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Lion information
Lion information

Lion information

Lion information, facts about the Lion where  we know a lot of useful things about the life of lion and all that facts you will find here in lion information.

Lion information

There is a lot of information that we do not know before about lion’s life and here we will learn about the lion lifestyle, and other facts you will find here in lion information.

The lion

The lion is classified among the mammals, It is from the family of the nymphs,  As for its size, it is the second in the world of its faction.

Most wild lions live today mainly in Africa, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. They lived in different regions in the past, some of them in North Africa, some in the Middle East.

And was considered one of the most abundant creatures on the surface of the earth after the human, and we can distinguish the male lion from the female with absolute ease;  Once viewed, he has a hair around his neck, while the lioness does not possess this hair.

The external description of the lion

The lion is one of the longest in the shoulder area, very heavy, has a strong jaw, and its teeth are long; the length of the cane is 8 cm, and its strength is solid and strong.

While its color is between bright yellow and yellow or reddish yellow or dark brown. The hair that is on the last tail black, and the cubs are spotted pink and brown on all her body. These signs disappear upon reaching puberty, some of which remain visible on the lower body, and both the lion and the lioness share a strand of hair at the end of each tail.

Lumbar or hair around the neck

 The lion’s Lumbar is not similar in nature to the other animals, and makes the lion appears to be larger in size, which gives rise to fear in the same person who stands in front of it and helps it face the other lions.

The lion’s Lumbar is distinguished by its characteristics based on several factors: genetic factors, sexual maturity, climate, and the proportion of production of the male hormone, which indicates the health of the lion.The more color it was , the more healthier the lion was .

It also plays a major role in protecting the lion from the blows and bruises it may face when it struggles with another lion. The more intense it is, the more likely it is to win, while predicting its loss if it is light.

Social organization of lions

Lions are predatory animals, and follow two different social systems, Some are resident and live within a group of individuals called a clique.

The group consists of five or six lionesses; each with its cubs, There are also one male or two males names in the male alliance, and male cubs leave the group when they reach puberty.

Others lions do not settle in a particular place. They move from one place to another. They may live alone or with groups, and lions may turn from resident to backward or vice versa. They do not stay in a certain way of life.

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