Speech on World Environment Day
Speech on World Environment Day

Speech on World Environment Day 14 Models

Speech on World Environment Day, this topic is one of the most important topics that occupy the mind of the whole world these days. The land has been greatly affected after the use of chemicals and the increase of various pollutants.

In this topic, we will present an essay that talks about the environment and the risks it faces. We will talk about the types of pollutants and how to preserve the environment from pollution.

Each of us should know the negative impact of our daily actions on the environment and we must all strive to change our habits that destroy the planet with time.

Speech on world environment day

World Environment Day is a special day that was established in 1973 for the first time. Since this date, the whole world celebrates this day every year. The United Nations was the first to organize and call for this day.

The aim of dedicating a specific day each year to the environment, was to make people in all countries of the world know the importance of the environment in which we live. And to identify the different pollutants that pollute air, water, plants.

We will not forget the importance of Environment Day in bringing all countries into contact with each other in order to agree on new scientific ways to protect the environment.

Importance of World Environment Day

Pollution has increased frighteningly, and therefore all countries of the world must gather and search for solutions to this problem that affects the entire planet.

And when a day is set aside, the environment will have everyone’s attention on that day, so that they can present the problems facing each country separately, and then have discussions in order to offer the best solutions.

As for the solutions offered by researchers, they are based on scientific foundations, in order to ensure that we improve the situation within a whole year.

We only own one land

This slogan was launched on World Environment Day in Stockholm in 1972, when the United Nations Environmental Protection Program was launched.

The purpose of launching this slogan was to alert people that they have no alternative to the planet on which they live. That is why we must protect this planet from the three crises that harm the earth. , namely pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss.

This slogan was launched many years ago, but it has gained great importance over time and everyone has become aware of the importance of their planet, which has no alternative.

The problems that threaten the earth

There are several problems that threaten the Earth and cause a noticeable change in the climate. One of the most important of these problems is the high degree of which everyone is beginning to notice.

The reason for the high temperature is the huge pollutants released into the atmosphere. There are several pollutants that cause the temperature to rise, such as smoke from factories, and car exhaust.

There is another type of problem, which is the disappearance of diverse forests that feed on a large number of animals, which has caused the extinction of many species, and this negatively affects the environment.

And the last problem that threatens the environment is pollution of all kinds, which causes great environmental destruction.

How to preserve the environment

All countries must work together to find appropriate solutions that suit the nature of each country, so that people begin to replace pollutants with other things that do not pollute the environment.

There must be great awareness in schools and in the media, so that people understand what are the available alternatives that do not pollute the environment.

Governments should work hard to provide alternatives that do not pollute the environment, that are easy to use and low in cost so that everyone can obtain it.


At the end of our topic for today about World Environment Day, which is dedicated to presenting the problems facing the environment.

After presenting the problems, the specialists begin to find scientific solutions to these problems. We must help specialists in preserving the environment, and use all possible means that preserve the environment from pollution.

These methods vary between rationalization of consumption or recycling, which aims to reduce waste and reuse it.



Environment day speech

Environment Day is a day dedicated to the environment. The environment is everything that exists around us from plants and animals and everything that makes us live on this planet. The environment is what supplies living organisms with all aspects of life such as water, oxygen and food.

Water must be kept clean and pure so that we can drink it and use it to cultivate the land, which makes human health better.

Forests and trees must be preserved because they rid the planet of carbon dioxide, which causes global warming and global warming.

Therefore, it was necessary to allocate a specific day, the aim of which is to raise awareness of the risks facing the environment, and to inform people of the importance of preserving the environment. It was decided that Environment Day will be on June 5 every year.

The first Environment Day was launched in 1973 and continues to this day. The first environmental conference was held in the city of Stockholm, and from that day it began to pay attention to the problems of the earth and the problems of the environment and to try to overcome them gradually.



Environment Day Speech in English

Environment Day is an important day dedicated to solving environmental problems, the most important of which is global warming. Which occurs due to the increase in carbon dioxide emissions from factory waste and vehicle exhaust.

Another problem is the excessive cutting of forests, as their removal reduces oxygen and increases carbon dioxide, which causes global warming and global warming.

What specialists advocate on Environment Day is the establishment of environmentally friendly projects, as they do not cause any kind of environmental pollution.

Governments should be interested in planting new trees rather than those that have been cut down. The reason for planting new trees is that they rid the earth of carbon dioxide. Trees also provide food and housing for huge numbers of living creatures, which keeps them from extinction.



World Environment Day Speech in English

There are several reasons for holding a World Environment Day, including educating people about alternatives that do not pollute the environment.

One of the most important of these alternatives is to use wind and water energy instead of using fossil fuels that pollute the environment.

We must use solar energy in all aspects of our lives, as it is cheap and easily available energy.

Of course, we will not forget to use the water collected behind the dams as clean and environmentally friendly electric energy.

One of the things that World Environment Day is concerned with is the establishment of nature reserves in order to collect endangered animals.

Of the things that are protected are coral reefs and marine life.

One of the most important things that must be prevented in order to preserve marine life is to protect the seas and oceans from pollution.

One of the forms of pollution is that waste is dumped in the water and ships pollute the seas and oceans with  oil residues, which kills marine life.



Short speech on environment day

After environmental scientists knew about the dangers caused by humans over many years, including the large accumulation of plastic materials.

The main reason for the accumulation of plastic is that it does not decompose and the soil cannot swallow it, so it accumulates everywhere.

The solution to the problem of plastic is to reuse it and not throw it away and produce something else.

This process is called recycling, where factories are built specifically for this purpose.

On World Environment Day, we must educate people about the need to stop cutting trees, as huge numbers of trees have been cut down.

The area of ​​cleared forest has reached about 420 million hectares since 1999. Poaching, which kills many species of living creatures, must be prevented.

Among the activities carried out by those in charge of World Environment Day is to pay attention to planting trees and cleaning beaches.



Short speech on world environment day

On World Environment Day, participants are encouraged to offer what they can do in order to mitigate the negative impacts on the environment. One of the most important things that can be provided is that new trees and plants are planted, which will replace the cutting of old trees.

Therefore, people must be made aware of the things that pollute the environment. Everyone should also be encouraged to attend and participate in this special day of celebration and a large number of important events.

When a large number of participants attend, they will be aware of what they should do in their environment, as each person who attended should return to his country and implement what he learned from the good methods that contribute to protecting the environment.

These methods contribute greatly to making the environment clean and improving its climate, which improves the health of the residents of the place.



Topics For Speech on Environment Day

When the World Environment Day activities begin, a country in the world should host this celebration. On this day, there is an opportunity for those concerned with the environment to warn people of the dangers that will occur due to environmental pollution.

After the participants become aware of the damages, they must be introduced to easy and inexpensive solutions that they can use to avoid polluting the environment.

The 5th of June of each year is set to discuss serious problems such as the problem of the ozone layer that threatens the integrity of the planet. When the ozone layer is breached, harmful substances escape from the sun, which the ozone layer was protecting us from. These harmful substances can end life on Earth. Therefore, we must replace the materials that destroy the ozone layer and use other materials that are environmentally friendly.



Environment day speech for kindergarten

Children must know the importance of preserving the environment. That is why the teacher  should explain to them the details of World Environment Day. She tells them in the form of a story about the environment that surrounds them from every direction. The young child must know what behaviors are harmful to the environment and that they must stop doing so.

It is possible for the teacher to use some pictures that show the pollutants that threaten the environment. It is one of the good ways that a child can understand short documentaries, in which everything that happens in the environment such as fires that infect animals and destroy large areas of forests.

The child in the nursery stage should understand the idea of ​​recycling, and when he returns home, he teaches his parents how to dispose of waste properly so that it reaches the recycling plants.




Speech writing on environment day

There are distinct goals for World Environment Day, some of which have been implemented, and specialists are working to implement the rest. And the best thing about this day is that it cares about all the issues that destroy the environment.

One of the most important things that the World Environment Day does is that it tries to make people aware of the problems of the environment, which people should know at the beginning. After people know these problems, they must be introduced to solutions that they can easily and inexpensively implement.

After publishing information that informs people of the problem, the role of those responsible for protecting the environment does not depend on this step, but they must help people in all possible ways in order to implement possible solutions.




World environment day short speech

Humans have discovered that the Earth has no alternative, and they have destroyed it over the course of many years.

When humans began to develop themselves, they used petroleum and coal to power equipment, including the train.

The train was coal-fired in the beginning and with time it was developed until we got to where we are now.

As for the factories, they polluted the environment greatly due to the harmful substances that rise from them. When the population increased, their lives developed rapidly, and humans moved away from nature and turned to everything that was made in factories. Natural food has changed to be replaced by processed food.

Humans left riding horses and using animals for transportation and agriculture, and began inventing and developing cars, which led to significant pollution in the environment.

Humans did not leave the forests in peace, but they  cut them down in order to take the trees and live on their lands.

That is why it was necessary to set a World Environment Day in order to control human developments that are destroying the earth.




Short speech on world environment day for students

If you are a student at any educational level, you must know the importance of the environment in which we live. The environment is the mother that protects her children from dangers and provides them with all the food and protection they need.

If this mother is exposed to any attack or any contamination, she will not be able to protect her children because of the problems she is facing.

This is what happens when we attack the environment with any form of pollution. The environment becomes stressed and unable to protect living organisms.

That is why the major countries have set a specific day on which the environment is celebrated every year, and this day is a day on which several attempts are made to alert people to the danger of environmental destruction to which we all contribute.

Each of us is responsible for the pollution that the environment has reached so far. Whoever drives a car must use clean fuel for it, or drive a bicycle instead of a car, in order to preserve the environment from harmful emissions that have raised the temperature of the earth.



A speech on environment day

If we want to preserve the planet, we must preserve the ecological balance, as the environment plays an important role in the continuation of life on Earth as we know it.

In the environment around us, every living creature has an important role in maintaining balance.

And when we eliminate the habitat of a particular organism, it is exposed to extinction, due to the loss of its home and the food that feeds on it.

Because of the food chain, some organisms feed on other organisms. When an animal becomes extinct, the animal that feeds on it does not find food. With the passage of time the number of animals decreases, both because of the death of the organism on which they feed or because of the destruction of the forests in which they live.

Humans cut down large areas of trees to make homes and furniture, but they did not consider that they were destroying the natural wildlife.

That is why it is necessary to educate people and prevent them from continuing these actions, which are increasing every day and causing great damage.



Welcome speech for environmental day

We must all welcome World Environment Day, because of its great importance. This day was able to spread awareness of the importance of the environment, which many people did not realize. But when countries host these events, it is a good opportunity to articulate the details needed to address and solve environmental problems.

Pollutants have spread all over the planet, as humans use pesticides and toxic chemicals that have polluted the water and the air. Humans used pesticides to kill pests that attack plants. After a while of using it, we discovered that it had contaminated the soil and poisoned the plants.

That is why some countries are turning to ban pesticides, whether for planting or insecticides. These old methods must be replaced by modern ones that are less dangerous to the environment. Including the use of electric detonators to kill insects that enter homes instead of using insecticides. And the use of living organisms to eliminate pests that threaten crops instead of using a poisonous pesticide.



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