Essay on volleyball
Essay on volleyball

Essay on volleyball 2 Models

Essay on volleyball is an important subject because it trains the student to write a short essay on volleyball and an essay on the favorite sport, which is volleyball. We offer several forms such as essay on volleyball, long essay, and short essay. All our topics are suitable for primary, middle and high school students.

The game of volleyball is loved by a large number of students, and it is distinguished by its simple tools and its relatively small playground. It is present in most schools, and therefore writing multiple models will be easy and fun.

Essay on volleyball

Given the importance of sport in our lives, I will write an essay on volleyball that deals with the definition of volleyball, what are the volleyball tools, and what is the shape of the volleyball court, in addition to the basic laws of volleyball.

All of this we will talk about in the article, and we will present several different models for volleyball, a short essay, a paragraph and a long essay, and you can choose what suits you.

Definition of volleyball

Volleyball is a popular sports game, and two teams participate in this game, where each team consists of 6 players, and there is a net in the middle of the field, and each team stands on one side of the net.

The basic idea in the game of volleyball is that each team tries to make the ball touch the playing area of ​​the other team, so the opposing team tries to block the ball and shoot it over the net to fall into the opposing team’s area.

Volleyball equipment

You can mention the tools used in the game of volleyball, which is the ball and has special specifications. The ball is round and consists of 8-18 rectangular panels made of artificial leather or natural leather.

The weight of the ball ranges between (260-280) gm, and its circumference ranges between (65-67) cm.

The color of the ball used in official international competitions is blue and yellow.

The shape of the volleyball court

The shape of the volleyball court varies depending on the place where the match is held. Sometimes the match is on the beach, and at other times the match is in a gym.

The playing field varies accordingly, as the floor is sandy in the beach stadium, while the floor is wooden or industrial in the gym.

The volleyball court is 18 meters long and 9 meters wide. The court is divided into two halves, each 9m long, and the net length is 8.5m. The court has side lines, end lines, and a midfield line that extends below the net.

The most important skills of the game of volleyball

Each sports game has skills that the team members train on, and in the essay on volleyball we will mention the most important volleyball skills, which are as follows:

Serving the ball

One of the most important skills in volleyball is the process of serving the ball, as it is performed by the back line player who is within the service space. The team that will hit the serve in the first half and the fifth half is chosen by balloting, while in the remaining rounds of the match, the serve will go to the team that won the attack.

The attack

An attack kick is any kick a team delivers to the opposing team, with the exception of a serve or block. The offensive kick is completed when the entire ball crosses the net or is touched by the players of the opposing team.

Interception and repulsion

The interception and repulsion in volleyball is done by the players of the team trying to prevent the ball from reaching them, by jumping up to block the ball. The players in the front row are the ones charged with intercepting and repelling, and it may be done by one or two players.

The benefit of exercising

In sports competitions, you  should have a set of moral values, such as self-control, respect for the opponent, accept loss and sportsmanship, because winning and losing are mutual. No one always loses, and no one always wins.

But there is always an incentive to do your best to win. In an essay on volleyball, you can explain that the goal of sports is to have fun, to participate, and to keep you healthy, and not to sow hatred.



There is no doubt that writing an essay on volleyball is fun, because volleyball is a popular game among young people, and it is played on the beach or in the gym. It works to spread love and acquaintance among young people and children as well, as all age groups love to play volleyball.

I hope that you have benefited from this essay, and there are many training models for writing an essay on sports and its importance.

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