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My favourite food pizza essay
My favourite food pizza essay

My favourite food pizza essay

My favourite food pizza essay , an interesting and useful topic for all students. Pizzas are popular with adults and young people. The most important feature of pizza is the pizza dough, which is responsible on the taste , this is followed by the famous pizza sauce.All this information will be here in My favourite food pizza essay .

My favourite food pizza essay

Pizza is a kind of food belonging to the Eastern Mediterranean countries such as Greece and Turkey, where they cooked a layer of dough on a hot stone and covered with different kinds of ingredients such as meat and vegetables, and then taken Italian soldiers transported the recipe to Italy with the addition of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Pizza  to the United States, and was limited to sell initially at the Italian neighborhoods in major cities in America, and the city of Naples, the center of Italian pizza.

Pizza is now universally known, and is one of the main meals as it can be considered to be an appetizer.

How to make pizza

Traditional pizza consists of dough, sauce, tomatoes and cheese while the rest are personal preferences.


Three cups of flour.

Half of a small cup of yogurt.

Cup of warm milk.

Two tablespoons of olive oil.

Three tablespoons  of sugar.

Tablespoon of yeast.

Half teaspoon of baking powder.

Dash of salt.

To get a taste like restaurants, add a quarter teaspoon of powdered garlic.


– Mix milk with yogurt in the mixer.

–  Add to the bowl a cup of flour with yeast and sugar and mix for 2 minutes.

– Add the mixture to the bowl and add the salt, remaining flour “one cup” and baking powder.

– Knead the mixture well for at least 10 minutes.

– Cover the dough and leave in a warm place to ferment.

At this time prepare the pizza sauce

Pizza sauce


Small onion cut into small.

Two tablespoons of olive oil.

Three tomatoes

Martinique Pepper or spicy red pepper.

Half teaspoon of sugar.

Salt and black pepper.

Two tablespoons of ketchup.

How to prepare sauce

– Put a pan on the fire and add the onions and the oil and the tomatoes with sweet or hot peppers as desired.

– Cover the mixture until the ingredients are cooked.

– Add salt, black pepper, sugar and a little ketchup or tomato puree or you can mix the two together.

Leave the mixture to dry and don’t use liquid sauce, because pizza is difficult to well cooked in this case.

Leave the sauce to cool and do not put it hot on the dough.

Stretch the dough and then cool the sauce and spread it on the dough and add the other ingredients (mozzarella cheese) and anything you want and then enter the dough into preheated oven until the edges become red or for 10 minutes.

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