Difference between village and city
Difference between village and city

Difference between village and city

Difference between village and city is a big difference in everything in terms of urbanization, development, economy, trade or population density. Here we will learn about the concept of the city and the concept of the village as we will learn about the most important characteristic of each. All the information you will find here through the difference between village and city.

Difference between village and city

There is no doubt that each place has characteristics distinct it from other places. The city differs radically from the village, but each has its beauty and its importance. Here we will learn about the most important characteristics of the city and the village and we will learn about the difference between village and city.

Social manifestations

The term social manifestations refers to the situation in which modern societies have reached, the manifestations of modernity, such as architecture, buildings, and how it affected the nature of relations between people.

While some communities as nomadic, and the village maintained its simplicity in social relations, simplicity in the manifestations of its urbanization, and the preservation of its customs and social traditions, the city has undergone a major change in the areas of urbanization and social relations.

The concept of the village

The concept of the village refers to a geographic location within a country inhabited by a group of people to be a lifestyle consistent with their aspirations according to the common points between them.

The village usually consists of tribes, clans, or extended families. The village is characterized by its large agricultural lands and the practice of its inhabitants for craftsmanship, and the village is considered the least populated compared to cities .

The concept of the city

 The concept of the city refers to a large population density. The city is an urban settlement with a large population density and has a certain importance distinguish it from other human communities. The definition of the city varies from one place to another and from one point of view to another.

The social manifestations of the village and the city

Social manifestations of the village;

The concept of social manifestation refers to the nature of social relations in the village, which is as follows:

The simplicity of social relations.  

Lack of privacy among members of the same family, and members of the community.  

Adhering to customs and traditions.  

Intolerance towards the concepts of family and clans.

Strong cohesion in social relations.  

Dependence in their economy on agriculture and grazing.  

There is less noise in the village, as it is a place full of comfort and tranquility.  

Lack of interest in the construction of infrastructure compared to the city.

Social manifestations of the city

The people of the city live a life far away from simplicity and spontaneity in relations, even residents of the same building may not exchange visits at times.

Family live in a state of privacy compared to the village.

The weakness of customs and traditions between the people of the city compared to the village .

The people of the city depended in their economy mainly on trade.  

Great noise compared to the village; as a result of the presence of factories and main streets.

Great interest  the state, and spending money on city planning and paving roads.

The city is best than the village, due to the attention of the state directed towards it. The city is a place where you can find all the necessities, all the modern architectural features of shopping malls and universities. However, the city faces greater challenges such as environmental pollution and increased crime incidence compared to the  the village.

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