City life vs country life

City life vs country life

City life vs country life, there are many differences between life in the countryside and the city where each place has its own distinctive character. Every place has its own flaws, features and special beauty. Here we will learn all this information through a topic about city life vs country life.

City life vs country life

There is no doubt that everyone has a comfortable place to live in. Some people prefer rural life because of the calmness and purity of the atmosphere, but others prefer to live in the city because of the availability of jobs and a life full of freedom more than the countryside. Here we will know the difference between life in the countryside and the city  through a topic about city life vs country life.


City and countryside

Countryside life differs from city life; Countryside is smaller than the city, a small community characterized by tranquility, fresh air, scenic nature,  While the city is a residential  large area, and densely populated, noisy, and abound by factories and markets. Both the countryside and the city have characteristics that distinguish them from each other.


Characteristics of the countryside;

The countryside is small in size compared to the city,  So that it contains a small number of buildings is intended for housing.There are also some simple public facilities in the countryside.


The strength of the social ties in the rural society. The relations between them are based on the direct encounter between the people, the cooperation in all social events. The general characteristics are similar, and the goals are common.

Lack of population, lack of rural health centers and lack of important medicines.


The agricultural profession prevails in the rural society. The peasant works in agriculture, cuts wood, repairs bridges, agricultural implements, etc.

Rural life is simple; people in the countryside are far from the city’s complexities.

Adhere to customs and traditions; The rural people are governed by customs and traditions, they maintain it and transmit it from generation to generation.

Preserving popular heritage, such as folk songs, popular dances, and culture.  

The people of the countryside are often eating fresh foods from vegetables, fruits and others because they work in agriculture mainly, and this is why their health is good compared to the people of the city.

City characteristics;

The city is large in comparison with the countryside, it includes a large number of interconnected buildings. Its houses are modern, and the city is filled with services and public facilities.

Weak social ties in the city compared to the countryside.  

Widening areas of work in the city.  

The power of education; for the proliferation of schools and teachers.  

The spread of diseases in the city; due to the nature of its environment because of the presence of cars and factories.

The treatment and medical tools are highly available.  

The high standard of living in the city and raising the level of profits and income.  

The lack of attention of parents to children in the city compared to the village, because of their preoccupation with their work .

Life in the city is characterized by widespread noise, due to the ever-increasing population.

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