune system in women to help them protect against infectious diseases and the ability of this device to produce antibodies to the diseases that invade the body.  Women have the ability to interpret facial expressions more than men, they are also able to recognize a lot of emotions such as love, hate, shame, fear, and others.  Women excel in learning languages ​​on men.

The second paragraph about ; whether the man is a traitor by nature?

The term treason has become an unavoidable fact, and the majority of women believe that treason is an essential characteristic of men. We can not say that the man is traitor in nature, but it can be said that the man in a constant search for the mythical female he painted in his imagination, or the ideal female, which is impossible; because the idea of ​​a perfect ideal person is not easy to exist. And the fact that the female in all her cases and femininity is seductive form  of men, they represent in many times a goal for him seeking to reach it and get close to it.  But this never means that a man is traitor in nature, when a man finds the female who inhabits his heart and settles in it, it is hard for him to find another.  In addition, women should make their lives quiet with men, as far from problems as possible, so that men do not get involved in treason for any reason.

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