Describing someone's character
Describing someone's character

Describing someone’s character

Describing someone’s character is a very interesting topic, and our topic today contains the most important information about one of the most important leaders known to mankind is the great leader Salah al-Din Al-Ayouby. We will learn about his life, his personality and his most important achievements. All that information and more you will find here in describing someone’s character .

Describing someone’s character

There is no doubt that every one has a role model or someone who is impressed with his character and his qualities in some field or in general. We chose to offer you a topic about an important figure and a great leader, Salah Al-Din Al-Ayouby. That knight who returned Jerusalem to Muslims and united the Arab countries and made many achievements in different countries and win the love of the friend and respect of the enemy. All this will be known here in describing someone’s character .

Salah Al-Din Al-Ayouby

Salah Al-Din is one of the most famous historical figures, He was the leader who fought the Battle of Hittin and liberated Jerusalem from the hands of the Crusaders.

A courageous knight who fought many battles to unite the Arab countries, he recaptured the lands of Palestine, Lebanon and others.  A human tolerant character even with his enemies, which left an unforgettable impact on them by his courage and morals.

Achievements of Salah Al-Din Al-Ayouby

Salah Al-Din Al-Ayouby made many achievements in various stages of his life, and in various Arab regions where he was. He had a strong influence in every place where he lived, or in which he ruled, because of the his qualities  outstanding intelligence and unusual courage . The following is the most important achievements during his blessed life.

Ending the Fatimid caliphate in Egypt.

Unification of the Levant.

Crusades wars and Battle of Hittin and liberated Jerusalem from the hands of the Crusaders.

Characteristics of Salah Al-Din Al-Ayouby

Salah Al-Din enjoyed many of the qualities associated with his career such as:

Wise Leadership: Salah Al-Din was an exemplary leader, responsible, and interacted with his soldiers.

Good measure and resourcefulness: all his success was based on his ability to understand the reality and the enemy, and to recognize the internal and external circumstances.

He was calm, unhurried, and able to use material and moral capacities effectively.

Asceticism and generosity: Salah Al-Din spent a lot of money for jihad, and for the affairs of his people.

Fulfillment and sincerity : Salah Al-Din has spent his life serving the Muslim nation, and has not let anyone down.

Death of Salah Al – Din Al – Ayouby

On some night, Saladin felt pain in his body, he had a bile fever in his stomach, intensified for several days until he passed away on the morning of 27 of Safar of the year 589 AH. On that day, the people were very sad, and was buried in his house in Damascus.

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