Describe your friend
Describe your friend

Describe your friend

Describe your friend, an English topic of the description of my friend using easy English words so that the student can understand and thus easy to remember, we will use the words on the formal description and appearance of the friend and what he wants to do in the future.All that information you can use to describe your friend.

Describe your friend

To describe your friend is very interesting because there are many ideas that can be written about, because each friend has qualities that distinguish him from others.All that and more you can find here to describe your friend.

The description of my friend

My friend is a very beautiful girl, she is tall and about 175 cm tall, 60 kg in weight, and therefore she enjoys a slim and harmonious body.

She is white with a soft skin, her eyes are wide and its color is blue. My friend’s hair is soft, long and yellow.  My friend is very interested in her skin ,and so, she uses many skin creams  to keep the skin fresh. She also takes care of her hair and uses her appropriate shampoo as well as appropriate hair creams.

My friend loves fashion so she goes to various fashion shows to see the latest exhibits in women’s clothing, She likes casual clothes because it is comfortable, and often buys fashion magazines to follow fashion in clothing and accessories.

My friend likes to work as a model, so she learned how to walk like the model during the show, and how to highlight the beauty of the beauty in the clothes,  she also learned what accessories fit each piece of fashion.

My friend  practices sports, especially running sport, so that she can keep her body slim. She goes to gym to practice some exercises that help her to be always agile,  She is also committed to healthy food according to the diet prepared by her doctor. My friend is interested in her appearance, she is elegant and fun and therefore she is loved by everyone.

In this way we have given you an example to use it in order to describe your friend, and you can read more topics through the following link:

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