Essay on tigers
Essay on tigers

Essay on tigers 2 Models

Essay on tigers, in which I talk about the most important information about tigers, several examples such as a short topic about the life of tigers, a paragraph about tigers’ living quarters, and what are their characteristics, a long essay on tigers and the dangers they are exposed to, and what are the subspecies of tigers, information about the black tiger, and the Arabian tiger. An interesting topic that contains all the elements and information that you want to know about tigers. It is suitable for fifth and sixth grade students, and middle and high school students.

Essay on tigers

The tiger is a mammal of the feline family, which is a family that includes tigers, lions, panthers and jaguars.

An essay on tigers in which I will explain the characteristics of the tiger in terms of shape, size, behavior, skills, method of hunting and other interesting information about tigers and their various breeds such as Asian tigers, African tigers, black tigers and white tigers, and what is the difference between a tiger and a leopard, a lot of information about tigers and their behavior and way of hunting.

Information about the tiger animal

The tiger is distinguished by its great skill in hunting, as it is strong and fast, skilled in catching its prey, and that is why all animals fear it. The tiger belongs to the family of cats, and it is the smallest of the four great cats, which are lions, panthers, and jaguars.

The tiger lives in Africa, south of the Sahara desert, and in parts of northeastern Africa, Asia Minor, Central Asia, China, India and Manchuria.

There is no doubt that the numbers of the tiger have declined significantly due to the extension of population growth, and thus the animals have lost their habitat, and these animals are also exposed to poaching. The following is the most important information about the tiger:

Tiger body shape

The tiger is characterized by a long body and relatively short legs, a wide head and a huge skull, small round ears, and long hairy eyebrows to protect his eyes while navigating among the dense vegetation.

The tiger’s color usually ranges from light brown to blackish-brown, and black spots in the form of rings (rosettes) are spread on its fur. There are some tigers whose fur color is black.

In general, the shape of the tiger is attractive. It is graceful and strong. Its colors are dazzling, and they help it to hide while hunting. Each member of the tiger is designed to help him hunt with skill.

The tiger’s body shape is streamlined, helping it to run very quickly, and its tail creates a balance with its body, thus it can control the movement of its body while running quickly, as it can chase the prey and change its movement at different angles without disturbing its balance.

The size

The tiger is the smallest of the felines, and its head length ranges from 125-165 cm, and the tail length ranges between 60-110 cm. The height of the tiger is about 45-80 cm. Males are about 30% larger than females. Female weight ranges between 28-60 kg. , while the weight of males ranges between 37 – 91 kg.

The size of the tigers is one of the reasons for their strength and skill in hunting, as this size provides them with the ability to hide in the grass and above the trees, among the dense vegetation and so on, and their small size helps them to pounce very quickly on the prey, and the tiger can run at a speed of 58 km / h .

Despite its small size, it has muscular strength and hardness, so that it can carry prey in its mouth that is larger than it in size, and heavier than it in weight, and transport it a great distance, moving it from the hunting place to a safe place to hide it from the eyes of other predators.

Tiger speed

The most important characteristic of the tiger is its speed, as the tiger’s speed is about 58 km/h. The tiger is famous for its agility and can jump horizontally for a distance of 6 meters, and it can jump up to a distance of 3 meters. All these specifications make the tiger a skilled hunter. In addition, the tiger can swim skillfully.

When these specifications meet in the tiger, it makes it one of the most dangerous predators, because its speed is not distinguished by any other predator.

Also, his skill in climbing trees provides him with an opportunity to surprise the prey, thus increasing the rate of catching the prey. Likewise, his swimming skill provides him with many benefits, including escaping from enemies, as well as feeding on fish or crocodiles and amphibians.

Tiger’s physical strength

The tiger is characterized by physical strength and toughness, and therefore it can carry prey larger than it in size and climb it up the tree, in order to escape from its competitors. This indicates the strength of his muscles, in addition to the strength of the jaw muscles, as he carries the prey with his jaw while climbing trees, and most of the time the tiger lives above the trees to hide from his enemies, such as lions, wolves, and others.

He also climbs with his prey above the trees so that predators do not attack him while eating, in addition to eating his prey without any other predator sharing it.

Tiger feeding

Tigers are predators that eat meat, as they hunt prey from animals in their environment, such as antelopes, gazelles, monkeys, lion cubs, cheetah cubs, snakes, rodents, birds, pigs, fish, amphibians, and others.

Thus, it turns out that tigers prey on any animal they find on their way.

Tigers hunt their prey in an ambush way, as they are good at concealment and a sudden pounce on the prey, sometimes even taking tree branches as a hideout, then jumping on the prey suddenly, making the prey unable to escape. And the tiger kills its prey with one bite in the neck, which causes the neck of the prey to break.

The tiger is a skilled hunter, because it has characteristics that help it run very quickly. Likewise, its colors help it to hide among dense vegetation, behind trees, or among tree branches. Its small size also distinguishes it from running fast for a long time compared to the lion. The tiger is characterized by muscular strength, and therefore it can pursue its prey and eliminate it with one bite. Then he moves the prey to a safe place, such as on top of a tree, or among dense vegetation, so that other predators do not attack him and rob him of his prey.

The tiger’s social life

Tigers live alone, or in a small group of two or three individuals, before puberty. Tigers breed during the mating season, and the female is pregnant for about three months.

The female gives birth to two or three cubs, the weight of the cub at birth ranges from 500 – 600 grams, and the cub is hairless and blind at birth. The mother takes care of her cubs, and the cubs remain in the den for about three months, and the mother is keen to hide her young from predators. And the mother is always close to the den of her young to protect them.

The cubs can leave the den when they reach a year to a year and a half, and at the age of 2-3 years, the tigers have reached mating age, and they can live on their own.

The tiger’s age in the wild ranges between 12-15 years, while his age in the zoo ranges from 23 years, because he receives good health care and food is available to him in abundant quantities.

The ability to swim and climb

The tiger can swim skillfully, in addition to climbing trees skillfully, and these characteristics make it a skilled hunter, prey does not escape from it easily, and it is adept at carrying its prey and climbing it to the top of the trees. Thus, other predators cannot snatch the prey from it. It can also adapt to the environment in which it lives, and is characterized by its food diversity.

Where do tigers live?

Tigers live in different places of the world, where they can adapt to the environment, and among the most important places where tigers live are India, China, Malaysia, Africa and Indochina, and there is no doubt that the number of tigers has decreased a lot, for several reasons such as forest fires, urban sprawl, hunting Unjust and other environmental factors and human activities.


At the end of my essay on tigers, I talked about the characteristics of this animal, which is characterized by strength, speed and intelligence, in addition to the beauty of its shape.

Tigers are predators that feed on meat, but they can eat different types of animals, fish, amphibians, and birds.

This diversity helps them spread in a variety of environments.

I hope you benefited from the information I provided in my essay on tigers.


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