Short essay on pizza
Short essay on pizza

Short essay on pizza 13 models

Short essay on pizza , Pizzas are foods that did not exist in the Middle East before and came to us from the West, but are now famous and a lot of people loved  it. We will talk about pizza and its most important and famous restaurants in the world.All this information will be here in Short essay on pizza.

Short essay on pizza

Pizza is a worldwide favorite. The reason for pizza spread is that you can add anything to it and eat it anytime of the day and anywhere.

The pizza originated in Italy and it is one of the favorite foods for adults and children.

It was originally dough with topping of any ingredients as meat or vegetables that baked in the oven. Pizza developed to become more organized as Italians added sauce, cheese mozzarella and many other types of cheese. Such new way moved from Italy to other countries by Italian immigrants.

Pizza arrived the Middle East and spread very quickly and become favorite.

I’m not fond of pizza, I have pizza only once a month and when there are no options, this time I had dinner at the Pizza restaurant. The menu contained exciting varieties in terms of appetizers, pizza and pasta with a detail of the ingredients of each dish.

The appetizers were a chicken soup with delicious cream.

The second dish was a mushroom dish with pashamel sauce (cream sauce) and the onion was excellent and the mushroom was fresh.

The third dish was garlic bread.

Then we ordered three types of pizza, medium size divided into four pieces.

The pizza dough was light and soft and its ingredients were excellent in terms of quantity and taste.

The first was “Polo Kun Fungi” pizza. It  was made of chicken, pashamel sauce and mushroom.

The second was sausage pizza. It was made of sausage, mushroom sauce and mozzarella.

It was very good but the first one was better.

The third was romana diavolo pizza, which of the same dough but they extend the dough until it becomes bigger and thinner. It was made of  beef, pepperoni, cold pepper and tomato sauce.

Personally, I do not like meat in the pizza nor the pepperoni, so I did not like this pizza and it was very ordinary.

The bill was fairly high but the quality of the pizza differed from other well known restaurants.

After the interesting experience with this restaurant. I decided to have a weekly visit to a different pizza restaurant to try different pizza types and explore the best restaurant.

Indeed, pizza can be eaten anytime, anywhere hot or cold.

I became a pizza expert in a short time.


Pizza essay

Pizza is the best meal that my brothers and I like, even though we are different in our love of the flavors that it presented with.

I love it so much with chicken and to put a lot of cheese on it, I like the layer of dough to be thin and not leave it too much in the oven until it becomes solid, but I like it medium maturity.

Unlike my brother, he likes to eat it with shrimp pieces and does not like to add many ingredients to it. He does not pay much attention to the details, such as the degree of cocking or thickness. Which makes me feel that I beat him in the art of taste.
I also love making it with my mom in case we want to eat it homemade. I love preparing the dough and adding a touch of olive oil and sauce.

I really like putting ingredients on it and layering it wherever I like it to be. That makes me want to eat it more. It is wonderful to have an international meal that many people around the world agree on.


Paragraph about pizza

Pizza with imaginative taste for children and adults. There are many people, especially children, whose favorite meal is pizza. I myself can not do without eating it. I really like adding a lot of ketchup to it and eating it hot. I like to have a soft drink with it. I really like chicken pizza, shrimp pizza and beef pizza.

Now I remember my mother asking me and my older sister what you would like to eat for food, and at the same time we were saying pizza. This was very nice.


Essay on pizza

Pizza is famous all over the world, so it has become in every home and has millions of restaurants and flavors, and it is the only food that adults and children love. But why did pizza become so famous and conquered the world so quickly. There are various reasons why food is universal and irresistible, one of the most important of these reasons is the ease of preparation, pizza is prepared simply and everyone can prepare it, even children. Second, the low cost of preparation, as pizza consists of dough, some vegetables, and small pieces of meat or leftovers. Third, the speed of preparation makes the food distinct from others, as pizza is prepared in just a few minutes. Fourth, people look for looks and the pizza is great. Fifthly, the good taste and this is available in pizza.


Essay about pizza

My name is Michael, my dad works in a pizza shop. I love pizza because of my family’s love for it. I’ve been going with him to work since the age of five. He taught me how to make pizza. My dad and I are always trying to improve our products, by adding new flavours.

Do you know why people like to eat pizza? Because it is quick to prepare and this is what matters most to young people these days. We are in the age of speed and everyone is in a hurry and cannot be patient. Even in food types, no one likes food that takes a long time to make.


Pizza paragraph

I really like to eat hot pizza. It is best if it is very fresh. I like to add a lot of ketchup to it. I have many experiences in restaurants that serve pizza as a main meal.

I like to go to restaurants that offer ingredients in addition to pizza, such as cheese, or chicken nuggets, of course, the higher the quality of the ingredients, the more amazing the taste.

Seeing pizza always makes me happy. And when I eat it I always smile and enjoy and I can’t stop eating it. I really like to have a soft drink with it.


Paragraph on Pizza

My name is(put your name here). I live in the city of ( put a city here ). My family consists of (put the number of your family members here) people. I study in class (Put the class you are studying in here).

I really like to eat takeaway pizza. Me and all my family members eat pizza every Sunday and watch a recent movie. We like to gather a lot and have soft drinks with pizza. I love eating chicken pizza, and I love adding a lot of ketchup to it. This is my favorite pizza. I like it fresh and hot.


Essay on Pizza in English

There is no doubt that the pizza meal is loved by many, although it may be unhealthy in many cases. Consumption of pizza is large in America and many other countries.

It is rumored in various countries of the world that pizza is one of the foods that cause obesity, and this may be true if it is prepared in unhealthy ways and a lot of ingredients saturated with fat.

We can know the ingredients in the pizza through the following points:

High protein.

Saturated fat.


The calcium.



It is recommended to prepare pizza at home and to be saturated with vegetables and low in cheese and fatty elements, so that it becomes a healthy meal and gives healthy calories for young and old.

It can be included in a healthy diet, and Italian experts recommend eating it once a week to prevent cancer, because it contains tomatoes.


Pizza Introduction Essay

Pizza is one of the most consumed dishes in the world. Who excels in presenting it with distinct flavors and taste were Italians people.

Despite that, pizza does not belong to Italian sources, and the name of the first person who invented it in the world is not known, but it dates back to many centuries ago and was made in different civilizations. But the final preparation was excellent and good by Italian hands. The word pizza in the Italian language means pie.

There are sources that say that pizza dates back to the era of the Egyptian pharaohs, and this is really amazing. But the real progress in the pizza industry, both in terms of ingredients and degree of maturity, was in the sixteenth century. In Italy.

The sure thing about eating pizza is that it has won the admiration of everyone in different centuries, whether ancient or modern times. And it continues to develop, to become the love of young people in particular and adults as well.


Pizza essay example

Pizza is my first love in food. Of course, I’m too young to choose a grainy variety and say it’s the best thing for me in all foods because I haven’t eaten many foods yet. But I can say that I am really fond of eating pizza and the consistency and harmony of it.

I love eating pizza with soft drinks, especially fresh pizza covered with lots of cheese, olives, chicken pieces, and a little ketchup. That’s how I like eating it and watching TV during it.


Short essay about pizza

Pizza is one of the delicious foods that young and old love, and when prepared correctly, it is healthy and useful, and contains all the nutrients that the body needs.

The mother can benefit from her children’s love for pizza and introduce healthy and useful ingredients such as introducing proteins, vegetables, starches, etc., as it becomes a useful and healthy meal, and benefits from the love of her children for this meal.

It can be said that pizza is one of the most requested meals in all the world, and children love it very much, and they never refuse it like the rest of the food.

It is wonderful that pizza has a variety of foods and recipes, so it can be prepared with more than one type of meat, such as chicken or pieces of beef, many other varieties, including seafood as well, which gives the mother a great opportunity for diversity and change, and the introduction of many useful and healthy nutrients.



About Pizza in English

Pizza is one of the meals that children and adults love, and it cannot be resisted, especially when it is fresh and contains ingredients that are loved by the person.

Seeing it fumes and oil shining on the face with cheese, tomatoes and chicken pieces makes a person want to eat them immediately. So it is great to eat it from time to time and make it like a weekly meal.

For those who want to eat it continuously, doctors advise using healthy ingredients so as not to cause weight gain.
Many healthy food recipes can be found that help preserve energy and give full nutrients without obesity and high calorie intake. Therefore, it is wonderful in all cases, whether it is healthy or what we eat from restaurants.



Essay on why pizza is the best food

Pizza has been around for many years, yet it has remained a favorite and loved by everyone, whether young or old.
If you want to please someone, bring him a pizza, you will find a smile drawn on his face instantly, as it has a magical effect on the eyes, nose and heart.

Pizza contains all the nutrients necessary for the body, and when prepared in a healthy way, it is an integrated meal and helps the body get the nutrients it needs.

The healthy pizza recipe is the most popular among mothers. Everyone wants to provide healthy, useful and lovable food for children, so take the healthy pizza recipe that is the most popular among the recipes.

Therefore, pizza is the best food, whether for adults or children.

In this way, we have given a short essay on pizza in English ,and you can read more through the following link:

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