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Short essay on pizza
Short essay on pizza

Short essay on pizza

Short essay on pizza , Pizzas are foods that did not exist in the Middle East before and came to us from the West, but are now famous and a lot of people loved  it. We will talk about pizza and its most important and famous restaurants in the world.All this information will be here in Short essay on pizza.

Short essay on pizza

Pizza is a worldwide favorite. The reason for pizza spread is that you can add anything to it and eat it anytime of the day and anywhere.

The pizza originated in Italy and it is one of the favorite foods for adults and children.

It was originally dough with topping of any ingredients as meat or vegetables that baked in the oven. Pizza developed to become more organized as Italians added sauce, cheese mozzarella and many other types of cheese. Such new way moved from Italy to other countries by Italian immigrants.

Pizza arrived the Middle East and spread very quickly and become favorite.

I’m not fond of pizza, I have pizza only once a month and when there are no options, this time I had dinner at the Pizza restaurant. The menu contained exciting varieties in terms of appetizers, pizza and pasta with a detail of the ingredients of each dish.

The appetizers were a chicken soup with delicious cream.

The second dish was a mushroom dish with pashamel sauce (cream sauce) and the onion was excellent and the mushroom was fresh.

The third dish was garlic bread.

Then we ordered three types of pizza, medium size divided into four pieces.

The pizza dough was light and soft and its ingredients were excellent in terms of quantity and taste.

The first was “Polo Kun Fungi” pizza. It  was made of chicken, pashamel sauce and mushroom.

The second was sausage pizza. It was made of sausage, mushroom sauce and mozzarella.

It was very good but the first one was better.

The third was romana diavolo pizza, which of the same dough but they extend the dough until it becomes bigger and thinner. It was made of  beef, pepperoni, cold pepper and tomato sauce.

Personally, I do not like meat in the pizza nor the pepperoni, so I did not like this pizza and it was very ordinary.

The bill was fairly high but the quality of the pizza differed from other well known restaurants.

After the interesting experience with this restaurant. I decided to have a weekly visit to a different pizza restaurant to try different pizza types and explore the best restaurant.

Indeed, pizza can be eaten anytime, anywhere hot or cold.

I became a pizza expert in a short time.

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