College life essay 3 Models

College life essay

College life essay, one of the interesting articles that students love to write about because of their love for the university stage. So here we will present to you a 500-word essay on college life. And we will not forget to provide a short paragraph and a long presentation on …

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Essay on television 3 Models

Essay on television

Essay on television, this wondrous device has managed to enter people’s homes and give them a sense of excitement that they did not know before. Below we will talk in a 500 Words speech on television about the invention of television. In the subject of an essay on television, we …

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Speech on technology 3 Models

speech on technology

A speech on technology, which has found in all life styles in the modern day in which we live. So we are going to present  a 500 word speech on technology. Below you will find 150 word speech on recent technological advances and what technology represents for current generations. We …

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Essay on my parents 3 Models

Essay on my parents

Essay on my parents. We present this article because of the importance of the role of father and mother in the life of every living creature on earth. And when the students are asked to write a short essay on parents, or a long essay on parents, the student must …

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Essay on my teacher 3 Models

Essay on my teacher

Essay on my teacher, we will present to you this important 500-word essay about the teacher in a long essay topic. And we must take into account the educational stage for which we present this short paragraph and phrases about the teacher’s day. Because the teacher has a great importance …

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