Cleanliness is next to godliness essay

Cleanliness is next to godliness essay 2 Models

Cleanliness is next to godliness essay, in this important article we will present a long presentation topic. It contains sentences and terms about hygiene and its importance. And how to maintain the cleanliness of the place and the environment around us.

We will also provide a 500 word essay for students of all educational levels. The child must learn the importance of cleanliness and its relationship to faith so that he will become a clean person when he grows up.

And we will not forget to submit a cleanliness is next to godliness essay for the seventh grade.

Cleanliness is next to godliness essay

Because of the importance of cleanliness in our lives, we will present cleanliness is next to godliness essay. In this essay, we will learn that cleanliness is the most important thing in people’s lives, because if they get used to it since childhood, it will become a beautiful habit. But if they are not used to it since childhood, they will not be able to learn hygiene at an old age.

A person gets used to his life and everything that revolves around him, and looks at this surrounding environment with satisfaction, and with time he does not feel  that something around him is repulsive and harmful.

What is meant by cleanliness?

Cleanliness is removing dirt from everything. All the things around us accumulate a lot of dirt . This accumulation occurs slowly and daily. This accumulation is not noticed until after a period of time. And dirt begins to accumulate on our bodies, and in every part of it. That is why we must constantly clean our bodies.

And dirt accumulates on the skin, as sweating causes dirt to stick, causing bacteria and fungi to collect, causing boils and pimples. There is also an accumulation of dirt under the nails, which causes a black color. There are types of dirt found in the hair, which causes itching and the growth of insects.

Cleanliness and environment around us

Dirt accumulates in the environment around us, as the house gets dirty and every bit of it is filled with dead skin and hair. We find trash everywhere, if we don’t get rid of it in the right place. As for the dust, if it is not disposed of, it will accumulate on the furniture and on the floors.

Not only does garbage accumulate in the house, but it extends around the house from the outside as people dispose of garbage incorrectly. By throwing it around the house without placing it in the designated bins, causing cats to gather and litter all over the neighborhood.

What is the relationship between cleanliness and faith?

The heavenly religions have recognized that cleanliness is part of faith. This is a great proof of the importance of cleanliness in our lives. The believer must be clean. And the meaning of being clean is to take care of the cleanliness of his body, by removing excess hair and taking a shower. And by washing and changing clothes permanently.

After the believer takes care of his body, his house must be clean and free of any rubbish or unpleasant odors. And after he cleans his house, he must take an active part in cleaning the street and the places around him.

Where he refrains from throwing garbage in the street and volunteers to clean the places around his house and plant trees there.

How does a person learn hygiene?

A person must learn hygiene at a very young age. Because hygiene is an important habit that the child must get used to and grow up with, and he does it on a daily basis. If the child is used to having a clean body and beautiful clothes, he will not accept a dirty body or unclean clothes. If the child lives in a clean and smells good house, he will not accept to live in a house full of rubbish and smells bad.

That is why we must train the child to change his clothes continuously. We train him to shower and comb his hair, so that he does not get infected with insects.

Is there bad hygiene?

Sometimes hygiene may turn from something beneficial to something harmful, if a person decides to become addicted to hygiene and to reach the stages of mental illness. Where he cleans and sterilizes his hands and everything around him hundreds of times a day.

This disease makes a person afraid of germs and disease, to the extent that he becomes weak after the disappearance of all the germs around him.

What makes excessive hygiene one of the reasons that bring disease to its owner, is that he does not expose himself to the permissible percentage of germs and viruses. And exposure to it is one of the reasons for his strong immunity.

And when he is not exposed to it, he becomes seriously ill once he is away from the environment in which he lives.

What is the importance of hygiene for a person?

Cleanliness makes a person have an attractive appearance, so people love him. Cleanliness makes a person have good health, as he does not get diseases frequently, but he suffers from them less often than those who live in chaos and are surrounded by a lot of dirt.

Is hygiene important for animals?

Animals need constant hygiene, because they carry a large number of diseases that are transmitted to humans.

That is why the pet must be taken care of and cleaned periodically. Among the diseases that come to animals due to lack of hygiene, repulsive skin diseases and insects that live in the fur.

How do we know a clean society?

We learn about a clean society from the streets. If the people of this society are accustomed to not throwing waste in the streets, they are clean. But if everyone is throwing rubbish on the streets and in the water sources, then it is a society that does not know anything about hygiene. And they must be re-sensitized to the importance of cleanliness.


At the end of our topic for today, cleanliness is next to godliness essay, we were able to present a long essay that talks about the meaning of cleanliness and its importance to the individual and society. And we learned how to keep our bodies clean and the streets clean.

We gave students of all educational levels tips and phrases about hygiene, in order to keep their homes clean and the streets around them clean.


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