Polar bear facts and information
Polar bear facts and information

Polar bear facts and information

Polar bear facts and information  where you find everything you need to know about polar bear species and places of existence and also  its numbers on the surface of the earth. All this and more you will find here in Polar bear facts and information.

Polar bear facts and information

There are many species and types of bears are located on the surface of the earth and vary in shape and pattern of food and places of presence .The most important of these types is polar bear, which lives on the Arctic. Here we will learn a lot about the polar bear in Polar bear facts and information.

Polar bear

This type of bear is a carnivore, and the Arctic Circle is the original home in which it is located, including areas of the Arctic Ocean and the surrounding seas

  The polar bear is one of the large-sized animals weighing between 350 to 700 kg, and the weight of adult females is about half that weight.

It is similar to brown bears, but it occupies a narrower place on the surface of the earth.They also vary greatly from the characteristics of the body and adapt them to very cool temperatures; to move through snow, ice, open cold water.Seals are a food for it, polar bears spend most of their lives in the sea, even though they are born on the ground.

The places where the polar bear lives

 The Polar Bear was found in the Arctic Circle, and in the adjacent lands south to the island of Newfoundland, Where their southern range is close to the boundary between continental and semi-polar regions and wetlands.

Because of the absence of human groups in their environment, they retain their original collections more than other carnivorous animals.

It is also located in James Bay in Canada, in Berlivag in the Finnish province of Finnmark, the Kuril Islands in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

It is difficult to estimate the number of polar bears because there are separate subsets. But the statistics indicate the presence of between 20 thousand and 25 thousand polar bears on this land.

There are nineteen species of well-known polar factions characterized as not isolated breeding. Thirteen species are found in the North American continent, namely the Beaufort Sea, south of Hudson Bay, and eastern Baffen Bay, west of Greenland, which contains 70% of the world’s bears. It extends to the Barents Sea, the Kara Sea, And the Chukchi Sea.

The five largest countries that have the polar bears are Danish Greenland, Norway, Norway, Russia, Alaska, USA and Canada. The five countries signed an agreement to keep bears.  In mid-1980, modern methods were used to track the whereabouts of these bears.  

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