Paragraph on health is wealth
Paragraph on health is wealth

Paragraph on health is wealth 7 Models

A paragraph on health is wealth will provide you with an integrated topic that suits all educational levels. You will find a 100 word essay containing all the details of the topic. And we will not forget to introduce 150 words for the sixth grade. Eighth graders are asked to write a 300-word essay on health is wealth essay.

Because of the repetition of this topic in several tests, it was necessary to write an integrated essay to suit all students.

Paragraph on health is wealth

Health is the true wealth of man, whose value we do not realize until we lose it. Because of the importance of this topic, we will talk about it in detail below. In it, we will discuss the importance of health and why it is a great wealth for humans.

We must know how to maintain health so that we do not lose it and it is difficult to regain it again. Below you will find all the information related to this article and we will take into account all educational levels.

Why is health wealth?

People think that money brings happiness in our lives, that’s why people work day and night so that they can accumulate as much money as possible. But they discover too late that money sometimes fails to make a person happy. One of these times when a person gets sick, suffers from pain and tries to pay large amounts of money to feel comfortable again.

There are many diseases that have no cure, which makes money unable to help the patient. When the patient goes to the doctor, he is more than willing to pay a lot of money to feel comfortable for a few hours. But when the disease is chronic and has no medicine, the doctor gives him some analgesics that make him feel comfortable for a short period and then he returns to pain and suffering again. And then the patient realizes that the money did not benefit him and did not save him from the disease.


At the end of this topic, we learned that true wealth is health, because it cannot be returned or compensated, no matter how much money we pay. Hence, it was necessary to preserve our health from all external influences that affect it. We must stay away from all the causes that lead to various kinds of diseases. And when we preserve our health, we preserve the most precious possessions of man.



Write a paragraph on health is wealth

A reasonable person knows that health is the wealth that enables him to live happily throughout his life.

When a person has good health, he is able to leave the house on a daily basis and go to work. And if the work is hard, he can do his work to the fullest.

This good health enables a person to save his money that he would have spent at the doctor.

When a person gets sick, he spends a lot of money in hospitals, which makes him bankrupt.

If a person has a small or medium amount of money, but has good health, he will not need to spend money on treatment. Which makes him use his money for other things such as buying food and the necessities of life.

But if a person has a lot of money or a huge fortune, but he is sick and has health problems.

He spends most of his wealth on treatment attempts, which makes him bankrupt and does not feel his wealth.



Short paragraph on health is wealth

When a person has good health, he can rely on himself, and he does not need help from others. Where he buys the necessary food and clothes for himself and his children. But if the person is sick, he will need permanent help from all those around him, friends or relatives. These conditions make him feel sad because of his dependence on others, which makes his psychological condition worse and this makes the diseases become more serious and difficult to treat.

Because of the importance of health, we must all maintain our health and take all precautions to ensure good health.

We must not destroy our health ourselves, such as those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. And we must stay away from smoking cigarettes that damage the lung and cause various cancers. As for food and drinks, we must stay away from white sugar, which destroys the body and causes multiple diseases.



Write a paragraph on the topic health is wealth

Why is health considered a wealth for a person?Because of its great importance in our lives, we cannot live comfortably and happily without our health in good condition.

When a person becomes ill, he stays up all night in pain and is unable to sleep.

This vigil and anxiety makes everyone around him suffer like him.

And when the morning begins, this patient is unable to go to work, which makes him lose his job and cannot buy the necessities of life.

The matter is not limited to the necessities of life only, but the person cannot buy treatment or go to the doctor, due to the high cost of treatment.

This person who has lost his health has no choice but to turn to others and ask them for financial aid.

Sometimes everyone turns away from him because they have little money and are unable to help him.

In these circumstances the person succumbs to pain and waits for death.

That is why we must know that health is a wealth that we must preserve.



Write a paragraph health is wealth

Health is the most precious thing on this planet, and a healthy person has what no one else has.

This is because he can live without pain.

A person in good health is able to go out to work with all vigor, which makes him progress and reap the rewards of what he has done.

When you have good health, you will not worry about not having a lot of money, because you will not need this money because you did not go to the doctor.

As for the person who does not have good health, he is miserable, and you find that he spends most of his time sleeping due to depression.

The disease causes pain and is one of the most harmful things to humans.

When a person feels pain, he loses his desire to live the whole life, and he does not sleep enough hours. Because of the pain, a person does not go out of the house and does not meet people, but he loses his job and turns away from his friends.

On top of all this, he spends huge sums of money to follow up with doctors and buy medicine.



Paragraph on health and wealth

There is a direct  relationship between health and wealth, as wealth increases as health increases. A person who wants to make wealth must have good health in order to be able to work and make wealth. Work requires getting out of the house and getting tired all day. If health helps you to work and endure difficulties, you will succeed. When you work, your work may be hard and requires physical effort, and it may be leadership work, which requires personal strength and patience. In both cases, you must have good health.

A lucky person is one who has good health, as this health helps him in two ways. The first method is that it enables him to do any work, whatever its nature. If he works in a job that requires physical effort, he will do it well.

And if he works in a job that requires thinking and good dealing with others, then with good health he will perform this job to the fullest. In any case, good health is the key to success, and the key to creating wealth.




Health is Wealth Paragraph For Class 5

We have learned from adults that health is the wealth of man, and that is why we must constantly preserve it. Health is something we need in all our lives, and if we don’t find it at any point we will suffer. It is something that we cannot compensate for after its losses, as it is not renewable. If we do not preserve the teeth, they will become decayed and expire with time, and we will not find other teeth unless we install artificial teeth. Health is like teeth, we must take care of it so that we don’t lose it.

There are several ways to maintain health, one of which is to take care of every part of the body, as we take care of the teeth and the heart. We must conduct comprehensive checks on the pressure and make sure that the level of sugar in the blood is in its normal state. And we will not forget the examination of the bones and the spine, as it affects the movement of the human being, making him unable to live simply. And there are diseases that affect the abdomen, such as colon, liver and kidney diseases, and they must be constantly detected, so that we can know the disease and treat it early.


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