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Tiger information
Tiger information

Tiger information

Tiger information, where you will learn a lot of useful things that we did not know about the tiger. All you will find here  many things and more information on the tiger .

Tiger information

Tiger is considered one of the strongest animals in  the nature and here we will learn important information about the places of the tiger and the nature of its food. All of this will be found here in Tiger information .


The tiger belongs to the family of the nymphs and ranks fourth in size among the four largest tiger species. The perry, lion, and igor are larger in size .The tiger is in danger of extinction according to the World Conservation Union .

The tiger animal is endemic In most sub-Saharan Africa, in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China in South and East Asia.

The Tigers have settled in all countries that extend their borders from the Korean peninsula to South Africa. They include Central Asia, Eastern and Southern Asia, the Middle East.

The reason for the decline in the number of tigers in the world is the large number of fishing, lack of housing, and the spread of urbanization and cities which have significantly affected their presence.

External description

The tiger has a long body and a large skull, and four short lists to some extent, and it can be said that the tiger is similar to the jaguar in terms of form, but there is a slight difference in the appearance ,the tiger is smaller and less full, Approximately 85 centimeters, and about 91 kilograms in weight.

The fur is plumed with the rose and rosy body of the tiger, but the fur lacks a central point in the middle like the one owned by the jaguar. It should be noted that there is a kind of tigers of dark color up to the total blackness sometimes.

The tiger is characterized by agility, and its fragmentation of movement due to its super speed. The most important thing that helps him to predation is the strong jaw muscles he possesses in his massive skull, Helping him kill large-sized bush.

The Tigers are classified into approximately twenty-seven species according to animal scientists, the most important of which are: Indonesian, Nimurian, East, Javanese, Japanese and Persian.

Behavior and nature of food

The Tigers are unique in their ability to climb, and can be seen moving and lying on high tree trunks with ease. They can jump for more than six meters. In addition, they have the ability to swim with all force; they reach speeds of 58 kilometers per hour .

As for feeding, the Tigers often focus on the prey of birds , as well as reptiles, fish,  amphibians, antelopes, and elk. The tiger pursues the method of suffocation by infertility, where it slams its prey and crouches in its neck until suffocation and death.

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