Essay on charity begins at home
Essay on charity begins at home

Essay on charity begins at home 5 Models

Essay on charity begins at home, on it we will provide a 500 word essay on charity for different educational levels

In this essay we will discuss the importance of charity for the needy and the poor. We will talk about the ways in which we do charity.


We will not forget to talk about the worthy  people of charity. We will present a 300 word essay on charity begins at home.

Essay on charity begins at home

This essay deals with an important topic, which is charity, as people know it as helping others through different means. We may help others by giving them money so that they can buy food and clothes. Also, we may help them by giving them some food on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Some people prefer to give them clothes that no longer fit them, or buy them new clothes.


The importance of charity

There is a great importance of charity that no one can deny, and this is because of its role in changing the conditions of others and moving them from one level to another. As we see around us that all societies have a large number of needy people, so we must help them permanently.

Because of the importance of this topic, we will talk about it in detail below, so that students can benefit well.


We will provide several models to suit all educational levels.

But with the great importance of helping those in need, a person should be loving and kind to his family. It is not normal for a person to go out of his home to help the needy while treating his family with great arrogance.


A person who has a good heart with strangers must have a good relationship with his family, as he deals with them well and avoids making problems with them.


In the end, we must know that charity is of two types, one of which is inside the home, where a person gives charity to his family in the first place. And charity at home is the way you talk to your family members, which should be a friendly way. And it is through helping them with the housework and bringing the requirements from abroad.

The other type of charity is outside the home, where it gives the needy what they need in order to help them improve their situation.



Charity begins at home essay 200 words

Why should charity start from home?

Everything good should start at home because it is the most important place in human life.

At home, a person is born and begins his life step by step.

But can a young child grow up without help from others? Of course not. In order for a young child to grow up happily and in good health, he must have parents who love him and watch over his comfort.

We find the father goes out to work every day and endures hardships to provide the children with all their needs.

We will not forget the mother’s role in raising her children and taking care of them, as she ensures their comfort while they are young children.

What makes them forget rest and sleep is that children need great care, in terms of feeding them and taking care of their hygiene.

And you must take care of their health, as young children suffer from a large number of diseases that need intensive treatment and care.

At home there are several other tasks besides taking care of the young child, such as cleaning the house and washing clothes. Which makes mothers in continuous work and effort

After all the efforts exerted by the parents, whether the father or the mother, the son or daughter must return to the parents all that they had previously given them. The children must give alms to the father with kind words and money if he needs it. The mother must be given time and help when she needs it.

Children should not wait for a request from their parents to help them, but they should always help them. Charity begins at home because the family takes precedence over it, and after that comes the turn of strangers.



Charity begins at home paragraph

Charity begins at home. This saying is one of the most popular sayings in all societies. If we look at the monotheistic religions, we will find that this saying has been repeated in different forms. The meaning of this saying is that the person close to you is the first person worthy of your help . Especially when he needs help, it is not right for you to leave him and go out in search of needy strangers and neglect your neighbor.

The more closely the person in need is related to you, the more you must help him. If your father needs money, you cannot leave him without money and give it to strangers. And if your mother needs treatment or help with the housework due to her deteriorating health, you must hurry to her and give her enough money to buy medicine and help her finish her housework. The same thing with the whole family.

Also, we will not forget to talk about the brother or sister, as they are among the closest people to us and we cannot ignore them or forget them.

Sometimes we find that one of the brothers has a problem or his financial conditions have deteriorated. In this case it is not good to let him suffer or wait for help from strangers, but the best way to save him from embarrassment with strangers is to help him.



Short essay on charity begins at home

We must teach our children from an early age that charity begins at home. When a child knows that parents are the closest people to him and that they are making a great effort to help him succeed, he will know that he must help them and stand with them in their times of weakness and need.

He must also know that parents may need help but do not talk or ask for it. This child must be witty and intelligent in order to understand their suffering without speaking.

But if we do not teach the child these important matters, he will grow up selfish and prefer himself and his new family over the family that raised him.

This is what makes this person forget the virtue of the father and the mother and all their sacrifices with him, which were the reason for his success and reaching what he is now. This person begins to give his money to strangers and does not remember his family or look for their needs, but sometimes he waits for them to ask him for what they need, which makes them embarrassed and prefer silence.



Charity begins at home short essay

Most people think that giving charity and helping the needy is limited to strangers whom we find on the streets or whom we know through charities, but in fact we must know that the needy may be behind us and not in front of us.

We may find the person most in need of our help are family and relatives.

Therefore, we had to search among the relatives before we went out to the charities and to the beggars in the street.

From here it was necessary to know that relatives are more important and charity should go to them before anyone else.

It is not right for a person to leave his parents or siblings in a bad financial condition and go to revive the material condition of strangers.

But the right thing is that we search for all the relatives and meet their needs, and then if another amount of money is available, we use it to help the strangers.



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