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English presentation

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English presentation  about an important topic,  may a lot of people suffer from,which is the fear that may control you in your life, resulting in psychological and health crises caused to your life chaos and instability. Here we will introduce English presentation on how to get rid of fear.

English presentation

Fear of facing problems is a problem in itself, where it controls the lives of many people and causes them many crises and loses confidence in themselves. Here we will present English presentation about how to get rid of fear and provide practical solutions that can be easily applied to everyday life.


Hello … My name is … I will present to you today a topic about how to get ride of fear, I hope you will like it. I will answer all the questions at the end with all pleasure.



Fear arises with man since the beginning of his consciousness as a small child. It is one of the psychological cases that indicate the human awareness of the surrounding risks to avoid them.

But there is a kind of fear that reaches the stage of mental illness, it is like obsessive-compulsive disorder, for example:  Fear of illness, fear of death, and other examples that make negative thoughts dominate the thinking of their owner.

Here the problem must be addressed before it gets worse and needs medical intervention and the patient is given certain types of medication.

How to get rid of fear

 The overcoming of any psychological problem requires the owner to understand the problem, and the will to confront it.

So the person who suffers from fear in situations that do not require it, first prepare to begin to solve his own problem.

The following steps can help to get rid of fear:

Relax, think, and focus on things that cause you real fear to be able to cure the problem.

You have to be aware of the negative consequences caused by fear, the most important of which is creating chaos in your life and not being able to practice your life normally.

Identify the causes of fear and then start trying to work and fill your time with a number of works that you love; so that you focus on your work and stay away from thinking about what frightens you.

Write down your thoughts, this is a step that limits your fears and makes you know its causes .

Talk to people you trust about your fears; you may find solutions to this problem, they may have similar experiences that help you.

Face your fears and act bravely in situations that cause you fear; because this will make you gradually be able to overcome the causes of fear.

Be positive in your thoughts towards life, optimism makes you feel happy, satisfied, and forget about fear.

Do not keep yourself isolated from others, but participate in the study or anything that allows you to help them, this will  increase your confidence, and thus you will be more able to face your fears.

Try talking to someone, or reading a book of stories about people who have suffered from the fears you are experiencing. You may find a way to overcome these fears.

Do not forget to approach God Almighty and perform the acts of worship, and prayer is one of the most important things that keep the person satisfied with himself and make him forget fear, and overcome it.

Stay healthy by eating healthy food, sleeping enough, and exercising, these things will increase your comfort and keep you away from negative thinking and fear.

If you find yourself in a situation that makes you afraid, there is no problem of facing the situation more than once, When you face the situation again and again, you will find that the fear is gone.


Thank you for your kind attention … I hope you have liked the subject. If you have any questions please do not be shy, I will answer them with all pleasure.

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