Essay on pen is mightier than sword
Essay on pen is mightier than sword

Essay on pen is mightier than sword 3 Models

Essay on pen is mightier than sword, In this essay we will talk about a famous saying of a man named Edward Polo, who said that “the pen is mightier than the sword”.

This saying has become famous and spread all over the world, where everyone is repeating it. Because of the importance of this saying and its great popularity, we will talk about it in detail below.

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Essay on pen is mightier than sworsd

Some people have invented short phrases, but with deep content, in order to express with them some of what is on their minds or preoccupies their minds.

These short phrases may be easy to understand or difficult to understand. That is why these difficult phrases must be interpreted so that all people can benefit from them. These phrases or proverbs appeared many years ago, but they still appear until now. And the old ones have been known all over the world and people still say it on an ongoing basis.

The pen is mightier than the sword

The saying we are talking about today is a saying whose content is “The pen is mightier than the sword”.

But what does this saying refer to? And why did Edward Polo say it?

The answer to these questions is that it is a sentence intended to draw people’s attention to the importance of the pen and writing, as the writer intended to tell us that the pen when writing is more powerful and sharp than a sword strike. The writer may not mean the sword alone, but he means all the weapons that are used in killing and beating.

The sword may be killed in moments, but it is only used during wars and battles, so we can only use it at specific times. As for the pen, we may be able to use it at any time and without any restrictions. That is why we can achieve what we want with the pen more than we achieve with the sword and the weapon. With the pen, we can express what is going on inside us of all kinds, whether it is sadness, joy, anger or revolution. This makes its benefits multiple and not as specific as a sword that only kills.

pen benefits

With the pen, we can encourage people to change their social status from one case to another. When we talk to them and introduce them to the negatives that they do, they gradually change.

With time, they learn through books, so they know some new qualities that they must learn in order to develop and move forward.

One of the advantages of the pen is that it can affect huge numbers of people at the same time, but the sword does not kill only one person, and is only used for killing purposes.

This saying was taken advantage of as people began to use the pen in the event that they could not use the sword.

Like those who were under occupation and were not allowed to defend themselves with weapons. The pen was the only way for them to defend their rights and try to liberate themselves. Indeed, some educated writers wrote to people on a daily basis, which enlightened their minds and made them know their rights, and how to deal with what is happening around them.

Pen Cons

Despite the great utility of the pen in many things, the pen is a double-edged sword. This means that it may be used for good and bad.

As for the good, it has many faces, but the evil in which the pen is used is also many and varied. It is possible that the pen will destroy peoples who may be cohesive and strong. And the pen may destroy the reputation of some people who have a good reputation, but someone who hates them may talk about them in an unacceptable way.


At the end of our interesting topic about the power of the pen and its impact on people and society, we have learned about the many advantages of the pen and its shortcomings as well.

That is why we will use the pen with great caution until we use it for good and avoid using it in matters that harm society or individuals. We will not forget that the pen can raise some societies and elevate them to a better life. It is possible that it will sign other societies and transform their situation from top to bottom.




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