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Dinosaur information

Dinosaur information

Dinosaur information in English where you learn many important things about Dinosaurs in terms of periods of existence and places of presence, and we will also know the most important causes of the extinction of dinosaurs. All this information and more will be here through Dinosaur information.

Dinosaur information

Dinosaurs are among the most reptile species that have captured the interest of scientists. Despite all the information about dinosaurs that has been discovered, they are not enough and are among the biggest puzzles facing the world. Here we will learn a lot about dinosaurs through Dinosaur information.


Many organisms have been found on the surface of the earth before human life. The most important are the dinosaurs known to humans through fossils and skeletons found in different parts of the world.

Scientists have studied these fossils accurately, concluding that they date back to the tripartite era (approximately 230 million years) and remained at the end of the Chalcolithic era (approximately 65 million years).

The dinosaurs were characterized by their many forms and sizes. There are five thousand species, more than 500 species have been identified, and 1000 kinds of non-flying type.

Its description

 Dinosaurs are terrestrial reptiles with a standing list, its mouse contain regular teeth from the top and bottom.  There are types walking on two feet and another on four feet, and other types contain wings to help them to fly. Some of it have a skeleton shield on the spine,  and another have bones beyond the skull to form horns. Dinosaurs have evolved significantly in the years they lived as a result of changes in their food and genetic mutations.


In ancient times the Earth had a giant continent called Panjia, Making dinosaurs live all around, but with the natural and climatic change of the Earth , the giant continent divided into different continents to take each continent with a specific type of dinosaurs.

It increased in the continents of North and South America, Africa, Europe more than in Asia, Australia, and the two polar continents.

Although the number of dinosaurs was very large, but the number of fossils found did not satisfy science and do not explain many of the events at the time.

Methods of studying its life

Scientists have adopted in the study of these organisms on several things, especially dinosaurs located on the surface of the earth, namely:

The fossilized bones of dinosaurs were collected and assembled together to form their skeleton, this has helped to identify its external appearance.  

The fossilized dinosaur stools, where scientists took advantage of that organic matter in their analysis and knowledge of what it was eating.

The footprints of the dinosaurs on the rocks, these drawings gave an idea of ​​their sizes.  

Internal organs and biopsies, found naturally stuffed.

Causes of extinction

Scientists differed in the cause of the extinction of dinosaurs, some put the possibility that it was extinct because of the impact of a very large planet in the Earth and called a collision event.

Others said they were extinct as a result of environmental changes, the most important of which are:  

Climate change.

Deccan plateau traps: a theory that the dinosaurs were gradually extinct by volcanic eruptions and basaltic lava that was not tolerated by dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs failed to adapt to terrestrial variables such as successive continental divisions and sea level rise.

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