My village essay
My village essay

My village essay 10 Models

My village essay, below we will introduce you to the topic of an integrated essay consisting of 150 words. And we will not forget to present an essay on the village and write an article on making the village the best consists of 300 words.

When writing this topic, we will take into account that we provide content suitable for all educational levels. There are a large number of good words and terms that you will find in this topic, and you will not feel any difficulty in reading the article or understanding its meaning, because we will write it in easy terms.

My village essay

My village is the little place where I was born and raised. And there are villages in huge numbers in all countries of the world. Each village has its own beauty that distinguishes it from the rest of the villages. Because of this beauty, the people of this village are attached to it, because they were born in it and have lived there for many years.

When you are born in a place where you spend the best days of your childhood, you are attached to it and it is not easy to forget it. In the village we get to know friends, and thus make friends and make the most beautiful memories with them.

What is meant by village?

A village is a place of small size and located in an area very far from the city. The area of ​​the villages varies from one place to another. There are villages whose area does not exceed a few meters. Their population is so small that their homes can be easily counted.

There are villages that are slightly larger in area, where they are inhabited by a larger number of residents, but despite its area, it will remain a village because it possesses the components of a village.

What are the components of a village?

The village has features or components that make it distinct from the city, including that all its residents are relatives and know each other in a remarkable way.

Everyone sits in front of their homes and hangs out under the moonlight on summer nights. They gather in the winter to talk, make fires to keep warm, and cook food for everyone.

As for the markets in the villages, they are limited and people do not go to them except on a specific day of the week, and there everyone meets and exchanges conversations.

In the village you will not feel lonely because if you are sick or do not go out of the house, you will find everyone knocking on your door to ask how you are.

And when you want to hold a party for any purpose, all the people of the village will dress elegantly and come to watch the party.

These gatherings on feasts and official occasions make the villagers very happy. Gatherings make people feel less alone, giving them a chance to play, have fun, and make beautiful memories.

Disadvantages of the village

As the village has advantages, it also has disadvantages, including that job opportunities are almost non-existent, because it depends on agriculture only and does not have any other field.

If the villagers do not turn to agriculture, they suffer from unemployment as they migrate to the city in search of new jobs.

One of the disadvantages of the village is that all the secrets are easily revealed, due to the integration of the residents with each other.

This merger makes everyone as one person and there are no boundaries between them, which makes them lose their privacy.

Another disadvantage of the village is that it does not have any shops for the residents to buy their necessities from. When the villagers need to buy normal clothes, they turn to someone who sews these clothes for them, who brings them cloth from the city. But if they want to wear luxurious clothes, they must go to the city to buy it.

As for household appliances and household utensils, you won’t find them in the village. These days the village has begun to advance, but the residents still depend on the city to buy their needs.


At the end of an article about my village, we got acquainted with the nature of the village, which is characterized by a charming atmosphere, dominated by nature and calm. But we also talked about the problem of lack of privacy for the villagers.

The most serious problem is the lack of suitable jobs for the youth of the village, but they are forced to work in agriculture or migrate to the city. Migration causes young people to leave their village and stay away from their parents, which brings them grief and loneliness.



My village paragraph

I live in a small village on the banks of the Nile. The Nile River is the longest river in the world and has a beautiful landscape. The Nile River was the reason for the rise of the Egyptian civilization, as it provided the ancient man with stability and food. So several picturesque villages were built next to the river. These villages depend on agriculture, which makes them have an attractive appearance, as they are distinguished by their green color. When you reach our village, you will find the Nile in front of us and the plants behind us, which makes you feel very comfortable.

My village is one of the villages with a small population, so all the residents of the village know each other. We go out in the evening to sit with our relatives and neighbors by the house. At night the weather is good and the view is beautiful. Silence reigns throughout the village and we hear only the cockroach and the frog. We are so used to these sounds that we can no longer live without it. When we travel away from the village we feel sad and lonely and come back very quickly.



My village essay in english 150 words

Villages are areas with a small population, and are characterized by beautiful landscapes and have no pollution because there are no cars inside or factories. As for my village, it is a village located above the mountains and highlands. The place where I live is full of rocks and wild animals. Despite the harshness of living in our village, we love it and are used to it. The work we have is herding sheep.

When I was young, my father took me with him to graze sheep on the mountaintops. My father owns a huge herd of sheep, which he takes out every day to find food for them. Amidst the rocks, sheep find their food from wild plants and herbs. When these sheep grow up, we take the wool from them and use it to make home furnishings. As for the meat of these sheep, we sell it in the city. There is a great demand for our sheep meat because of its quality and good taste.



Our Village Essay

Our village is the most beautiful village in the continent of Africa, where we have strange customs and traditions of our own. These habits are inherited from our ancestors and we have not abandoned them until today.

In the past, we used to be a small village, where we used to suffer from poverty and lack of work. But with the progress that has taken place all over the world there have been tremendous developments for our village. We got to know the whole world through the Internet, so tourists began to visit us, which significantly improved our financial condition.

The reason why tourists come to visit us, which enables us to earn foreign currency, is that we preserve an ancient form and heritage that is unmatched these days.

This form is to wear a multi-colored outfit and make a large number of braids in the hair. As for the ear, we pierce a part of it and hang several accessories in it, so that they are of different sizes.

As for the women, they make clothes and hand-made furnishings decorated in all colors. That is why tourists buy from them to decorate their homes.



Paragraph on my village

We live in a village characterized by fishing. There are a large number of fresh lakes around us, where there are large numbers of fish. The villagers make their own fishing boats and go out every day to fish.

When I was in elementary school, my father told me that if I didn’t pass school, I would go fishing with him. I loved school, so I excelled in my studies and became one of the first.

My dad needed help at work, but when he saw me sticking to school he said I’d only go out with him on vacation.

Working in the fishing profession is hard work due to the heat of the sun in the summer and the strong winds in the winter. I go out with my father on vacation to help him, but I would rather not be a fisherman like my father. After he fishes, my father goes to the city near us to sell fish. Sometimes he manages to make good money, but most of the time he can’t find fish because of the weather.



My village essay 150 words

The villages gain their fame due to their nature and are unaffected by the city. When the people of the city feel depressed because of the pollution and the noise, they go to the villages to get some rest.

There are several types of villages. Including what is characterized by agriculture and green landscapes. There are villages located on lakes and near rivers, where there are water and waterfalls. This allows visitors to swim and stroll by the water.

But my village is a bit strange because it is home to a large number of crocodiles. We have several types, including small and large. Our village became famous for these creatures, which attracted a huge number of lovers of predators.

Visitors come constantly to take a tour around the lake. You can walk near the crocodiles and take pictures. As for the danger, accidents happen all the time. But accidents happen when a tourist violates the laws of the place.




Your village essay

I used to live in a small village with my family but now we have moved to town. This village is located in a place with many monuments. The village had huge temples and a large number of ancient statues.

Because of the history of the village in which I lived, many tourists came to visit us. They were coming from all over the world.

As for working in my village, we sell local food to tourists. My mom used to make pancakes and kofta for them. They liked these foods and ordered large quantities of them.

As for my father, he owned a horse and a decorated wagon. He used them to take tourists on a guided tour of the village. The wagon worked day and night, attracting residents well. These simple jobs were providing us with a good income.

As for me, I used to talk to foreigners and learn their language from them. We learned a lot of languages ​​because of our dealings with tourists. I miss my village, we left it and went to town to finish our studies.



Making my village better essay

I hope to make my village better than it is today. The way to improve the conditions of my village is to take care of its infrastructure, such as electricity and sewage networks. We will not forget the importance of clean drinking water, which protects the villagers from the risk of pollution and kidney disease.

When the infrastructure is improved, the health of the population will improve, and the village will advance and become more like a city.

There must be job opportunities within the village, including the establishment of suitable projects for young people to work in. When projects are opened in the villages, they must fit the capabilities of the village, such as projects for raising different birds and animals. The most important of these animals are cows that produce meat and milk. One of the most important birds is the chicken, which produces meat and eggs. It is possible to build factories for processing and packing different types of vegetables.




My village essay in english for class 9

Each village has something that distinguishes it from other villages. As for the village to which I belong, there are large areas of land that have been planted with flowers.

When I was born I found flowers everywhere. We grow all types and colors. This soil that surrounds our village has a great potential for flower cultivation.

Everyone works in the fields and everyone has a role in taking care of the crop, and when it is ripe we start the harvest season.

The harvest season is the official feast of our village, when the villagers gather throughout the day and we share food and drink. A competition must be held on this day to choose the best crop.

Cultivation of flowers differs from one person to another, which is why some farmers are able to produce a crop that meets international standards, to be sold for a large sum of money.

As for the crop, we sell it to merchants, who transport it carefully and deliver it to the consumer in all countries of the world.



Write an essay on my village

I will tell you about my beautiful village. I was born there and spent the best days of my life there. My village is located near a large river.

Because of the presence of fresh water, the village has become a beautiful agricultural place. In my village all plants and trees are grown. Having green all around us makes us feel happy.

When I was young, my father taught me farming. It was a beautiful experience. The best thing in life is to watch plants emerge from underground for the first time.

It is not only agriculture that distinguishes my village, but also the different animals. I love animals, especially rabbits. We have in the house a large rabbit farm with several types.

When I wake up in the morning I go to see sock bunnies. These creatures are among the most beautiful creatures you may see in your life.

When Mom and Dad wake up, we prepare food for the different animals we keep. Every animal loves a certain type of vegetable, so we give them the right food.



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