Essay on my favourite author
Essay on my favourite author

Essay on my favourite author 2 Models

An essay on my favourite author, in which we present 500 words about a favourite author for children and students at various educational levels. This is one of the great topics that students love to write about. Where we will give them easy and short sentences about a famous writer, to help them write the topic.

Since each of us has a specific writer who loves to read his works, we will mention several writers that everyone agrees on loving.

Essay on my favourite author

Books are one of the most important things that should be taken care of and introduced to the child at an early age.

Therefore, we will talk about this in an essay on my favourite writer, as each of us must have a specific writer who loves to read and buys his books regularly.

We may admire more than one writer because of the similarity in the way they write or because of their writing in an interesting way. In the end, it does not matter if we love one writer or more than one writer, but the most important thing is to read constantly.

What is meant by the writer?

The writer is a person with a beautiful talent which enables him to imagine beautiful and varied stories and write them in an orderly manner on papers.

There are several types of writers, some of them write fiction. There are those who write stories for children. The most popular types are those who write adventures and action.

Why do we love a writer and not others?

Each of us is different from the other person in his inclinations. Some people love romance stories, so their favorite writer is a romantic writer. Some of us may love adventure and action stories, preferably an adventure writer.

Everyone loves a writer who writes about what he prefers.

What is the importance of writing?

Writing is one of the beautiful talents and hobbies that makes its owner in a good psychological state. It releases the pent-up energy inside it, whether it is negative or positive energy. This writer feels very happy when he finishes writing a new work for the audience to enjoy.

What is the importance of reading?

Reading is very important as it is food for the mind. A person who does not know how to read is lost and alone.

The book is man’s best friend. It makes his mind more open and active. The person who reads feels beautiful feelings and great happiness as he lives with the story of the book sentence by sentence.

Is there a bad reading?

Of course, there are types of reading that may harm the owner and lead to unhealthy things.

Including reading terrifying stories that afflict him with fear and tension. When he tries to fall asleep, he imagines frightening things around him, such as auditory and visual hallucinations.

Or that a person reads stories and novels that stimulate the sexual instinct, making his mind and body in a state of excitement and irritation. These types of books are very bad and have a negative impact on human beings. It may make him addicted to things that harm his physical and mental health.

How does reading affect our personality?

Reading has a great impact on a person’s personality, as a person becomes a romantic and a seeker of love everywhere if he only reads romantic stories. Which makes a person think only about love and attachment.

But if a person reads about the stories of successful people and knows how they succeeded, he will be occupied with attempts to succeed and prove himself. With time, he will succeed and reach a prominent place in society because of the books he reads and learns from.

 Lyman Frank Baum

 Lyman Frank Baum is a writer who became famous in a certain period of time after writing several literary works for children. The most famous novel was The Wizard of Oz, which the whole world knew about. This novel has been made in several films and has been translated into many languages, which increased its fame.

Lyman Frank loved writing from a young age, which is why his father helped him write freely. So he bought him a small machine to print what he wrote.

He had a fertile imagination and had many daydreams circulating in his imagination, turning them into stories. Which made him a brilliant and famous writer.



At the end of our topic for today, we should know the importance of reading an essay on my favourite writer. Reading plays a large and important role in the life and thoughts of each one of us. That is why we must choose what we read carefully and not read anything that lies in front of us. This is because reading shapes our consciousness and affects our lives.


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