Trip essay
Trip essay

Trip essay

Trip essay ,Each of us likes to find the right time in which to rest in. We are tired of studying, working and  want to make a trip to a beautiful place so that we feel relaxed and comfortable. All that you’ll find here in a trip essay. 

Trip essay

Man needs to make some change in his life so that he can continue his life. Travel is one of the most important activity man do for amusement or enjoyment

Today I will talk about a trip I made to (name of the place) accompanied by (companionship during the trip).

We began to prepare for the trip, prepare the necessary equipments and booking with the tourism company that organizes this type of trips.

I prepared food and drink for the trip. The food contained sandwiches, juices and dessert. He (who was with you) prepared entertainment and fun necessary during the trip.

We contacted the tourism company one day before the trip day to confirm the date and place of the bus that will take us to the (trip destination).

We woke up early in the morning and took our bags and went to the assembly point designated by the tourist company.

The distance between the city where I live and the destination of the trip is (distance in km) km. The bus took (time period) to get to the place.

On our way, we saw beautiful scenery and lots of amazing things. We passed through a mountainous area with many high volcanic mountains and the road was winding and difficult. The nature of the area was harsh and did not have many aspects of life due to the scarcity of water. It had only some Prickles and short plants.

Then we passed through a plain flat area. Water was available, which has contributed to the spread of greenery, plants and green grasses.

We saw a wild rabbit crossing the road in front of the bus. It was very agile and beautiful.

On our way to (the place of the trip), we stopped for a break on the way and dined in a small restaurant on the road.It was a restaurant serving traditional food, which is famous for its region. It was delicious food.

The bus started on the road again to complete the journey and arrived on (arrival time to the place of the trip).

We went to the hotel as soon as we arrived to put our bags and change our clothes and rest for two hours before starting the trip program. The view from the hotel was great and the hotel rolled out the red carpet.

Our trip program began two hours after our arrival at the hotel, where we gathered in the hotel lobby and set off to visit the beautiful city landmarks according to the trip plan of the tourism company.

The trip lasted three days during which we toured the city, visited archaeological and entertainment sites, markets, factories and companies, and bought souvenirs for friends and family.

After the trip, we thanked the trip supervisor and the tourism company for their great efforts and commitment to the program.

We are preparing for the next trip to be organized by the tourism company.

In this way we have given you a trip essay in English ,and you can read more through the following topic:

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