Essay on books and reading
Essay on books and reading

Essay on books and reading

Essay on books and reading , reading is one of the wonderful hobbies that makes you earn every day a lot of new information that purifies your mind and clear your soul and open up new horizons. All that information and more you will find here in Essay on books and reading.

Essay on books and reading

Reading is a friend of yours in your spare time and at all times . Reading increases your confidence and makes you a skilled speaker in many areas. All of this we will be here in Essay on books and reading.


Reading ,in all its different sorts, is the source of cultures; everything you read will add to you new knowledge, you can not talk about your desire to refine your personality and educate yourself without thinking in reading first.

Everything you read must find a place in your memory and your feelings, So think about what you choose to read always. 

Reading is an action that suits everyone. Everyone is able to read, read and elevate yourself and thus your community.

A society that  its members read will promote than the community that its members do not read. And reading is not necessarily related to intellectuals; the doctor must read to know the latest developments in his work, and the university professor must read to be eligible for his job.

Reading is a means of self-education, not linked to a university degree or school achievement. Reading is a way of life, but you should be satisfied with this approach; reading without a passion for reading or at least a desire for knowledge will not yield the desired results.

Reasons make us to avoid reading

Do not know the value of reading.

Getting started with advanced books and references before taking the basics from small brochures.

Lack of colleagues and peers who like to read as well as lack of encouragement from others.

The speed of boredom, lack of patience.

Factors that increase our love for reading:


Organize reading plan

Specify a specific time to read and make use of the spaces



Benefits of reading :

The acquisition of knowledge.

Communicating human knowledge in its present and past.

Human contact with others’ minds and ideas.


Reading is fun for the soul and food for the mind.

Remove the differences of time and place, we live in the ages of all people and live with them wherever they are and wherever they go.

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