Essay on knowledge is power
Essay on knowledge is power

Essay on knowledge is power 11 Models

Essay on knowledge is power, in this essay we will address one of the most important topics that are repeated in exams. The importance of this topic is due to the importance of knowledge to humans. Knowledge is the only means to progress and prosperity.

Below we will present a 150 word essay for the primary stage. You will find also a graph and a 200-word essay for grade 8. And we will not forget to provide 300 words essay for the tenth grade.

Essay on knowledge is power

Knowledge is the power that human beings should possess, where people progress when they are interested in science and knowledge in the first place.

Knowledge is the scientists’ awareness of a certain scientific fact, after it was vague and they tried to decipher its symbols in several ways until they were able to succeed.

Because of the importance of knowledge, we find that all monotheistic religions call man to learn and not to live in ignorance.

types of knowledge

The first kind of knowledge is the kind that is useful and that motivates people to progress, and it has several branches.

Knowledge may be related to human health, as everything that benefits health and prevents diseases is constantly being searched for.

Scientists are not only trying to prevent the disease before it occurs, but they are trying to treat patients faster and easier.

There is knowledge related to the tools that we need in our daily life, which is why millions of tools are being invented with the aim of helping people.

There is knowledge related to transportation because of the importance of an easy and safe way to transport people from one place to another.

And this knowledge is being developed continuously, as we see around us that humans used animals for the purposes of travel and transportation.

But with the passage of time he invented the carts and developed them in an incredible way.

Despite the ease of using cars, he was not satisfied with it, but he invented airplanes until he was finally able to travel to space.

But there are some people who seek to acquire knowledge harmful to mankind, and this is the second type of knowledge, such as those who are determined to invent deadly means in order to fight and exterminate others.

There are some scientists who have lost humanity and started making diseases in the laboratory to be used as weapons in wars. Knowledge is a great power, but it must be used for good, not evil.

The benefits of knowledge for humans

Our daily life needs a lot of knowledge in order to live easier and faster, such as knowledge related to household means that help us and save time and effort.

There is knowledge that serves humans in the development of transportation to facilitate our transportation with good safety rates against accidents.

The most important knowledge that we need is knowledge related to medicine and the treatment of serious diseases that threaten the lives of many people.

And we will not forget the development in scientific and technological knowledge that helps students learn and progress in various fields.


At the end of this interesting topic, we knew that knowledge is power because of the strength and progress it provides to humanity. Without knowledge, people would still be living in caves and wearing animal fur.

But different knowledge changed the condition of humans in an amazing way, they were able to build skyscrapers.

And they were able to travel by plane and go to outer space.

As for medicine, people knew a lot about the diseases that were killing large numbers, and then they invented medicine for them.



Knowledge essay

Knowledge is what moved humans from a certain place to a new and unexpected place, as humans began their lives on planet Earth by moving from one place to another due to the search for food.

But with time, man was able to acquire important knowledge that was the first reason for his stability and stopping of movement. Man knew agriculture for the first time, as he was able to grow his own food for the first time.

After planting food, he stopped searching for food and moving from one place to another.

After man settled next to his cultivation, he felt happiness and belonging to the land, and he no longer felt fear and threat from not getting food.

After that, he acquired a new skill or knowledge, which is writing. Where he began to write down everything that happens in his life in the form of drawings and then symbols.

Man evolved day after day until he was able to write in specific languages ​​that distinguish each group and each civilization from other civilizations.

And we will not forget the most important knowledge acquired by the ancient man, which is lighting a fire, as he was able to cook food after he was eating it without cooking. Man has lived a large period of his life imitating the creatures he sees around him. He slept in caves and wore the furs of the animals he hunted.

As for food, he faced a big problem with it, as he used to eat all kinds of food without cooking. But his life changed significantly after he discovered the fire.



Paragraph on knowledge is power

When we talk about knowledge and its power in our lives, we must understand what is meant by knowledge. Scientists have defined knowledge in several ways, including being aware of the information on your own without the help of others.

It is said that a person acquires knowledge from the environment around him through his contact with it, and he acquires various knowledge and experiences.

Knowledge differs from one person to another and from one environment to another, as there are people who acquire a lot of knowledge from their parents and the surrounding community.

There are some people who find it very difficult to acquire knowledge from parents because of the parents’ lack of experience and their inability to communicate with their children.

As for society, some people may not benefit from it because of their inability to mix and because of their shyness or fear of society. This is what distinguishes one person from another.

As for education in schools and universities, it provides learners with knowledge of a different kind than what society offers and mixing with people on the street or at work.



Knowledge is Power Essay in English 150 Words

Knowledge is everything that humans can know or see, whether by chance or by intent, as man knew fire by chance, he was able to go up to space on purpose and by several experiments. Scientists say that there are some differences between science and knowledge, where science is defined as interest in a particular field and not others, while knowledge is said to be interest in all sciences.

Knowledge has a great power that we can notice when we look at advanced peoples, where we find that science and knowledge are their first priorities. These peoples have known the secret of progress and distinction and have worked to discover new knowledge that no one else has preceded them. They have developed education and scientific research to serve all areas of their life. And, of course, they developed the knowledge of technology to use to help them move forward.

These peoples did not forget to develop ways to defend their country, such as developing weapons and military equipment. The development of weapons has advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that the state is immune to aggression, but one of the most serious disadvantages is that these weapons are used to attack others.

Among the worst knowledge which is used for evil and harming people without committing any sin.



Knowledge is power essay in english for class 10

Why is it said that knowledge is a power or a weapon in the hands of its owner? The reason is that when a person acquires some kind of useful knowledge, he is able to move forward and succeed.

But knowledge is of two types, some of which is harmful to others, and some of which is useful and beneficial to humanity.

Therefore, we must say that knowledge is a double-edged sword, and we must encourage good knowledge and stay away from harmful knowledge.

It is harmful knowledge that people focus on using their progress in matters that are destructive to humans. This knowledge is like making weapons to be used to destroy humans.

As for useful knowledge, it is like the pharmaceutical industry, which is being developed in a striking way every day.

This medicine helps a large number of patients, the most important of which are young children who suffer from serious diseases that may cause death.

We will not forget the use of knowledge in education, as the means of science and knowledge have been developed, which made it develop in an unprecedented way.

This development has made students able to access all kinds of education they want.

Education is no longer as difficult as it was before, as technology has developed greatly, and distance learning has become one of the easiest types of learning.

One of the most important things that knowledge has provided to students is the abundance and ease of access to information.



Information is power essay

These days, information has become one of the most important weapons that make a person strong, and elevate people. There is a huge information revolution that has taken off and spread widely.

But everything in life has advantages and disadvantages, and one of the advantages of information is that it elevates people’s thinking and makes them move forward. Because of modern technology, people can access all the information they want to access.

One of the disadvantages of information is that it can be harmful because it is inaccurate. With the increase in the flow of information, it began in the stage of falsehood and lack of credibility.

We begin to see information being falsified or released for the purpose of rumors and destruction of others. Because of these rumors and misinformation, people may be harmed, and this harm may be psychological or physical, depending on the type of harm that people are exposed to.



Paragraph writing on knowledge is power

When humans decided to learn, this was one of the best decisions they made, as science and knowledge changed all aspects of their lives.

After a person was living a life of nomadism and movement from one place to another, he began to settle. This development was one of the best that happened to mankind, as he knew what it meant to have a home and a place of his own. He lived by hunting animals, sometimes finding food and losing it most of the time.

But when he learned agriculture, he became stronger than before, as he knew several types of plants until he was able to provide his food well.

With time, he gained new knowledge as he developed equipment that helps him in farming and makes it easier for him to deal with crops that are difficult to handle by hand. This equipment allowed him to increase the quantities and types cultivated, which provided food for large numbers of people.



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