Why smiles are contagious
Why smiles are contagious

Why smiles are contagious

Why smiles are contagious, an English subject about smiling contains many important information about the smile and its importance to the human psychological health , and how it positively affects his social relations in a big way. All this information you will find here in an English topic about smiling and why smiles are contagious.

Why smiles are contagious

Smile is a language that everyone understands even if they are from different countries. It is a way of expressing joy and happiness. All of this will be found here in an English subject about smile and we will know from it why smiles are contagious.

The smile

 When a person is exposed to happy situations his spontaneous reaction is the smile, a language understood by the whole world.  It is even said to be as universal as understandable language wherever people go across the world.

 The smile is a sincere messenger to the hearts around the human, especially the smile that come out of the depths, and able to change the curve of their bad day and spread hope and optimism in them. It is a simple movement, but it has implications and meanings and effects are very deep.

It was narrated that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him  equated between smile and charity, because of its importance in planting love and affection in the souls.  It has also been said that the smile of the loser loses the victor’s triumph. 

Smile an important role in human life and the lives of people around him such as: Smile plays an important role in increasing good feeling and positive thinking. Activates the brain and moves forty-four muscles , especially those around the mouth and muscles that are also around the eyes.

Affect others by delighting them and spreading joy to them. Make a person attractive among people.  Eliminates the human psychological disorders such as tension and anxiety and depression and remove negative thinking, because of its important role in the stimulation of hormones.Leading a person to laugh which is beneficial to health.The smile has an important role in building and strengthening relationships.

This is why we have provided you with an English topic about smiling to know why smiles are contagious, and you can read more topics through the following link:

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