Turtle information
Turtle information

Turtle information

Turtle information in English contains many things that you did not know about Turtle before, where we will know the types of turtles and places of their presence and we will learn about its importance in the cultures of some peoples. All that information you will find here in Turtle information.

Turtle information

Turtle is a favorite animal of many people. Many children love turtle breeding at home, and here we will learn about the tortoise in English, where we learn about the most important foods preferred by the turtle and whereabouts and other information , all this is in Turtle information.


The turtle  

The turtle is of creeping animals, some of it lives on land and some lives in the seas. It is cold blood, and has the shield covering its body, which is a hard horn cells, to protect it.


Its age can be determined by counting the geometric shapes that these cells form ,exactly as the way of knowing the age of trees through the circles in their legs.

Characteristics of the Turtle


Turtles differ in their forms. In general, sea turtles are larger than wild turtles. The wild turtles has short stalks that end in claws and are slow to move because of the shortness of its legs and the weight of its heavy shield .

The sea turtle and its limbs flat helps it to swim in addition to the flattening of its shield,  but both breathe with the lungs.


Its body adapts to the heat of the environment in which it lives, it has no teeth, but has a beak, Which can crush food, and its skin covers with scales. 

The turtle`s food

The wild tortoise feeds on grasses and vegetables, while the marine turtle feeds on small marine animals, especially jellyfish.The larger ones feed on vertebrate animals such as jellyfish, as well as crabs, mollusks, they are able to grind their bones with their strong jaws.

Including the preferred to eat algae, and they eat bags of nylon and plastic floating on the water, thinking it is  jellyfish which endangering its life.

The marine turtle is a diet for some people, such as Chinese, where they prepare meals from it, especially turtle soup.

Breeding of the Turtle

Turtles prefer to live alone, meet in the mating seasons. Sea turtles gather on beaches, prefer the shores of uninhabited islands, and both types dig  holes, and put eggs in it, and then bury it.

When the young hatch, go to the sea and do not come out of it except when mating, and laying eggs. Where they lay eggs after about a month and a half or two months of mating. The same thing in wild turtles.

Turtle in peoples cultures

Although the Chinese consider it a delicious food, they are also optimistic about its existence and think it brings luck and money.

As for the Arabs, they say the proverbs in its slow and longevity, some live for more than a hundred years. Turtles have been featured in movies like the four-part Ninja Turtles, a popular film,a cartoon of children was created with the same idea as the film, and the turtle occupies the position of the wise person in children’s programs in general.

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