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Abha city
Abha city

Abha city

Abha city is a topic  with a lot of important information about the city of Abha, a beautiful Saudi city characterized by its distinctive architecture. Here you will find many information about its location, climate and much more that you will find here in a topic about Abha city.

Abha city

The city of Abha is one of the tourist cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the beauty of its climate and the diversity of its tourist places. We will learn a lot about this city here in a topic about Abha city.

Abha city

 The city of Abha is the actual capital of the Asir region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, known as  “Eva” . And this city has a great historical and commercial significance, and this is what we are told by its old architectural style in the buildings and palaces such as Shada Palace, its markets and castles, which belong to many of the civilizations in which they were located.

It is said that the Queen of Sheba Balqis was carrying the convoys of various types of gifts that were sent to King Solomon on the back of camels.

Location and space

 The city of Abha is similar to the basin, being surrounded by the mountains of Hejaz, located in the southern part of Saudi Arabia.

 And bordered from the northern side by Mecca,  Gamed and Zahran,  and from the east and north-east province Khamis Mushait, and from the north-west province of Namas,  and the western and south-western province of Mahayel. Its area is estimated by ​​about eighty thousand km 2.

The climate

 The city of Abha is one of the most prominent places of summer in Saudi Arabia, because of its rise from the sea, which is estimated at two thousand and two hundred meters.

The climate in this city is moderate and rich in monsoon rains in the summer, which is the main reason for its evergreen vistas throughout the year.

While it is very cold with snowfall in the winter, so that temperatures fall below six degrees below zero, so also called Mist Lady, and Mountain Bride.

Population and human activity

 The population of Abha is about four hundred and twenty-one thousand and nine hundred and twenty-one people. The Abha community is a young society,  So that young people constitute eighty-seven percent of the total population.

 Their population depends on grazing and agriculture because of the appropriateness of the climate. The most important crops are maize, peach, apricot, pomegranate and grapes, as well as some traditional crafts, some heavy industries and government jobs.


Abha is full of archaeological and historical monuments, which are considered the most attractive factor for tourists. It also includes many popular markets, such as the market of Tuesday and Wadis, in addition to the malls and parks, including:

Al-Sawdah tourist village: which is located in Tahal Mount, and its highest point rising from the sea by three thousand and two hundred and seven meters.It has hotels, restaurants and restrooms with fantastic views of nature, as well as cable cars.

 New Abha: A modern area with a city of games, hotels and luxury villas that provide comfort and luxury.

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