Dolphin information
Dolphin information

Dolphin information

Dolphin information, and facts about the dolphin  you will find everything you care about and what you want to know about dolphins and their places of origin, types and sources of food. Undoubtedly, dolphins are a wonderful creature that many people love and want to know a lot about. You will find everything you are looking for in dolphin information.

Dolphin information

Dolphin is one of the most beautiful creatures in the sea. The dolphin is also very intelligent and helps humans sometimes. Here we will provide you with a lot of information about the dolphins through which you will learn more about this wonderful creature. All of this will be found here in dolphin information.


The dolphins are a social group that loves people and lives only in swarms. It is fun and loves playing. It may harass the marine animals that are present with it just for fun and entertainment. They may also establish a friendship with children and play with them.

Dolphins of marine mammals that live in all seas and oceans except the polar ones, they do not tolerate the high cold, it can be said that they are spread throughout the world.

They are about 40 species in seventeen genera, and vary in size and lengths and weights ranging between 1.2 Meters to 9.5 meters, while weighing between 40 kilograms to 10 tons.

Dolphin structure and characteristics

Dolphins are characterized by smooth and spindle, which makes it easy to swim at a very high speed. And depends on determining directions on the echo, where there is in her head a round member called Melon which is responsible for determining trends, Dolphins live for long ages up to 250 years.

Dolphins have the ability to hear sounds, they can hear the sound vibrations at a rate that exceeds the human ability to hear dozens of times.

It also has an acute vision and a high level of touch ,but lacks a sense of smell.  If they are in danger, they make a sound like a whistling sound to the other dolphins.

Although dolphins contain hair follicles, they contain only a few hairs on the beaks. The dolphins have only one lung, so they get oxygen from the air as they go out to the surface of the water, breathe in oxygen, then sink into the depths again. It lasts for long periods under water and it breathes in a voluntary manner.

One of the characteristics of the dolphins is that the brain is divided into two parts so that one part sleeps and the other remains to control the process of involuntary breathing and to be careful of the dangers and threats that may surround it, and sleep and one eye is open, but it is observed that the dolphins living in houses in captivity sleep completely and close both eyes .

Dolphins food and reproduction

Dolphins feed on meat, especially fish and squid, but there are some species of deadly dolphins that feed on other marine mammals.

As we mentioned earlier, dolphins love to live in swarms, love surfing, Play and play with seaweed, sea birds and sea turtles, interact well with swimmers.

Dolphins breed  by birth, where the duration of pregnancy is eleven months, and then the mother continue to breastfeed its baby for one year.

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