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Describe someone
Describe someone

Describe someone

Describe someone, is  topic for the benefit of the largest number of students, and we will use sentences and English words that express adjectives and describe the person in English accurately, and at the same time the English phrases will be easy and common. All that information will be found here in a topic to learn from it how to describe someone .

Describe someone

To describe someone is a very interesting topic because there are in our daily life many different personalities in their qualities and behavior, so there are many ideas to be used when you want to describe someone.

Describe someone

I love my brother so much, because he has many good qualities. He is three years older than me, but he is very intelligent .

My brother loves to read a lot, in leisure time he likes to go to the library, He reads in many scientific branches, he loves poetry and writes poetry poems, he likes to read stories, he likes to listen to music.

All teachers love my brother because he is superior in his studies and get the final grades always. He is a very humble person who loves to help others. He often helps his colleagues to understand their lessons and gives them useful feedback that makes them good in their study.

Although my brother is a distinguished student who loves to study for a long time; but is a social person, and likes to spend the weekend with his friends, and enjoy playing sports with them.

Other times, he spends the weekend with the family members, where we are very happy and we talk to each other and we go to visit relatives and friends.

My brother is a compassionate person. He loves me very much and takes me with him in our spare time so that we can share our hobbies together, especially swimming and cycling. He also loves my sister a lot and takes her to the cinema and shopping.

He is a trusted brother who often helps my father, he helps my mother with housework and helps her with shopping, so everyone love my brother . I love to be like my brother, superior, cooperative, cheerful, athletic and loves all the family members.

In this way, we have provided you with many ideas to describe someone in English, and you can read more topics through the following link:

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