Essay on necessity is the mother of invention
Essay on necessity is the mother of invention

Essay on necessity is the mother of invention 3 Models

Essay on necessity is the mother of invention, We have all heard this saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” but what does this saying mean?

Below we will provide you with a detailed essay on this saying because of its importance. We will take into account that it suits all educational levels, so that the largest number of students can learn from it. This saying is spread in many countries because it is the reason for the invention of many important things that people use a lot these days.

Essay on necessity is the mother o invention

When a person needs anything, he looks around to find what helps him, but if he does not find what he wants, he begins to think to invent what suits him.

This is the meaning of this saying, that all the inventions around us appeared as a result of necessity. Humans did not start inventing for fun or without compelling reasons. People do not find the idea of ​​a new invention until after they face a certain difficulty in some aspect of their lives.

Human life before modern inventions

When man lived a life of movement and traveled in search of food, he wanted to settle in one place. Because of his desire to settle, he discovered agriculture by observing the cultivation and the way it grows. When he planted plants with his own hands, he found it difficult to grow and pick them, so he gradually invented agricultural equipment.

He invented in the beginning some equipment made of stones and has a hand of wood, and these equipment evolved until they reached what has been invented today.

The ancient man slept in the open and in dark caves, and when he needed light to illuminate the cave and cook food, he used his mind and discovered how to light a fire. Indeed, he managed to light the cave and cook food for the first time.

He did not stop there, but he continued to develop his use of fire until he poured in to invent ovens and stoves, which are found in every home these days. He did not stop there but invented self-ignition and other technologies.

Human life after modern inventions

As for the invention of the car, it began when a person wanted to move from one place to another easily and quickly.

At first humans traveled on foot and then started using pets such as donkeys, horses, and camels. But with time a simple wooden cart was made and pulled by an animal such as a donkey and a horse.

This vehicle has provided humans with a greater amount of carry-on baggage and a greater number of passengers.

But with time, various cars were invented in order for people to travel to farther places and in a better way.

As for electricity, people got bored of lighting their homes with fire and lighting small wicks or candles. Hence the need for a method that is safer and easier to use.

Hence, scientists began the multiple attempts, which eventually resulted in the discovery of electricity and the manufacture of lamps.

The human condition has changed from one condition to another after the invention of the lamp. As cities developed and roads were lit, people spread and lived in various areas.

There are inventions used in wars like all kinds of weapons. The weapon that consisted of a sharp blade and a wooden hand was invented by ancient man. The purpose of this weapon was to defend itself against predators and hunt food.

But over time, people began to fight each other because of greed. With the passage of time, simple quarrels turned into deadly wars in which people kill each other using advanced weapons.


At the end of this interesting topic, we learned about the importance of inventions that transformed human lives. But we have learned that inventions are of two types, some of which are beneficial to humanity and some that are harmful.

That is why we must distinguish between good and bad invention, and we must keep away from everything that destroys the earth and harms others.

We must care and develop all the inventions that benefit humans and help them develop their lives and live in a better condition and health.



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