Living in the city
Living in the city

Living in the city

Living in the city, there are many information about life in the city and how it differs from life in the countryside. There is no doubt that life in the city  varies greatly from rural life in terms of population and in terms of development in all areas of life. And here you will find many information about living in the city.

Living in the city

The city is a large population and is densely populated, unlike the villages. The city has a population of several million, such as Cairo. The economic activities vary, and are also characterized by its high-rise architecture and its wide streets.

It is noted that there are different measures between countries in terms of distinguishing between cities and villages as a result of their differences in administrative regulations, conditions and economic activities, which are the main element of discrimination between cities and villages, in addition to other matters practiced by the majority of the population.

The interest in studying the manifestations of life in the old cities is almost scarce, especially the documentary books, especially its importance to new generations in the recognition of the past of their cities,  and the resulting rapid urban expansion, and the change in architecture.

Where the old architecture was characterized by harmony with the climatic and demographic changes in each city, but with the passage of time,it began to lose the old manifestations and features after the entry of modernity and the development  coming  from the West, where the features of the old cities were limited to some of the neighborhoods that were preserved for tourism.

The city is characterized by the movement of the dense community and trade and the abundance of industry and communications and universities as well as institutes.  

The city is characterized by population density and urban organization. As for the negative aspects of the city is the overcrowding and pollution of the environment and the spread of diseases quickly and the crisis of unemployment, housing and social pests.

In the context of economic crises, unemployment, rural migration and housing, the State must do all it can to provide all the rural life needs of health services, free education, electricity and the alleviation of rural-urban migration in order to ease the pressure experienced by the city.

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