Speech on discipline
Speech on discipline

Speech on discipline 13 Models

Speech on discipline, Writing speech on discipline is very important, because discipline is a good quality and is a key factor for success, so writing a speech or topic on discipline 200 or 150 words is required for students, and we will provide several models that will help you write an essay or article on discipline and its importance in our lives, and self discipline is the best discipline speech, a model for writing a motivational speech on discipline and its benefits to both the individual and society. We will provide several different models to suit all educational levels.

Speech on discipline

We will present a sample of a speech given by the school principal on the first day of school in which he motivates students to discipline and abide by the school’s principles and laws. He also explained to the students the importance of discipline and maintaining order within the school.

He explained to them that their lack of discipline may expose them to punishment, while discipline, commitment and seriousness will make them excel in their studies in particular, and successful in their lives in general, as they will be loved by others.

The text of the speech was as follows:

Discipline is the key to success

My students, welcome back to school. Today is the first day of the new school year. Welcome to your school.

And I hope that it will be a good academic year in which you will study many useful sciences, and in which you will gain new experiences that will help you succeed in your studies in particular and succeed in life in general.

A group of great teachers will be taught to you. I hope that you will benefit from their knowledge and experience, and set a good example for you. I would like you to realize that the educational process depends on several factors, the most important of which are the teacher and the student.

If the teacher is good, but the student is careless and undisciplined,  he will not benefit from the teacher. aLikewise, if the teacher is not well qualified, he will not be able to benefit the student. Therefore, we have provided you with qualified teachers, educationally and scientifically.

school discipline

Your duty, students, is to be disciplined and do your best to learn in a good way, and there are rules and laws that students must follow, and I will read them to you now to abide by them throughout the school year, which are:

  • Commitment to attend school and not be absent except for exceptional circumstances, such as illness.
  • Commitment to school deadlines (attendance, leaving),
  • Discipline in the classroom, and sitting in your place.
  • Treat your teachers with respect.
  • You must be cooperative with your classmates.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of your classroom in particular, and your school in general.
  • Maintaining public property inside the school and preserving tools and equipment in laboratories, computer rooms, and others.
  • If you encounter any problem, you can ask the supervisor or social worker to solve this problem.
  • There is a punishment for breaking school rules, which is expulsion from school.

General discipline

There is no doubt that discipline in life in general is necessary. The state sets many laws to regulate life, such as commercial laws that show the relationship in commercial transactions between individuals, companies and banks, and foreign trade as well, such as import and export laws, customs, taxes and so on.

And criminal laws that specify deterrent penalties for criminals, in order to establish security in society, in addition to civil laws such as the Traffic Law and the Family Law. There are also military laws that apply to conscripts.

The individual must be aware of the laws of his town in order to avoid committing offenses for which he will be punished.

The need for discipline and its advantages

In the end, I would like to introduce you to some of the old students, they have come today to prove to you that this school is an example to follow in discipline, and many distinguished scholars and men have graduated from it.

From this school famous personalities graduated such as doctors, brilliant engineers, and politicians with a great deal of responsibility, and the common factor between them was discipline.

My dear students, achieving great goals requires discipline and focus on our goals without getting distracted by things that make us stray from the right path.


My dear students, I wish you a good academic year, in which you achieve your goals. I wish you success in your studies, and in your future life.

The effort you make today will find its results in the future, and you must know that there is no success without fatigue, and that the things that we obtain easily are easily lost from us, while the things that we obtain after a great effort will be preserved throughout our lives.

I also advise you to benefit from the experiences of others and to set a good example for you.




Speech on discipline in 200 words

Discipline is the safe and secure way to achieve our dreams, because discipline makes us focus on our goal and try to achieve it with the least effort and the shortest time, and discipline makes us not get caught up in minor things that distract our thinking from the main goal that we dream of achieving.

When we know the importance of discipline in our lives, there will be no difficulty in organizing our lives, and being disciplined people.

In fact, discipline regulates the life of both the individual and society. In an individual’s life, there are many dreams that he wants to become a reality, and you may view them as difficult to achieve. But when he sets his priorities and sets a plan to achieve these priorities and commits himself to implementing that plan, he will achieve everything he wished for easily and in the least time.

Great goals require determination and great challenge, you may give up doing some of the things you love, but that is a simple sacrifice in order to achieve great goals. You will feel happy and proud when you achieve these great goals.

You will also be one of the prominent people in society because of your discipline, because success does not come by chance or luck, but success is achieved through determination, patience and challenge.

The challenge may be great, it may be a challenge to yourself and prevent you from doing things you love, it may be a challenge to the environment and the circumstances surrounding you, and it may be a challenge to competitors in your same field. But in the end, success will make you forget all your fatigue.



Short speech on discipline

We can define discipline in an easy way, which is that discipline is control over our actions and words, that is, discipline makes it possible to control everything we do. This definition makes us accept discipline because it is a process of organizing priorities and not restricting our freedoms.

It is very important that we define our goal and develop a deliberate plan to implement this goal, and we must adhere to the plan in order to achieve our goal on time.

This method must be a way of life, for example, the student wants to succeed with distinction, the employee wants to advance in his work and get a better job, and the family wants to raise its children with a good upbringing. It varies from one person to another. But in the end we must know that discipline is the only way to achieve great goals.



Speech on Importance of Discipline

If you have a plan and you really want to implement it, there is no way to do that without discipline. There are two types of discipline, and often we need each of them in order for our lives to be better.

Self-discipline needs each person to organize his time and effort in a way that is commensurate with the goal he wants to achieve. Self-discipline differs from one person to another, and its degree may change from one stage to another depending on the goals we want to achieve.

As for general discipline, it is an important thing to maintain order and security in society, and it must be adhered to by all citizens, and whoever violates the laws will be punished, in order to be a deterrent to others.

The absence of discipline leads to the spread of chaos, and the failure to accomplish any useful work, which results in the spread of poverty and ignorance. We must realize that great goals require great effort.



Speech on self discipline

Self-discipline is important for every person, it comes from within and is subject to our conscience without the need for anyone to give us orders or monitor us. We need to acquire this important quality, which is self-discipline.

This is because we are the ones who adhere to self-discipline, and we define it according to our circumstances and abilities. For example, there is a student who commits himself to studying for four hours a day, while another student commits himself to studying for eight hours a day, and it is important that we adhere to the plan that we set.

Also, discipline should not be an obstacle for us to live a happy life, because organizing time and setting goals will make our life better. It is important that there is always time to practice the hobbies that we love, and to practice social life and others.



1 Minute speech on discipline

Without discipline, chaos will reign, and we cannot achieve any success. This principle applies to both individuals and societies, and therefore we find that the state has allocated the Ministry of Planning, and this ministry is responsible for setting plans for the development of the state in all areas.

These plans may be long-term or short-term, then the implementation, and the most important reason for the success of these plans is discipline in their implementation.

Likewise, the lives of individuals need organization and planning for the future, and our efforts in the present will reap its fruits in the future, and we must benefit from the experiences of people who have been able to achieve great success, so we must study the way they followed and take them as an example for us.



Speech on value of discipline

Discipline has great value in our lives, we need discipline in order to achieve our great goals. We must realize that success is not achieved by chance, but is achieved as a result of a great effort we have made, and a discipline we have committed to in our lives.

One of the benefits of discipline is that it enables you to identify weaknesses in your plan, quickly address them and correct your mistakes. Discipline also saves time and effort, so you can achieve your goal in less time and less effort as well.

In general, discipline makes you a person of value in society, whether it is a scientific, social or other value. Discipline will earn you the respect and appreciation of others.

Some see discipline as a denial of many things, but rational people consider discipline to be just the regulation of our behavior.



Self discipline is the best discipline speech

In fact, self-discipline is the best quality that a person can have, because self-discipline does not need someone to monitor or punish you if you do not comply, but self-discipline is from within you and you are the watcher of yourself.

When you break some rules or laws, you feel uncomfortable and unhappy, but you try to force yourself to follow the rules again. In most cases, a disciplined person can control his behavior and adjust it easily.

One of the benefits of self-discipline is that the person determines the things that must be done and the things that must not be done. He also determines the time to do everything so that he organizes his time and effort, and at the same time achieves the best results.




Discipline motivational speech

It is important to get used to discipline from a young age, because discipline makes us more receptive to obeying orders and carrying them out, and makes us abide by laws and rules easily.

There are many people who cannot abide by the laws, and this is as a result of their upbringing on complete freedom, without making any future plans or taking into account the rights of others.

These people often make mistakes and break the laws, and this exposes them to punishment. For example, you find some people do not abide by traffic rules despite their knowledge of these rules and their knowledge of the penalty for violating these rules.

However, they are not accustomed to discipline from a young age, so their behavior becomes undisciplined, and they feel annoyed when they are asked to follow the laws.

Hence the importance of teaching children discipline through the family, school and various media.



Motivational speech on discipline

Discipline has many benefits for both the individual and society. For example, discipline brings us a good job opportunity, as the disciplined person leaves a positive impact on others, and makes others trust him and realize that he is a responsible person and can do his work seriously.

The good impression that a disciplined person leaves on others will make them nominate him for important jobs, and thus he will achieve success in his job and rise to higher positions.

The undisciplined person who does not care about organizing his life will not be persuaded by employers and they  will not depend on him to do any important work.

In addition to achieving a distinguished social position, the discipline also will make us gain the respect and appreciation of others.



Motivational speech on discipline for students

My dear students, today is the beginning of the school year, and this is a good occasion to guide you to the path of success with excellence. Discipline is the path to success with excellence. Whoever wants to achieve great success must be disciplined in all his actions and words.

Adherence to school rules is an important part of discipline, in addition to your behavior with your colleagues you must be disciplined, good manners must be the dominant characteristic in your dealings with your colleagues and teachers.

Also, studying seriously and organizing time will make you achieve great success, and this will only be achieved by being disciplined inside and outside the school.

In the end, I hope that you will achieve great success in your studies in particular, and in your life in general. Welcome to your school, keep it, it is your second home.



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