Essay on machines
Essay on machines

Essay on machines 2 Models

Essay on machines, a topic on the development of machines in the modern era, several models such as a short essay on machines and their importance, a paragraph on population growth and the role of machines in providing food, the importance of machines in providing food and clothing, an essay on machines in the past and present, how to maintain machines, information about The Industrial Revolution. Topics suitable for the fifth and sixth grades of primary school, and the first, second, and third grades of middle school and high school. In it, we explain the role of machines in increasing production and providing manpower, and we provide an explanation of examples of the role of machines in the field of agriculture, industry, the medical field, and the role of machines in the field of transportation and communication and other areas of life.

Essay on machines

The development of the machine has gone through many stages, and the goal has always been to achieve the most production in the least time and least effort, and in essay on machines I will explain the importance of the machine in our lives, and how it has become an essential and indispensable part of our life, we use the machine in household chores such as Broom, mixer, refrigerator, kneading machine, washing machine and many other tools that facilitate household chores.

Machines play a great role in the agricultural field, where machines have made a huge development in the agricultural field, and among the machines used in agriculture are tractors, seeders, harvesters, modern irrigation machines, and other very useful agricultural machines. And machines play a great role in the industrial field, so that machines have become operating by self-orders.

Also, the role of machines is very important in the field of transportation and moving from one place to another, and machines are mainly used in wars. There are certainly many benefits of using the machine, but there are also some drawbacks.

Define the machine

A machine is a tool that helps a person to accomplish his work very quickly and with less effort, and there are many machines that we rely on in our daily lives.

The machine has become an essential part of our life, and the machines differ in terms of function, there are very simple machines, and complex machines that include advanced technology.

In all cases, the machine makes it easier for humans to complete tasks, and it can perform difficult tasks that humans cannot do.

Types of machines

There are many types of machines, which operate in different fields such as the agricultural, industrial, military and other fields of life.

Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery has made great progress in the agricultural field, saving effort and time, as one person can produce enough food for 100 people.

Among the most important agricultural machines are tractors, harvesters, seeders and other machines that are used in agriculture. These machines have become more powerful and more advanced, and the machine has become used in cultivating large areas in a modern way.

Machines are also used to harvest crops, vegetables and fruits, and then transport and package them using modern machines as well. The agricultural machine has provided a lot of manpower, and machines are used in agricultural production and animal production as well.

Industrial machinery

There was an industrial revolution in the middle of the eighteenth century, it is important to write in an essay on machines about the role of machines in the development of industry, as huge changes occurred in the industry.

And that is when machines were used in the cotton industry and the mining industry, and the manual industry was developed into industry using the machine, and the steam engine was discovered, and the machines were developed amazingly by using different types of fuel.

And machines became dependent on electricity in their work, as modern technology caught up with them, so machines became more productive, and modern machines do not need the intervention of the worker except for some simple orders.

In the current era, machines have become more sophisticated, and there is no longer a link between the machine and the worker. The process of managing the machines has become self-managing through automatic control.

The use of machines in the medical field

There is no doubt that the use of machines in the medical field has had a great impact in treating many diseases.

In the current era, most surgeries are done using binoculars, and this made surgeries more accurate and less dangerous, and also reduced the complications that the patient was exposed to when performing the operation in the traditional way.

There has also been tremendous progress in radiology devices, which helped to detect diseases early and thus treat diseases early. Machines are also used in operations that require precision, such as vision correction operations and others. Ventilators played a major role in saving people’s lives during the Corona pandemic.

The use of machines in the field of transportation and communications

Undoubtedly, the tremendous development in the field of transportation and communication has helped promote local and international trade. There has been tremendous development in all means of land, sea and air transport, as well as lifting and packing machines.

And you can explain in an essay on machines how to transport goods from one country to another, regardless of the quality of the goods, solid, liquid or gaseous, and examples of this are the transportation of oil and gas by giant trucks and ships.

Modern transportation has also contributed to the boom in tourism, as travel has become more comfortable and less expensive.

Old and new instruments 

In the past, machines were simple and relied on simple ideas such as the inclined surface, the lever, the pulley, and other simple ideas. The person was happy with these machines because they facilitated his work, which depended on making a great effort and needed muscular strength to accomplish the work.

Then the machines developed little by little and their installation became complicated, but they became more useful as they saved effort and time.

And in our time, technological progress has become in all fields, and machines have become more complex, as modern technology is one of its basic components, but the role of the machine has evolved greatly, and it has become more productive.

General tips for maintaining machines

There are some general tips that the worker must take to maintain the machine for as long as possible, and in order to preserve the safety of the worker, the most important of these tips must also be explained in the essay on machines, such as:

  • Follow the manufacturers’ instructions when performing periodic maintenance of machines, as well as when repairing faults.
  • Inspect machines periodically to ensure the integrity of their parts, and to ensure that there are no missing or broken parts.
  • Follow the manufacturers’ instructions to clean the equipment, and ensure its operational performance.
  • Replace damaged parts immediately and not postpone or resort to temporary repairs.
  • Ensure that brakes or levers are secured to prevent the machine from moving before starting maintenance work.
  • Follow the general safety procedures for maintaining or repairing machines, such as wearing protective clothing (head helmets, protective glasses, gloves, ear protection headphones, safety shoes) and other measures that preserve the worker’s life.
  • Replace any protective cover removed (during maintenance) before using the machine.
  • There should be regular maintenance of machines checked by specialized engineers.


Benefits of using machines

There is no doubt that the benefits of machines are great, and the development of machines will continue to obtain the best results from the machine. In the essay on machines, you must write the most important benefits of using machines as follows:

Increasing production: There is no doubt that one machine can do the work of thousands of people, and thus there is a huge increase in production.

Production speed: The machine saves time, as it is very fast compared to manual work, and therefore it saves time.

Accuracy and quality: The machines are more accurate and thus we will get higher quality products.

Reducing risks: We can rely on machines to perform dangerous and difficult work.

Reducing the cost of production: There is no doubt that machines reduce the cost of production, because they produce huge quantities of the product in the least amount of time.

Disadvantages of using machines

There is no doubt that the benefits of using the machine are many, but there are some disadvantages that negatively affect some people, such as:

Dispensing with many workers: This is considered one of the most serious disadvantages of using the machine, as many people lost their jobs, and the unemployment rate increased.

The spread of poverty among the working groups: The use of the machine has led to the spread of poverty in some groups, especially the workers groups who have lost their jobs.

The emergence of different classes in society: so that there are very rich groups as a result of owning machines and obtaining a lot of money, and very poor groups because they cannot find work.


At the end of the essay on machines, I talked about the definition of machines, the types of machines, the benefits of using machines, the disadvantages of using machines, and machines have become an essential thing in our lives, we use them in all areas of life.

Every day we see the development of machines and an improvement in their performance to obtain the best production, and the aim of using machines is to improve human life and make it easier and more comfortable.

There is no doubt that our ancestors and parents are well aware of the tremendous development that occurred in our way of life as a result of the development of machines. They always talk about the great effort that they used to make in their work.

As for today, we are in the era of technology, we only need to press a button in order for the machine to operate, and to produce more quality products, and more in number.

I hope you have benefited from the essay on machines.

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