my favourite food essay
my favourite food essay

My favourite food essay 22 Models

My favorite food essay is one of the wonderful topics through which the student learns about his senses and their goals, and learns more about genetic factors, in addition to knowing how the brain works and receives the senses and how different that is from one person to another.

My favorite food essay

The favorite food article is one of the articles that is described as the favorite of many students, because it is easy to describe and express, and it does not require the student to much effort and research in writing such articles.
Therefore, we will put for you some important and useful points beside your personal experiences that you can use in writing your own articles.

We will present several different models short, long, and easy, so that there are different ways of articles that suit everyone and they can see expressing their personality and their favorite food.

Below we will present some points on which the article will be built and integrated into the article so that it appears that it is a research reference, and we have a vision of the dimensions and objectives required of it.

Objectives of the article

1- Demonstrating our awareness of the difference, the genetic factor and the genetic code from one person to another, which shows the reasons why the brain deals with sensory messages to different degrees from one person to another, so the preferred food differs from one person to another.

2- Assigning a specific date for a research conducted, and this is an example. A study conducted in 2004 at the University of California revealed that the olfactory reception center is located in regions of genes with more genetic variation than usual, so people differ in the strength of their appetite for a specific food and make it their favorite.

3- The effect of favorite food on behavior.

4- The effect of favorite food on mood.

5- Get rid of insomnia and stress

6- Increased optimism and happiness.

I love eating fast food, especially burgers, whether on the side of the road or prepared at home. I really liked the atmosphere in which we eat the food right after it comes out of the barbecue, and the ingredients added to this meal make me strangely happy.

So I tried to research and study why I like this type of food more than other foods, because I love burgers and pizza.
After research, I found that the brain cells of each person receive the senses in a different way from the other person, and that this has a genetic aspect. Although fast food is a favorite for many people, it is not a favorite also for a large number of other people.

I also found some different studies on this subject that talk about the favorite food of each person, but the most striking thing to me was a study conducted in 2004. Conducted at the University of California, which proved that the olfactory reception center is located in regions of genes with more genetic variation than usual, so people differ in the strength of their appetite for a specific food and make it their favorite because of the homogeneity that occurs due to the state of smell and its translation from brain cells.

So I am very happy to have my favorite food. And whenever I feel that I need to take it, I find that it greatly affects my behavior. Before taking it, I find myself looking forward to it a lot, and after taking it, it affects the mood, I feel great energy and get rid of insomnia and stress, and I feel happy and optimistic and that I have recharged my energy.




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My favorite restaurant short essay

There are many restaurants in my city but there is one of my favorite. It is not a very popular restaurant, but it serves very tasty and cheap dishes.
Therefore, I prefer it over other restaurants, as it is characterized by cleanliness and good treatment of customers.
All the people working in this restaurant are polite, they are always smiling, and the service is easy.
It is important that all employees in the restaurant have a high level of understanding and good behavior, because they are one of the reasons for the success of the restaurant. It is not enough that the food be only delicious, but also that the reception and service of customers must be good.
Last week I invited my friends to have lunch in this restaurant, they thanked a lot for the cleanliness of the restaurant and the way of dealing with customers, in addition, they enjoyed the delicious meals.
They promised that this restaurant would be their favorite restaurant and that we would meet there once a week.

My favorite restaurant short paragraph

My favorite restaurant is a restaurant with a great ocean view. It is in a high place and therefore the weather is mild and the temperatures are low, sitting in this restaurant and watching the beautiful landscape makes me enjoy the food.

This restaurant offers different types of food, especially that many tourists eat in it. We can find Italian dishes, French dishes, and others. Every time I go to this restaurant, I ask for a new dish in order to get to know the quality of the dishes it offers.

In fact, all the dishes that I ate in this restaurant were special, as they hire foreign chefs to serve the famous dishes in their countries.

My favourite food essay

Grilled meat is my favorite, because it has a high nutritional value. I am an athlete and need a large amount of protein, but it should be low in fat, so I prefer grilled meat to be healthy.

In addition, it is served with bread or rice, and I also eat a large plate of green salad that consists of watercress, cucumber, lettuce, parsley, onions and tomatoes, as well as a plate of tahini salad, which is my favorite a lot.

I also prefer to eat fresh fruits or fruit juice prepared at home in order to ensure its cleanliness and that it is prepared from fresh and not spoiled fruits. I make sure to eat the fruit two hours before food.



My favorite restaurant short

Undoubtedly, we are associated with places where we have fond memories. One of these places is a restaurant next to my high school, this restaurant I used to eat with my friends.

After we separated due to studying in different places, I became like going to that restaurant, as it is my favorite place.

Now I go to this restaurant once a week. I remember there my good memories and how I made new friends in this restaurant.

Sometimes I wish I could meet my old friends and eat together like we used to. Our memories follow us everywhere and the beautiful memories cannot be forgotten. So I think this restaurant will continue to be my favourite.


Paragraphmy favourite food essay 100 words

I prefer sea food, it is easy to digest as well as useful. Therefore, I eat different types of marine fish. In my city, there is a restaurant dedicated to seafood, which prepares several types of dishes.

I eat fish three times a week. The great variety in the taste of fish dishes makes me hopeless of eating them, but I prefer shrimp, so I make sure to eat it with other types.

Sometimes I eat with fish a vegetable salad consisting of tomatoes, watercress, carrots, onions and rice. Sometimes I eat bread and tahini salad.

I prefer the food to be hot, that makes the food delicious. I often buy fresh fish and try to cook it at home myself.



My Favourite Food Short Essay

I prefer preparing food at home, and my favorite food is the vegetable dish with meat. Therefore, I go to the market and buy fresh vegetables, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, zucchini, peas, etc. and buy meat from the butcher, especially lamb, which is my favorite.

Then cook the meat and add vegetables to it after cutting it into small pieces, as well as an onion cut into small pieces and tomato juice. This is my favorite food because it contains all the nutrients.

I also eat a small plate of rice with him and a plate of salad, so that I get protein from meat, vitamins and minerals from vegetables, and starches from rice. It’s a complete nutritional meal.




My favourite food essay 200 words

I prefer eating healthy food. One of the best foods that contain beneficial nutrients is salmon and sardines.

Studies have proven that they contain omega-3 in large quantities, and thus are beneficial to the health of our body and mind as well, as they stimulate memory and reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.

So I like to eat salmon or sardines twice a week. Sometimes I buy fish and cook it at home, and sometimes I eat it in the restaurant.

And be sure to eat a large plate of salad consisting of tomatoes, onions, and leafy vegetables such as lettuce, watercress, parsley, and others.

I also make sure to add fresh lemon juice to both fish and salad to get the right amount of vitamin C. I also use olive oil in cooking so that the food is healthy.

I also eat a small plate of rice, so that the meal becomes complete, meaning that it contains all the nutrients, it contains protein, vitamins, minerals, starches and fats.

Cooking fresh fish is much better than cooking frozen fish, so I buy fresh fish from the fishermen, thus ensuring that the food will be tasty and useful.



my favourite food 10 lines

Healthy food is my favorite food. I’m an athlete and keep fit, so I follow a healthy diet. At first I did not like that food, then I got used to it and it became my favorite food.

One of the most important dishes that I eat in every meal is a large plate of salad that contains many types of leafy vegetables such as watercress, lettuce and parsley, in addition to broccoli, tomatoes, onions and carrots. The salad dish provides us with vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of our body.

Also, the method of cooking healthy food should be grilling or boiling, because these methods do not use any fat.

We must also eat a sufficient amount of proteins because they strengthen our bodies and give us muscle strength.

We can get our protein needs from meat, poultry or fish. I prefer eating fish, but there must be a variety in our food so that we do not get tired of it. So I eat fish three times a week, chicken three times a week, and meat once a week.

I also love fruits a lot, so I eat fresh fruits, but there are suitable dates for eating fruits. We should not eat fruits immediately after eating because this will lead to fermentation of the fruit in our stomach, which leads to indigestion and bloating.

Therefore, I eat the fruit two hours before eating, so that it does not ferment in the stomach. The type and quantity of food is closely related to our health, so we must eat healthy food in order to enjoy good health and maintain our physical fitness.



My favourite food is spaghetti essay

Spaghetti is one of my favorite foods, as it is quick to prepare and delicious, and it is also famous worldwide. There is no restaurant that does not serve it.

Including easy-to-prepare types, such as noodles, which are spread all over the world, and are characterized by ease of preparation, as they take only one minute. We put boiling water on the pasta, then add the spices that give it a delicious taste.

As for the spaghetti pasta that we prepare at home, it is another type that is different from the noodles. It is boiled and then the sauce is added to it. It is also delicious, especially if we eat it with grilled chicken pieces, or grilled meat pieces. I prefer to eat spaghetti with grilled chicken pieces.



Favourite food essay

My favorite food is duck. I prefer duck meat and like it more than chicken. In my city, there is a restaurant that cooks ducks in different ways, such as orange duck, roast duck, duck, vegetables, and others.

In fact, all of these items are delicious, so I eat one of these delicious items every time. The restaurant also offers rice with nuts with duck, or stuffed grape leaves. This meal is my favorite.

It is a meal rich in protein and vitamins, and a meal that contains large calories, so it is suitable for winter and cold days, so I never eat it in the summer.



My favorite food paragraph

I’m always a busy person and I don’t have enough time to eat, so I prefer to eat sandwiches, especially burgers.

It contains all the nutrients necessary for the body, as I get protein from meat and get vitamins from the vegetables in the sandwich, as well as bread and fats provide me with carbohydrates needed for energy, movement and activity.

The burger sandwich is characterized as a complete nutritional meal as well as a delicious meal, only we must choose a reliable restaurant in order for the meat to be good, as well as the rest of the sandwich components.

I prefer the burger sandwich because I eat it quickly and because it is delicious too.



Paragraph on my favourite food

I prefer home made food, so grilled chicken and pasta is my go-to.

I helped my mother to prepare food, and I learned to cook this food.

It’s easy to prepare so I cooked pasta and grilled chicken yesterday, and all the family members liked this meal and encouraged me to make it next time.

Grilled chicken is healthy because it does not contain fat or we do not need fat in grilling it, and the pasta is delicious, especially when we add the sauce and spices to it.

Grilled chicken and pasta are my favorite summer and winter food.




My favorite food writing sample

My favorite food is pizza, it’s healthy, tasty and economical too. Pizza is easy to prepare and we can make it at home and it is inexpensive, and we can make it from leftover food such as chicken pieces or pieces of meat, vegetables and others.

The most important thing in pizza is preparing the dough correctly, and cooking it in an oven at an appropriate temperature.

While all other things such as ketchup, chicken pieces, olive slices, tomato slices and mozzarella cheese are all ingredients that are present and do not require any effort.

Therefore, my favorite food is pizza because it is easy to prepare and I can prepare it quickly, so it does not hinder me from studying for my lessons, in addition to its delicious taste.



My favourite food essay 150 words

My favorite food is lamb liver. This may be undesirable for many people, but this meal is very tasty in addition to being very useful, as the liver is one of the most iron-rich foods in addition to protein, which makes it of high nutritional value.

I buy a kilo of fresh lamb liver from the butcher and cut it into thin slices, then chop some garlic cloves on it and add an appropriate amount of salt and cumin, then I put on the fire a pot with an appropriate amount of oil.

Then add pieces of hot pepper to the hot oil and stir for a minute, then add the liver slices, and stir slowly until they are cooked, at this time you can add a tablespoon of vinegar.

Then I serve a hot liver dish with bread and a green salad consisting of watercress, parsley, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and onions, in addition to the tahini salad.

It’s my favorite food, so I told you how to prepare it. It is a delicious and nutritious dish.



My favourite food essay 250 words

I prefer the food that I prepare myself, especially in an open place such as a garden, field, forest, etc.

Therefore, my favorite food is grilled meat or grilled chicken, which I can prepare in the home garden or in the field easily.

In the garden of our house there is a grill that we use for this purpose. The day the family gathers for lunch in the garden is a wonderful day and we eat the most delicious food, as everyone participates in preparing the food.

First, we season the meat pieces with onions, salt, black pepper and some other ingredients such as yogurt and spices.

We light the grill and wipe it with a little oil, and when the grill temperature rises, we start grilling, I am skilled in grilling, so I am responsible for grilling pieces of meat or pieces of chicken.

I must be careful so that the pieces of meat do not burn, and I must make sure that they are fully cooked, and a quantity of peppers, eggplant and tomatoes are also seasoned.

These vegetables are grilled after the meat is finished grilling, so that we can benefit from the fat that fell from the meat during grilling.

The grills are served on plates and served with bread, green salad and tahini salad. It’s really my favorite food, so I always encourage my family to eat in the garden once a week.

After we have finished eating, we can drink the tea or coffee that we have prepared on the charcoal stove. It has a distinct taste that is very different from the cup of tea or coffee that we eat at home or in a cafe.



My favourite food pizza essay

My favorite food is pizza, it’s a famous Italian food. Pizza has spread all over the world and is very popular with all age groups, especially children and young people, and pizza is useful because it contains many healthy ingredients.

Pizza is characterized by being easy to prepare and delicious in taste, and we can prepare pizza in several ways depending on the additions we add, such as pieces of chicken, meat, fish, shrimp, crab or tuna.

This gives us a wide choice of pizza. I prefer sausage and meat pizza, I add some ketchup, olive slices, tomatoes, peppers and cheese, and after cooking it in the oven I eat it hot with a cup of tea.



My favorite food essay 120 words

Pizza is my favorite food. This meal is easy to prepare and delicious, and its ingredients are varied, which allows us to prepare it in several ways as desired. Pizza is an Italian meal, but it has become world famous.

Mostly I eat pizza for dinner, where I prepare it myself, I like chicken pizza because it is delicious and nutritious, and I also add a large amount of mozzarella cheese and olive slices.

Pizza is an economical meal, and that is why it has become widespread in all countries of the world, and is prepared in the finest restaurants as well as in small restaurants. It can also be prepared at home at minimal cost.

I prefer to prepare the pizza myself so that I can burn in the amount of ingredients, especially pieces of chicken or meat, and thus ensure that it is of high nutritional value. I also prefer it on trips, especially when we go to the beach or the zoo, as it is a nutritious and inexpensive meal.



Composition about my best food

Kabsa is my favorite food because it contains a high percentage of protein, and this is what I need for my body to grow properly.

The kabsa meal is also very tasty, and we can use chicken pieces or pieces of meat in its preparation as desired.

Kabsa is a meal rich in protein, fats and carbohydrates, and therefore it is my favorite, especially in things, as it gives me warmth, activity and vitality.

I eat this meal in the restaurant with my friends, and I also eat it at home with my family, it is my favorite meal, and I will learn how to cook it so that I can be creative in preparing it.



Write about your favourite food

My favorite dish is lamb and vegetables. This dish is rich in protein, vitamins, salts and fats. It is very nutritious, and it is prepared in one pot, where the meat and onions are placed first for an appropriate period until the meat begins to mature, then we add pieces of vegetables such as zucchini, potatoes, carrots, peas, garlic, tomato juice, hot pepper, spices, salt and olive oil.Thus, the meat is cooked with vegetables. This dish is served hot with bread or rice.

It is a dish that contains all the nutrients needed by the body, and it is considered a healthy and useful dish, which is why I always prefer it.



My favourite food essay 300 words

I prefer eating fish, especially marine fish, as it has a high nutritional value, especially phosphorus and calcium, in addition to its protein content.

I also prefer that the fish be fresh and not frozen for a long time in the freezer, because fresh fish is more delicious and tastier than frozen fish.

Therefore, I make sure to buy fresh fish from the fishermen, and sometimes I catch fish myself because it is my favorite hobby. There are many types of marine fish and each type has a different taste from the other.

Although I love all kinds of marine fish, I prefer shrimp and crab, so I eat them a lot.

There are many types of seafood preparation, including grilling, frying in oil, or cooking in the oven.

They are all delicious, but I prefer the grilling method because it is very healthy, and it is also recommended for people who follow a healthy diet in order to lose excess weight.

Salmon is also one of my favorite marine fish. It is rich in omega-3 and therefore very beneficial for the health of our bodies. In addition, the way to prepare it is easy and quick and is served with bread or rice, in addition to a green salad or sesame paste salad.

I eat seafood in my favorite restaurant, it’s clean and cheap so I always invite my friends to lunch in that restaurant.

I also cook the fish myself at home, as we have a grill in the garden of the house and I can grill fish on charcoal as well.


10 Lines on my favourite food biryani

My favorite food is biryani. It is an Indian food and is characterized by the abundance of spices added to it.

We eat it in the winter, as it provides us with the energy needed to warm our bodies, and this food also provides us with the energy needed for movement and activity.

Biryani is a fatty meal and contains a large amount of protein, fats and starches, so we must eat some leafy vegetables with it in order to get the vitamins needed for our body.

The way to prepare biryani is easy and we can cook it at home, we can also eat it in the restaurant, biryani is a delicious and nutritious meal, and we can use chicken or meat to prepare it.

One of the most important ingredients that we need to prepare the biryani dish is pieces of chicken or meat, depending on our preference.

I prefer chicken pieces, rice and onions as well as spices like black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, curry, saffron, chili and other biryani spices.

We love this meal so much that we eat it at least once a week, and sometimes three times a week, especially in the winter.

My mother is skilled in preparing biryani, I like to eat biryani prepared at home, as it is delicious and less expensive as well.


Essay on my favourite dish biryani

The biryani dish is my favorite, as it is delicious and nutritious as well. It contains a high percentage of protein, especially when we use meat in its preparation. I eat it a lot, especially in the winter season.

I learned the right way to prepare a biryani dish. Last year I preferred to eat it in the restaurant and it cost me a lot of money, then I learned to prepare it and now I am so good at preparing biryani, I even prepare it for my family and guests.

I prefer to use pieces of meat in the preparation of biryani, as I prefer it spicy. It is a very tasty and nutritious dish, as it contains a high percentage of protein, fats and carbohydrates, and thus provides us with the energy needed for activity and movement.



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