Philosophy in life essay
Philosophy in life essay

Philosophy in life essay 17 Models

Philosophy in life essay, It is important to know how to write philosophy in life essay, what ideas you can have about your philosophy of life, and the meaning of  philosophy in life.

We will present several models of a short essay, and a long essay on the philosophy in life, that you can benefit from in defining the philosophy of life, and writing a graph or an essay on your philosophy in life.

It may seem like a difficult topic, but we will mention a large number of ideas that will help you write this topic, and we will take into account that the topics are diverse to suit all educational levels.

Philosophy in life essay

When we think about our life, and what is the philosophy in life, we find that the best philosophy that we can follow is commitment to virtue, and that a life appropriate to nature is a life of virtue, because human happiness does not come from doing what suits him only, but rather comes through his compatibility with nature with all its components. .

When we look at the universe and contemplate it, we feel the greatness of the Creator, as everything was created with great precision and harnessed for the service of man.

Allah  has honored man and made him distinguished by reason and thinking, and made everything in the universe subjugated to him, and he sent his messengers to people to teach them good manners and guide them to goodness.

Philosophy of commitment to divine laws (commitment to virtue)

It is logical that the philosophy of life is to adhere to the heavenly laws because they contain all the good for humanity.

We must realize that each of us has a mission and a goal for the reconstruction of the universe, and he must perform his duty perfectly.

We find that many philosophers (the sages) call for the superiority of the mind, and that there must be a commitment to the rules laid down by the mind.

In fact, there is no contradiction between elevating the status of the mind and following the heavenly laws, because the mind will guide man to the existence of the Creator, who created man and created everything in this universe for the sake of man.

Each person tries to find for himself a philosophy or principle to follow in his life, and the philosophy in life may change according to age or according to the experiences gained.

Among the sayings of the wise, which some may adopt as a philosophy for them at some point in their lives, are the following:

The sayings of the wise in the philosophy of life

“When I build a team, I look for people who like to win, or people who hate to lose”: This is a good philosophy in life because positive people will give you strength and help you achieve success easily.

“Life is to live in danger and try to get rid of it” In fact, a person does not feel happiness except when he makes an effort and achieves a dream he did not expect to achieve. Also, competing with others to win what we wish is the secret of happiness.

“To get to the top, you have to look at the sky to know how high the top is” : This principle makes you plan well to reach your goal because it is difficult to obtain.

“All the darkness of the world cannot extinguish a single candle” : This principle encourages optimism, not despair, and adherence to your principles, even if they are contrary to the principles of others.

“It is the wise who benefit from advice” : Every day we must benefit from the advice or experiences of others, as life is a collection of personal experiences in addition to the experiences of others.

“Happiness stems from your creative and developed effort” : The distinction and difference from others is what makes us feel that we have achieved an achievement.

“Responsibility is the commitment of a person in his words and actions”: It is important for us that the philosophy in life is to be a responsible person, because that will make you valuable in your community.

“You must be an influencer” : There are influential people who make civilization, and their names remain written in letters of light throughout history, so be one of them.

“Every situation in life needs a different approach”: It is smart to deal with each situation separately as what suits it, and this is the philosophy of flexibility.

“The constant thing in life is constant change” : This principle is important in everyone’s life, and it makes us put up with some bad things because they will not last.

“Life is a ladder, some ascend its steps and some descend”: This philosophy makes us always try to do our best to be with those who climb the ladder of life.

“Have enough flexibility to implement your plans, as circumstances always change”: This philosophy makes us moderate in all our actions, because change is an essential feature in all cases.

“Having a mission in life is what successful people have in common”: This philosophy makes us define our goal and what benefits we will get from achieving that goal.


The philosophy in life essay is an important topic because it makes you think a lot about the purpose of your existence in this life, and how to live this life happily.

Therefore, we must benefit from the opinions of others and take from their opinions what is commensurate with rational thinking.

We must realize that our philosophy in life is a changeable and unstable matter, because each age stage has its own philosophy that achieves your goals at this stage, and then this philosophy changes as your knowledge and experience increase.



your own philosophy in life essay

There is no doubt that every person has a philosophy in life, of which he is fully convinced. My philosophy in life is that we only have one chance to live, we must make the best use of it, and we must find the path of happiness and walk it without fear.

There is no doubt that our life, no matter how long it is, is a short period, and we should not waste our life searching for troubles and strife, but we must live happily, express our feelings freely, and stay away from everything that causes us harm.

Happiness does not require money, but rather requires good souls, satisfied with the blessings they have. Happiness may be found in helping others, and we may find it in family bonding, and we may find happiness with friends, reading a book or practicing a hobby that we like.

Therefore, we must know what makes us happy and do them without hesitation as long as we do not violate our religion.



Meaning of life philosophy essay

The meaning of the philosophy of life varies from person to person, but I believe that you should be an effective person, and as long as I am alive, I should be an effective person of value, and I should be happy and useful to others as well.

There is no doubt that influential people are worthy of humanity, and their names will remain immortal through the ages, when the change was made by them.

This change may be an intellectual, economic or cultural change, but in the end, this change was the cause of human progress and development.

In order to be an influential and effective person in your community, you must be knowledgeable about the problems of your community, and you must have innovative solutions to these problems.

Effective people are people who have the quality of leadership, and who can persuade others with their ideas.



My Philosophy in Life Short Essay

My philosophy in life is to stay away from everything that hurts me, and that protecting the body from pain, and getting rid of anxiety and disturbances are the secret of happiness.

This became my philosophy after I fell seriously ill and felt pain all over my body. At that time, I realized that I could not enjoy anything in life while I was in pain, and I realized that health and getting rid of pain is a great blessing that we should thank Allah for. We must be happy in order that we are in good health.

Our philosophy in life changes with the adversities we are exposed to, sometimes we do not realize the importance of what we have until after it is lost from us, and we hope it will come back again.

So my philosophy in life is to be happy because I am healthy and can work, learn and spend good times with my family.



Philosophy in life as a student essay

My philosophy in life is that everyone needs someone to help him, but if you reach the top, you must remember who helped you. It is not a shame to ask for help from others, especially those with experience.

It is also not a shame to benefit from the experiences of those who preceded you, because life develops as a result of everyone’s cooperation, and the use of all experiences. But you must acknowledge the favor of others and their efforts with you.

When you achieve your goal and reach the top, remember everyone who helped you and stood by you, and thanked him in a proper way.

Respecting the effort made by others is a duty, and acknowledging their gratitude is an important matter that brings happiness to their hearts and makes them feel appreciated and proud.



Philosophy in life as a student essay

My philosophy in life is to learn from mistakes and turn failure into success. Failure is defeat, but it helps us plan for greater success. I gained this philosophy when I failed last year.

In fact, I grieved for a while, but I decided to be serious about my studies and to make a plan to succeed with excellence.

Indeed, I was able to turn my failure into a resounding success, so that all my family and friends did not expect me to be so superior.

Some bitter experiences give us strength, make us show our true potential, and discover ourselves. Therefore, my philosophy in life has become that failure is the biggest incentive of success.

We must discover our capabilities, and use these capabilities to achieve lofty goals that make us valuable in our society.



My philosophy in life essay

My philosophy in life is “If you don’t fail, you won’t be successful” . In fact, the best success you can achieve is the success that you failed to achieve previously, because when you fail, you have a feeling of challenge, this feeling highlights your hidden qualities, which you may not realize that you possess these abilities.

In addition, the feeling of happiness when you achieve the goal that you failed to achieve before is a very different feeling, as your confidence returns to you, and you prove to everyone that you are capable of challenging difficult things.

The philosophy of turning failure into success is a philosophy that makes you accept failure, make plans and stick to them. Failure may make you a completely different person. You can learn from failure many things such as planning, discipline, patience and other good manners.



Examples of philosophy in everyday life essay

I love a challenge and my philosophy in life is to do the things I don’t think I can do. In fact, I do not feel happy when I complete an easy job, for example, my success in my studies must be distinguished, I must be the first in my class, and I must obtain the final grades.

And I have to win the school competition, the football team I play in must win, and so on. I like to do whatever is difficult, and I like to be distinguished from others.

A person feels happy and proud when he accomplishes a job that he thought was difficult to accomplish. Doing difficult things increases our determination to defy the odds, and makes us stronger and more confident in ourselves.




Personal philosophy of life

My philosophy in life is that running away is the only reason for failure, we encounter many problems every day, and when we face these problems we will find a solution to them, but if we run away, the problems will become more complicated, and we will never be able to solve them.

Life is not easy, because we deal with many people, and each of them has different characteristics. The difference in customs, traditions and ideas results in problems. If we escape from these problems, we will not be able to deal with anyone.

But when we discuss with them, we will reach solutions to these problems, and thus we can deal with others and benefit from their experiences. Running away will never help.



Philosophy in life example essay

I believe in the philosophy that what we get easily will be lost easily, so I hate cheating and always try to make my success the result of my effort. Stealing the effort of others is a bad thing and will not benefit us.

Even if we achieve success as a result of cheating or stealing the efforts of others, it is certain that this success will not last long. Therefore, I rely on myself to get my lessons, and I do my best to succeed with excellence.

Success may be easy, but for this success to continue, it is something that requires a lot of effort. So my philosophy in life is that things that we get easily get lost easily as well. While the things we work hard to obtain will be of great value to us.




My philosophy in life as a teenager essay

Everyone has convictions and principles that he believes in, and my philosophy is that honesty is always the way to salvation, and the truth represents a relief from pain. I am an honest person and I hate lies and I do not like liars.

In adolescence, there are many wrong actions, and adolescents resort to lying in order not to receive punishment or to obtain things that are not their right. But they should know that lying will be a habit for them, and that he who lies once will lie many times.

As for honesty, it is the way to salvation, because you will admit your mistake, and therefore you can benefit from the advice and guidance of those who are older than you, and do not repeat the same mistake. Also, honesty creates trust between you and your family, and thus you can get their support for you.



Philosophy of life definition

The philosophy in life is a set of principles that an individual believes in, adheres to, and applies in his life. Often the philosophy in life changes from one person to another depending on the environment in which he grew up, and according to what he needs.

And I believe in the philosophy that says if you do nothing to get back what you lost, you can’t keep anything else. This principle applies to everything in my life, when I lose something I must gain something from it, and when I achieve success I must preserve it, so that no other competitor can take it from me.

Also, the money I earn should not be spent on things that do not benefit. I am a person who loves competition and I love success and excellence, and I never like to lose the success I have reached, and therefore I always develop myself in order to maintain the success I have achieved, whether in my studies or my work.


Personal philosophy of life examples

I believe in the philosophy that great discoveries require the cooperation of many people. “A single hand does not clap.” In fact, this principle makes us benefit from the experiences of others, and all sciences have developed and advanced as a result of benefiting from the experiences of the previous ones.

Great discoveries are the development of previous ideas and inventions, and working in a team is much better than working individually, as each person in the team provides us with new experiences, and the sum of these experiences is a great discovery that many people contributed to, whether they are from one country Or from different countries.

I always prefer to work in a team, because it saves effort and time, and achieves the best results as well.



Own philosophy of life

There is a philosophical saying that I like a lot, which is that he who is afraid will never be free, because fear will lock us inside ourselves, so we will not be able to express our thoughts or feelings for fear of being criticized by others.

But when we get rid of fear, we will be more creative, because we will express our ideas without fear of conflicting with the ideas of others. Often, most of the great discoveries were the result of strange ideas, some even vehemently opposed to these ideas.

In my point of view, we should not be afraid as long as we do nothing wrong, such as violating the laws or violating the customs and traditions prevailing in society.



My own philosophy of life

My philosophy in life is “He who oppresses will be oppressed, even after a while.” This principle is real and I realized it when I read a story about an unjust person who committed crimes such as theft, murder and others, and people were weak and afraid of him.

But he disagreed with his friend, and this friend was the supporter of him in all his bad behaviors, and when they disagreed, this friend was able to overcome him and kill him, and the murderer friend was also arrested and the court sentenced him to death. Thus, the people of the village got rid of the two criminals.

Thus, we find that those who oppress people will be wronged one day, even if the time is long. You should know that injustice is a very bad behavior and the oppressor will not escape punishment.




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