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My city essay in English
My city essay in English

My city essay in English

My city essay in English ,You will find many paragraphs in My city essay in English can install a short topic with the change of some of the names and places in your country to make this topic suitable for your country.

My city essay in English

The name of the city is (name of the city). Of the governorates (name of governorate) of (the name of the state). It is climate (type of climate) which makes it a beautiful city. it is (the distance) from the capital. It has a population of (population number) approx.

I live with my family consisting of my father, mother, younger brothers, grandparents, uncles, and their children.

My ancestors were born in this city; it is the home of my family since ancient times. My family works in the field of (work name), which is the work of most of the people of the city where I live.

I receive my education at the school (name of the school), one of the city schools. It was bult since a long time. My father, my mother and my uncles learned at this school.

My city has all the services. We have a market (market name) that provides the city with all its requirements of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, poultry, grains, tools, fabrics and other products.

My town is famous for (what the city is famous for).

I like to wake up very early and walk the streets before people wake up and wait for the sunrise and the morning light that illuminates my city and inspires activity and hope.

My city’s residents are known for their diligence and hard workers. The city, which its people is characterized by these specifications, is clean and organized and developing rapidly to cope with global progress.

I love my city and I think it is the best place in the world. It is my homeland where I grew up and learned. In which My family, my friends live and work.

I visited many different cities, and whenever I visit a new city, I was looking for my city. I could not find a city like it.

I love my city and I plan to live there and I hope to be buried at my death next to my parents and grandparents.

I have planned my small project, which I will establish after graduation.

My project depends on my experience of my family’s work and the use of modern technology to develop it.

I love my city; it is a wonderful and developed city. I’m lucky to live in it.

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