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English paragraph
English paragraph

English paragraph

English paragraph contains many interesting and useful information that will benefit every researcher who wants to know more about the lost cities. In the first paragraph you will find information about Atlantis, the city that once ruled the world and many information about it in an English paragraph.

English paragraph

You will also find here the second paragraph about the Lost  City of Gold (Aldorado) and we will also know about its location. All of this information and more will be found here in an English paragraph, where you will find two different paragraphs to choose from them what suits you.

The first paragraph about the city of Atlantis

In ancient history books, some philosophers wrote about the existence of a continent with a very advanced and developed city that once ruled the world, the city of Atlantis. The Greek philosopher Plato mentioned it in two topics. He said that Toulon went on a trip to the priests of Egypt and they told him about an Atlantic continent that ruled the world and provided scientific development, especially in the field of shipbuilding and learning.Scholars differed on the location of the city of Atlantis in the beginning, but with the appearance of some ancient manuscripts and reading some of the books of ancient philosophers, especially philosopher Plato, scientists have concluded that the potential location of the city of Atlantis is in the southern coast of Spain near the entrance to the Mediterranean by Bab al-Mandab. The narratives differed in determining the time in which this city existed, some say that it existed ten thousand years ago and others say nine thousand years or five thousand years ago. But all the manuscripts indicate that they have undergone Greek and Pharaonic civilization, because of the existence of a number of manuscripts in those civilizations, which indicate its existence.

The second paragraph about the  lost city of gold

The Lost City is one of the most famous historical cities in the world, Some described  it as the Golden City, in which all things made of pure gold, others described it as the wellspring of treasures  as a kingdom teeming with gold, silver and precious stones. But no one knows a reliable source of these stories.  Archaeologists and explorers have struggled to obtain information leading to this legendary city, the traveler led many missions to that city, and their attempts were always unsuccessful.Many people call the Lost City the name of El Dorado, while others believe it is a name for a man. The people of South America believe that Eldorado is one of the kings of Moesca. He is said to have covered himself with gold powder from head to toe during festivals and diving in the Gotavita Lake.The stories about the mythological location of the city differed. While most are likely to be located in South America, particularly in the lower part of the Gautavita lake or in a nearby area (next to Bogota, Colombia) Some tend to be located in the jungles of the Amazon.

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