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Importance of smile
Importance of smile

Importance of smile

Importance of smile, an English topic contains many important and valuable information about the importance of the smile for the person himself or those around him. A smile strengthens social ties and is also charity. You will find all this information here in an English topic about the importance of smile.

Importance of smile

The smile is a factor affecting mental, physical and social health as well. They bring joy, pleasure and positive feelings to people’s lives. Here we will learn about the benefits of smiling in an English topic about the importance of smile.

The smile

 The smile is one of the most beautiful expressions that appear on the face. It is usually used to express a form of joy, happiness or pleasure. The motivations that call for smiling vary in different environments, cultures and societies. 

The smile has also religious position, especially in the Islamic religion; Where religion calls for the need to smile in the faces of each other.

This is clear evidence of the greatness of the smile, and the strength of its influence in yourself and others; as it affects the subconscious of the human, and make it more powerful. Scientists say that man is the only creature who smiles.

The benefits of the smile

 The smile has many benefits, which affect the individual, society and his small family, the most important of these benefits are:

The smile Contributes to raise the positive energy of the body, and it transmits positive energy in the hearts of others.

Reduce the level of negative energy.

Increases body immunity and increases resistance to disease.

Strengthens the muscle of the heart.

The smile is considered food for the soul and mind.

It Contributes to facilitate digestion.

Increases beauty, vitality and youth of the face, making the person appear younger.

Prolonging the life of man, and make his subconscious mind affect his apparent unconscious, which reflects on all his actions.

Increases the activity of the mind, and increases the state of mental concentration.

Strengthens memory.

Strengthen social ties between people.

Increases the freshness and brightness of the face.

Helps in the breathing process.

The expansion of veins and arteries, and reduces the possibility of heart attacks.

Contribute to the arrival of oxygen to all parts of the bod.

Improves the functioning of the endocrine system and increases its secretions, especially the pancreas, adrenal gland and .

Reduces the pain, and helps to relax the body.

Helps to sleep deeply, prevents long sleeplessness, or anxiety, reduces stress which prevents the disturbing dreams.

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