Describe New York City
Describe New York City

Describe New York City 12 models

Describe New York City is a topic where you will find many important details and information about New York City in terms of location, space and population, and we will also learn about tourism, economy and other things in New York City. All of this information will be found here in “Describe New York City”.

Describe New York City

New York City is one of the most important economic and tourist cities in the world and is a great attraction for tourists of all nationalities. Here we will learn about New York City in “Describe New York City”.

New York City

New York City is one of the US cities that is located south of the United States of America, the economic capital of the United States of America.

It is the largest city in the states with an area of ​​1,213.4 km², with a population of 50,666,542 million. The city has a distinct geographical location, good transport infrastructure .

It is divided administratively into five neighborhoods: Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and The Bronx.The city was founded in 1624 by settlers from the Dutch Republic. 

Description of New York City

 The city is one of the largest centers of communication in the state of America, and one of the largest gates to receive immigration in America, and the largest centers of trade, industry, finance.

And also one of the largest cultural centers in the world,  Where it contains many museums, art halls, cultural associations, and theaters.

The city has many buildings that differ in its architectural designs, with wooden buildings designed in the form of a sloping roof or bunk boxes. It is similar to the houses built in the Brooklyn area dating back to 1656.

 The city also has buildings designed with more modern design such as skyscrapers like the Empire State Building, one of the tallest buildings in the city. 

In spite of this, the city suffers from a number of problems such as the spread of crime, the phenomenon of drugs, discrimination, poverty and housing, which is one of the most important problems, with 65% of the city’s population living in rented hotels and apartments.


The tourism sector is one of the most important sectors in New York City, with more than forty-one foreign and domestic tourists per year.

 It includes many historical, tourist and religious sites such as Broadway, Times Square, Bronx Zoo, Coney Island, Ellis Island, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway,Statue of Liberty, Metropolitan Art Museum, Washington Square Park and Empire State Building.

Attractions include religious events such as Thanksgiving at the Maeses Center, Halloween in Greenwich Village, free shows at the Central Park in the Summerstage area, seasonal activities such as ice skating in Central  Park and festivals as the Tribeca Film Festival.

Describe New York City

I find it wonderful to have the opportunity to describe the wonderful city of New York. I really like her other name which is “Big Apple”. The reason for this name is because it is the largest city in the world.

Because of the success and prosperity of the architectural and commercial, the title of the capital of the world was adopted. The reason for calling it this title is due to the presence of the headquarters of important international organizations such as the United Nations.

New York is known by another name, which is “The City that Never Sleeps.” We find this city always a source of attraction for many different cultures.

The cultural aspect is one of the biggest sources of continuous attraction, such as visiting its museums. Among these museums, we find the Metropolita Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and other famous museums. It is officially announced that there are 40 million tourists  who go to New York City annually.


How to describe New York City in a Story

I have a short story about New York City that I always like to tell to my friends. It’s interesting because I could actually see the whole of New York City.

One day I was watching TV and I could see a person who could travel from one country to another by bicycle only.
So I said why not, I’m on summer vacation now and I can do this experiment.

So I went to get my tools and some clothes and food ready. I had saved some money so I prepared everything, and told my father I would try to do it. He encouraged me a lot to try, provided that I follow up with him the stages of my journey.

Indeed, on Saturday morning, I set out for a visit to New York City. The arrival to New York was fast, and in the evening of the first day I was able to arrive because I live in Philadelphia.

I felt this great feeling now I can visit New York and see all its landmarks. Indeed, I have prepared a map of the places that I will go to.

First I went to Time Square and saw many hotels and theaters. All the lights are on and the street, despite its large size, is crowded with cars and people. I felt the fast life on this street. I would very much love to return to it someday and live by it.

Time Square is one of the wonderful areas that contains everything and does not require much transportation, as it has all the entertainment, hotels and shopping places. So I had a meal at McDonald’s and talked to my dad and then decided to visit another place.

I can’t find a better time than now. It is now ten in the evening and certainly the Statue of Liberty is now lit and reflects the true beauty of it. So I went there immediately. I was able to watch it and see a lot of tourists who want to take pictures next to it so I took some souvenir photo.

I would very much like to ride a helicopter and watch through it like others, but this price is very high, so I only watched the events.

Then I set off to see another landmark of New York City. I went to a building called the Empire State, which is now famous after the fall of the World Trade Center, being the tallest now. I could see how tall it is and take some pictures next to it.

Then I decided to pass by Central Park and spend the most time there until the morning. In fact, I was able to sit there and spend some time with other people who come for tourism. I took a rest and decided upon waking that it was time to visit Niagara Falls.

I went there to see her. I really enjoyed having breakfast there and walking around. There is a beautiful smell in the air and a gentle breeze from the waterfalls. I liked the place very much and it was nice to meet some of the people who encouraged and praised my experience.

Then I decided to go to several museums and see them. And indeed I did that from the beginning of the afternoon and after the end of this day of watching the monuments in the museums, I decided to go back to see the famous Fifth Avenue which has the best markets in New York and buy souvenirs for my father and mother.

And indeed I did that and enjoyed a lot inside it and went back home to tell my parents and friends everything. I really enjoyed this experiment and I hope to do it again.


Describe New York

New York is a city of diversity and dynamism. It is also a city of politics, economy and culture. It is even described as the economic and cultural capital of the world, and New York City is one of the most populous cities in the United States.

The residents are very tolerant and open, and they can exchange opinions and talk with them on any topic easily, and they deal with others without fear, they respect others

Any visitor who visits New York has a different impression of this city, and most of the impressions are correct due to the great diversity in all areas, so that the person differs his opinion and impression of New York City every time he visits, as he discovers new things every time, because the dynamic and change Fast is the hallmark of New York.


How to describe New York

Last year we traveled for a year-end vacation with Dad in New York. My dad has been working there for 7 years, but we’ve only been there twice. I love going there because there are so many interesting places to visit

New York City is one of the most famous cities in the world because it is the capital of America. When you walk down the street you find it clean and neat, but it is very crowded because it is the most populated city in America

If you want to take a walk in New York, you will find a variety of tourist places, such as the Statue of Liberty. There is also Staten Island, which you can go on a trip to by boat in the sea.

We will not forget the distinctive parks in New York, where it has the most beautiful parks such as Central Park. This park was opened about 150 years ago. What is special about the park is that there are various activities in it, such as running and going to the zoo.


How to describe New York City

I am an Arab expat residing in New York City. My family and I live in the Bay Ridge neighborhood. This neighborhood has existed since the nineteenth century, and it continued for a long time as a rural area that does not contain many residents, but after the construction developments in the twentieth century, it became more popular.

And this expresses one of the sources of strength of New York City, as it is always in constant expansion and continuous development of its old areas to meet the requirements of the twenty-first century.

What is distinctive about New York is that it contains many areas designated for Arabs, which are very suitable for them in terms of halal food, and ease of dealing in the original Arabic language.

The neighborhood in which I live contains various levels and we have many recreational areas that everyone can share and we can do many activities.

I loved very much living and studying in New York City, and I feel very much that it is my second home and I have many Arab friends of different nationalities. I like that it doesn’t ban headscarves and does not rise up other religions.


How Would You Describe New York City

New York City, or New York State as many like to say. It is an American city, located on the northern coast of the United States. The total area of ​​New York City is 956 km2.

It is the largest state in the United States of America in terms of area. It also represents one of the largest populated states in the world.

New York City is the main center of commerce and industry in the United States of America, because it contains the center of world finance and trade.

The number of people residing in New York City is 7,322,564. It is not the final number as it is constantly increasing.
Black race accounts for 26%. Jews are 20%. Although the percentage of Jews is small, they run large businesses in New York City. There are also Italians, representing 14%. They are famous for their restaurants and dominate the pizzerias, especially in the city.

New York City is divided into five major counties:

Manhattan: It is one of the oldest provinces in New York State. It has an area of ​​89 km2. It has a population of 1.5 million. It is the smallest state.

Brooklyn Governorate: Its most famous landmark is the city’s port, the city’s industrial center, with a population of 2.25 million people. It has an area of ​​288 km2.

Bronx County: It is one of the famous residential areas in New York, with an area of ​​143 km2. It is home to approximately 1.5 million people.

Queens Governorate: It is the most famous in terms of area, with an area of ​​326 km2. It contains 2 million people.

Staten Island: It is considered one of the least developed areas in the entire state, with 352,000 people living in it, and it is located on an area of ​​168 km2.

These were the most famous landmarks of New York City in terms of history, area and number of people.


Description Of New York City Essay

The famous picturesque city of New York, the city is famous for its large population density, and this matter cannot be hidden when the number of residents in it is 8,398,748 people. We can also see this through cinematic films, where they always talk about the traffic congestion on the streets of New York City.

New York is located on an area of ​​1,213.37 km². It is the most densely populated city in the United States. The city is famous for being the cultural commercial center of the United States.

The city has a great economic impact, whether in the fields of entertainment, research, technology, politics, and education.

New York City is characterized by being located on one of the largest natural ports in the world, which helps it a lot in its continuous economic development and provides great opportunities.

New York City is known to be made up of five administrative divisions, belonging to the state of New York, and they are the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

New York City has a revenue of $1.73 trillion. It is home to the world’s richest and most affluent people. The city has many famous landmarks such as Times Square, which contains many skyscrapers, and the World Trade Towers.

New York City is also famous for means of transportation such as the metro and taxi, as it has proven that its transportation system is the largest in the world, with a total of 472 metro stations.


Words to Describe New York City

There is no doubt that New York City is called by many famous names such as the city that never sleeps, or the Big Apple. And other bright names that try to describe its beauty. But the truth is that they does not describe its beauty as seen by the eyes.

On dark New York City nights, large billboards illuminate the city and make it look as luminous as the morning, especially in Manhattan. Just by passing by and lifting your head up, you can see hundreds of skyscrapers.

New York City is the most populous city in the United States, which makes it a very important cultural and commercial center, to affect global trade directly, whether in culture, entertainment, fashion, commerce.

The city is distinguished by its location in a large natural port on the Atlantic coast, which helps it a lot in the economic and commercial aspect.

New York City is famous for its many tourist attractions, whether internally or externally, such as the famous Statue of Liberty, or beautiful green parks such as the famous Central Park, which we were able to watch in many famous international films.

It’s so wonderful to visit and enjoy New York City, whether it’s a stroll in Bryant Park, a visit to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and perhaps a ride using the city’s famous taxi or subway.


Describe New York city paragraph

New York City, both for its residents and for those from abroad, is an incredibly exciting experience. In one city, you can experience a lot of exciting things, which makes it one of the most exciting and curious cities for the wonderful things that can happen.

New York City has diversity and excitement in all its ways, and this can be seen through international television and movies.

In every neighborhood of New York City the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island. You can see the diversity of living and the vast differences, each neighborhood and region retains its own luster and identity.

New York City is famous for the most famous means of transportation, which are the subway, buses and taxis, and the taxi is famous for its distinctive color famous through many films.

When you visit New York City in the evening, you can see another world, lighting up tall buildings and skyscrapers, lighting up the entire city sky, making it always luminous morning and evening. You can enjoy restaurants, cinema, opera house, and many areas for adults.


Describe New York in a paragraph

New York City is famous for its distinguished geographical location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the United States of America. New York City is the most densely populated city in the country, and it plays a very large role in the American economy, as it is a huge financial and commercial center. It can be accurately described that it is the largest and most powerful in the world, which makes it a source of great attraction for trade and industry, and makes it in permanent work and continuous development, in order to meet the needs of all its employees, or the needs of its exports.



new york description in english

The first formal establishment of New York City was in 1624. From the establishment of the city to the present time, about 400 years have passed.

Since the city’s founding to the present time, it contains five major neighborhoods, Staten Island, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

New York City has faced many crises and difficulties that have been resolved over time. Which would not have been resolved without the solidarity and adherence of many institutions to it, to consolidate the city itself until it becomes the largest in the United States, and a huge economic and financial center, as it is described as the largest in the world.

When we go back to the ancient history of New York, we will find that it is completely different in terms of terrain or population, as Old New York was inhabited by the Linnabis Indians, along with other Indians such as the Algonquins.

These Indian tribes lived on hunting, whether for the abundant animals in the forests that covered the city completely, or fishing, and cultivating some agricultural crops such as beans and corn.

Which makes us imagine a completely different form of what we are today if it continues under the rule of the Indians.

Therefore, we can imagine many bloody battles until New York City is formed, like many American regions that were colonized by Americans and other peoples.

To arrive to the modern era of New York City that is always luminous, which has plenty of opportunities for everyone who dreams of achieving great wealth or huge success.



Descriptive essay about New York City

The wonderful city of New York, the city that never sleeps. Anyone who goes to visit New York immediately falls in love with her.

Walking the streets is my favourite, seeing the shops and life and the pulse of New York, where there’s an action going on all around you.

There is always something nice and attractive that attracts you to it, whether the opening of new stores, or shows, or offices and entertainment areas. Everyone gives their best in New York to satisfy all tastes, get fame and success.

Nothing is simple in New York City, even the literary events are beautifully presented, and so refined in a very beautiful way.

I see that New York City has something that is not available in any other city. It is the only city that does not matter who you take, if you are alone you will always find something to occupy you and make you happy.



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