My city essay in English
My city essay in English

My city essay in English 15 models

My city essay in English ,You will find many paragraphs in My city essay in English can install a short topic with the change of some of the names and places in your country to make this topic suitable for your country.

My city essay in English

The name of the city is (name of the city). Of the governorates (name of governorate) of (the name of the state). It is climate (type of climate) which makes it a beautiful city. it is (the distance) from the capital. It has a population of (population number) approx.

I live with my family consisting of my father, mother, younger brothers, grandparents, uncles, and their children.

My ancestors were born in this city; it is the home of my family since ancient times. My family works in the field of (work name), which is the work of most of the people of the city where I live.

I receive my education at the school (name of the school), one of the city schools. It was bult since a long time. My father, my mother and my uncles learned at this school.

My city has all the services. We have a market (market name) that provides the city with all its requirements of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, poultry, grains, tools, fabrics and other products.

My town is famous for (what the city is famous for).

I like to wake up very early and walk the streets before people wake up and wait for the sunrise and the morning light that illuminates my city and inspires activity and hope.

My city’s residents are known for their diligence and hard workers. The city, which its people is characterized by these specifications, is clean and organized and developing rapidly to cope with global progress.

I love my city and I think it is the best place in the world. It is my homeland where I grew up and learned. In which My family, my friends live and work.

I visited many different cities, and whenever I visit a new city, I was looking for my city. I could not find a city like it.

I love my city and I plan to live there and I hope to be buried at my death next to my parents and grandparents.

I have planned my small project, which I will establish after graduation.

My project depends on my experience of my family’s work and the use of modern technology to develop it.

I love my city; it is a wonderful and developed city. I’m lucky to live in it.


My city essay

I love the city in which I live so much, My city is coastal and I live near the sea, I can see it whenever I go out for a walk or go to school.

This makes it a city that basically does not sleep, as there is always tourism that makes the city awake to cover the requirements of its arrivals.

This is what makes it always in constant development and improvement and a keen interest in the cleanliness of its streets and the construction of many modern buildings in it.

I really like to ride public transport. There is a bus that runs on the sea road only, and you can ride in the upper area and see all the sights in the city and see the beaches through it.

I can also sit in several ancient historical landmarks dating back to ancient times since the beginning of my town’s inception.


Essay on my city

I live in the (…..)  city  and I love it very much. My brothers and I grew up in this city and we know every area in it.
We enjoy a lot watching football matches inside the (…..) stadium.

And every holiday we and all the family members go to a zoo and watch the animals and take some pictures, or enjoy sitting near the fish tank  to see some of the new fish that have been included in the garden.

Then watch the main show and watch the dolphin playing with the coach and spraying water on the audience.
It makes us interact a lot. I love my city very much because it has many restaurants, parks and beaches.

I enjoy a lot when we go out in the evening to eat in the famous (…..) restaurant. What I like about my city is that it is safe and we can go around and leave at any time and go back and walk on the roads without any fear.

I like very much to say hello to the police who are everywhere. Seeing them makes me feel safe.


My city essay in English

I live in a coastal city, so I enjoy a nice mild weather all year round, and in the summer I spend most of my time on the beach, and my cousins ​​come to visit us at the end of the year, and we go to the beach together, there are a lot of activities we do, such as playing football , or playing chess, in addition to swimming, I love my city very much, so I hope to live in it after I graduate from university, and I like to work in it also, I dream of being an engineer in the future, to design some beautiful beach houses.


My city topic

My city is the most beautiful city in the world from my point of view, because every person in this life sees that his city is the most beautiful because it is his homeland in which he was born. In my city, I lived with my family the most beautiful days of my life, as we used to meet during Ramadan and Eid. We have been celebrating the marriage of our relatives for long days. When I went to school, I got to know my friends and we used to have fun every day and play together.

I live in Luxor, which is known among all the cities of the world as a first-class tourist city, due to the presence of Pharaonic monuments and temples in it. Although it is a famous city and loved by people everywhere from all over the world, but I love it because it is my city and has my family, friends and beautiful memories.


My City Paragraph

I live in an industrial city with my family members. My father works in one of the factories near the house. My city is completely dependent on factories.

Factories represent the basic income of many families in my city. The factories in my town have a lot of large areas that help in accommodating a lot of workers.

I would very much like to become an engineer when I graduate because it is one of the most sought-after jobs in my city.

Many factories in the past closed due to lack of development, unlike many of the current factories, which are fiercely competitive and have a spirit of challenge.

I really like the competitive atmosphere that makes people give their best and this is what I want to participate in and experience.


Paragraph about my city

My name is (..). I am from the city of Geneva. I live in it with my family. I am (..) years old. I study in class (..). I love my city very much.

Geneva is famous for its beautiful scenery. It is also famous for its high quality watches. It is the best in this industry in the world.

I love spending time by the Geneva Fountain, which is a symbol of the city. The fountain was built in 1886. I also very much love spending time at the Museum of Contemporary Art for myself and my friends. This is the second special place we love to spend time at.


City Essay In English

Cities are famous for the large population congestion, and many high-rise buildings to accommodate the continuous housing increase, and the continuous expansion of transportation and communications, and the infrastructure must be strong to accommodate the huge number of people present in it.

The city is characterized by containing many profitable commercial opportunities, and provides various job opportunities. The city is also famous for having better education because it keeps pace with the modern era, and is more used, making it more developed.

There is no doubt that any city requires wealthy investors to pump projects and form trades that contribute to the national income of the state and the city, and whenever the appropriate climate is provided, the more investors flock to it.

Therefore, the city is considered one of the important and distinctive areas in which life is fast and profitable for many people.


My Beautiful City Essay

Undoubtedly, I love my city very much, and I love to roam and participate in many activities in it. I like to walk in the parks and do jogging daily.

I like very much to play sport in the garden ( write the name of the garden ). When I finished, I return home from a street of (type the name of the street). I can see the roses on this street and the trees on both sides, It makes me feel energetic, especially the scent of jasmine that is in the air.

After that, I like to go out to participate in some cultural activities that I share with my friends, such as going to the library or talking about some study matters that occupy us.

My city in the evening is beautiful, illuminated by large advertisements, and all the shops and commercial centers are open. We can go and walk around and shop or entertain ourselves.

I love the cinema very much and go to some famous movies like Kingdom of the Rings or something like that. I like to go out late with my family, have a meal at one of the restaurants near the house, enjoy talking with my mum and dad, and take a little drive around the road before going back to the house.

I never get tired of walking around the city and watching the streets. There is always something going on around us that we really enjoy watching it.


My city paragraph in English

My city is characterized by diversity and many differences that make it distinctive and unique, as there are several neighborhoods in my city and they are (write the names of the neighborhoods here). I live in the city of (type the name of the city). Inside a neighborhood of (type the neighborhood name here).

Nevertheless, each neighborhood in the city has its own unique character that retains its own identity, customs and traditions. Which makes there a great curiosity and desire to discover other areas and learn about other customs and traditions in the city.

My city is famous because of the hobby of (type the name of a hobby here). This hobby is shared by many city residents, and there are many playgrounds where we practice this sport.

In the evening, everyone loves to go out and wander the streets and sit on the sides of the roads in famous cafes and eat sweets or drinks.


Writing a paragraph about my city

I love my city very much. I live in a coastal city. In winter, the sea is empty, and walking on the sea promenade is wonderful and there is no crowding.

I like very much to ride my bike during sunset on the Corniche, me and my friends, and to roam some of the roads surrounding the neighborhood in which I live.

We go to play soccer on the beach many days, and we enjoy it a lot, especially since this opportunity does not come often.

Summer in my city, no one can move easily, many summer residents come to my city from neighboring countries that do not have beaches, and everything is crowded.

I also like this, as it represents a main source of income for the city, and all parents depend on it to provide as much as possible before the summer ends.

We own some apartments near the sea. In the summer, I like to help my father in advertising and bring in some tenants. This is profitable as the rent is for two or three days only, and the return is good. We rely heavily on these apartments in the summer.

When the day is over, I like to go with my friends to the cinema, take a walk in the parks, or go for meals in one of the famous restaurants.

It makes me happy, after working hard all morning I managed to make some money, and now I can enjoy it. I love my city so much for these reasons.


My city essay for class 2

I can say that I am one of the lucky people, as I was born in the city of (type the name of the city). It is a distinguished city where all services are available such as courts, stadiums, sports clubs, restaurants, the sea, parks, game and entertainment cities, zoo, hospitals, large police stations, ambulances, the best schools, the best universities.

So I am very happy to be here and live in it and I am very grateful that I was born in this city . I can say that I am fortunate in this, and I appreciate it and try to preserve it, by volunteering in many charitable activities, or keeping the city clean, and diligently studying, so that I can live in the city and enter the university.

I hope when I grow up I can present some projects or ideas that help in the development of the city and make it better than it is.



My city essay for class 10

My city is small and it doesn’t have a lot of amazing things like big cities. But we have love and security in my city, a quality that may not be present in big cities. I live in the city of (type the name of the city). In the region of (type the name of the region). I study in class 10.

Because of the small area of ​​my city, everyone knows each other, and we gather on occasions on a regular basis, and on holidays we go out to the streets to celebrate.

We also have few schools in my city, so the children of the town are almost all in one place, so there is bonding and love between everyone, and all the way we greet each other. It makes me feel safe and I am in my safe zone.

I really like to ride my bike in the city and roam around the stadiums, and if the opportunity allows me to participate in some matches, I am very happy with that.

In addition to going to play some video games and others with my friends, and for a walk in the evening in the park with the family.

I find living in a small town wonderful and I don’t want anything else that we don’t have in our city. I am happy with it as it is and I hope to grow and participate in providing something useful for it.




My city essay in Eenglish for class 4

My city is very beautiful and I love spending time in it. I live in the city of (type the name of the city). I live in the neighborhood of (type the name of the neighborhood here).

I love the neighborhood in which I live at all times, whether it is morning or evening. There are always activities and games in the neighborhood that suit every time.

There are playgrounds for neighborhood children, and in the morning we play inside them. In the evening, the entire city is awake and full of activity and vitality, its streets are full of people, and everyone is wandering in the markets and shops.

I like to cycle with my friends in the streets, or go to the game centers, which are located in the big malls, and play a little.

This is how I see my city as beautiful and its streets are wide and clean, and the school is close to my home, and there is nothing difficult or dangerous in it.



Paragraph about your city

When you think about writing a paragraph about your city, you will always find yourself distracted and not knowing where to start writing. So we will shed some light on several good points that you can write about and use in writing  your homework.

Undoubtedly, there are many wonderful areas in my city that make me fell happiness and pleasure, such as the picnic areas that contain large green areas, and which contain playgrounds and family entertainment areas, in which all family members meet.

I remember in my city the first time my father and mother took me to the park and took the bike with us to teach me driving. I remember my happiness a lot, and how my father worked hard with me to teach me to drive, and we spent the whole day trying to teach me to drive on my own. The presence of an area designated for cycling enthusiasts helped me a lot.

I also have several other areas where I have a lot of happy moments, such as cinemas, clubs that have a swimming pool. There I learned to swim with my coach.

My city is wonderful and has many wonderful places. We have wonderful and clean schools, and we own many famous and huge restaurants that I love to eat in , especially pizza.

We also have many wonderful malls that consist of more than one floor. I enjoy a lot of going with my family and wandering around all the floors and going up the escalator, and seeing the shops and clothes, that makes me very happy.

After touring and buying, we always go to eat ice cream or wonderful drinks in the cafe located at the bottom of the mall. We make this place a habit that we always repeat whenever we go to the mall.

This is my wonderful city that I love and I do not feel that there is anything missing.

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